8000 Conservative Members sign our petition to get Boris on the ballot


Demands for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to be reinstated as Conservative party leader are ramping up with more than 8000 Conservative members now demanding a vote on the matter.

The Conservative Post’s ‘Boris on the Ballot’ petition was launched on Monday evening (18 July 2022) where it has since racked up more than 8000 member signatures in just over four days.

Conservative party members are required to enter proof of membership in order to sign the petition which is then immediately sent to Conservative Party Chairmen Ben Elliot and Rt Hon Andrew Stephenson MP.

The petition is also being backed by Conservative party donor Lord Cruddas and former Conservative MEP David Campbell Bannerman.

Billionaire Lord Cruddas, who is also a former party treasurer and author of the bestselling autobiography Passport to Success: From Milkman to Mayfair, explained:

“The membership are very upset about what has happened to our elected leader and we demand our say.”

Mr Bannerman, who is the chair of two Conservative associations and related to former Prime Minister Henry Campbell-Bannerman, added:

“The heat on the board is intense because you are destroying an election winner. It’s suicidal for the Tory party. You are guaranteeing a Labour victory.

“The members deserve the choice of whether to retain Boris as Leader or to dismiss him. Democracy demands a separate Boris ballot.”

Conservative MPs such as Michael Fabricant are now also joining the campaign. Mr Fabricant telling The Telegraph:

“MPs have clearly misread the mood of the party membership on this and so many other matters.

“If I thought Boris were keen – despite the treachery of his ministers – to carry on, I would support Peter Cruddas’s campaign in the blink of an eye.”

Another Cabinet minister reportedly told the Telegraph:

“There is complete and utter despair and disbelief at what has happened. 

“It is no wonder that the grassroots members feel their voices have been cancelled out by a minority in the Parliamentary party.

“These are the same people who year after year, decade after decade, have chosen to silence the membership of the Conservative Party for their own preferment and betterment. And that is wrong.”

The last prime minister to serve a second term after being removed from office was Labour’s Harold Wilson, and before that Boris Johnson’s hero Winston Churchill, who served 1940 to 1945, and then again in 1951 to 1955. 

Boris Johnson has already hinted at a return to the political front line as he said farewell to MPs this week in the House of Commons with the phrase “hasta la vista, baby.”

Party members please sign the petition below:


  1. I agree there must be provision to make it clear to Boris we want him back as our Primeminister He has good MP’s Priti Patel Liz Truss both doing good work for our country More party members must sign the petition Conservative MP’s must realise that they should work with him to keep in power Dread to think what will happen at next election

  2. A lot of non-Tories are signing this petition using offensive pseudonyms and made up membership numbers, trying to bring further division and chaos to the party.

    Along with cabinet big beasts Nadine Dorries and Jacob R-M, I stand with Boris – he is the only politician who can bring gravitas, credibility and personal integrity to the role of PM of this great country.

  3. The 1922 committee and the media have too much power. He was ousted for anything but parties; they were smokescreens because of Brexit. He’s right, there is a ‘deep state’. It needs ending. 14 million people voted for him. We voted to leave the EU.

  4. Boris is the Best Prime Minister we have ever had, he truly loves our Country and believes that we can make our Country great again. The rats who are pushing him out are nothing more than traitors. They are the ones who should be forced out. What is the good of an 80 seat majority if 140 are plotting against our Prime Minister. We need to remove the MPs who are not backing Boris and then have a thorough investigation into the Civil Servants who are blocking the government.

  5. The answer to this issue is for members to firstly vote on who should challenge the PM and secondly a vote on the Challenger v the PM.


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