Alex Phillips schools senior French MP after he incorrectly blames supply chain issues on Brexit


GB News host and former MEP Alex Phillips corrected French MP Bruno Bonnell after he tried to blame Brexit for recent supply chain issues in the UK.

Member of the French National Assembly, Bruno Bonnell weighed in on UK-France relations after senior French ministers threatened to cut power to the UK over fishing rights unless more French fishermen are allowed to work in British waters.

GB News host Alex Phillips, a former politician who was a Member of the European Parliament accused French fishermen of struggling “to adapt to the new reality” of British control over its own waters.

The former MEP then shut down the French Minister after he claimed “the state of the shelves in the UK is a consequence of Brexit.”

GB News Host Alex said:

“When it came to leaving the EU, a big part of that as taking back control of our territorial waters.

“And that is what we have done, and we have been supplying French fishermen with licences.

“Is this just not a case of French fishermen not wanting to adapt to the new reality?”

The French MP replied:

“If we start talking about fisheries, then people will talk about energy supplies.

“We have seen, on French television, the state of the shelves in the UK right now.

“That is a consequence of Brexit so I disagree that it is not French fishermen trying to squeeze more out of this deal.”

Ms Phillips was quick to correct the French MP saying:

“Bruno, I’m going to correct you there.

“There have been supply chain SUPPLY issues around the Whole of the western world and a lot of this is to do with migrant workers during the pandemic going back to their home countries and the fact we haven’t been able to process HGV licences.

“Of course There will be a handful of EU lorry drivers who have gone back to their home countries and didn’t come back but that isn’t the cause actually of empty supermarket shelves.

“AND Similar scenes are happening in places like Belgium.

“But when it comes down to France making threats about turning off the energy supply, that’s not really the sort of rhetoric of an ally is it?

That’s a direct threat to this country and quite a serious one.”

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Photo credit: Screen image from GB News


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