Bob Blackman elected chairman of powerful Conservative Party’s 1922 Committee

Bob Blackman will play a key role in picking Rishi Sunak's successor as Tory leader.

London MP Bob Blackman has triumphed in the race for the chairmanship of the powerful 1922 Committee of Backbench Tory MPs.

Blackman secured the influential position with a decisive 61 votes, outpacing his rival Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, who received 37 votes. However, the election was not without its fair share of drama and controversy.

The 1922 Committee’s previous chair Sir Graham Brady, stood down at this election and was nominated to the House of Lords by Sunak.

During today’s vote for the new Chair, confusion reigned over the voting deadline due to conflicting messages sent to MPs. An official email indicated that voting would close at 5.30 pm with the results announced at 6 pm, while a message from the whips suggested that voting would continue until 6 pm.

This blunder resulted in several senior Tories, including ex-Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, Father of the House Sir Edward Leigh, and former Chief Whip Julian Smith, being unable to cast their votes.

According to reports, former armed forces minister Mark Francois didn’t hold back, slamming the process as “bent” and criticising the 1922 Committee’s “new low” in competency.

Undeterred by the chaos, Blackman, who has represented Harrow East since 2010, pushed through to claim his victory. He now takes over from Sir Graham Brady and will play a pivotal role in determining the timetable for electing a new Tory leader to succeed Rishi Sunak.

Mr Blackman, has previously said that “from my perspective” the members must retain the right to choose the party leader. “There has to be a process by which the party membership determines the results,” he said.

This comes as good news to many members who have signed the Conservative Post petition to make sure members have a say in electing the new leader.

He also said, that the party should avoid an “elongated” leadership contest that left the contenders “exhausted” at the end of it.

The chair of the committee is also the person responsible for collecting any letters of no confidence Conservative MPs submit. 


  1. I would like to join in the discussion of choosing whatever National events for the Conservative Party Member or to have a say in choosing our New PM and members of our cabinets pls.

  2. Congratulations to Bob Blackman on your election as Chair of the 1922 Committee. I am however, very surprised at the apparent lack of co-ordination and organisation between those who were supposed to arrange and notify the MPs of the details of the election process when two diffent time schedules were issued. Apologies, but I agree with Mark Francois, what an absolute shambolic situation, the election process should have been re-run to allow everyone to vote.
    Could I politely remind those elected that it is party members who help to support and fund the party, would there be a party without the support of members. Therefore, as a member of the Conservative and Unionist Party, I believe that all members should be allowed to have a chance to vote for a Party Leader. We may occasionally make a wrong choice but some of the elected MPs appear to be out of touch with the thoughts and ideas of party members. I believe that since the UK was given away to the Common Market, politicians have lost the ability to return to the fully independent self governing country we always had been but that is what we meant with the Leave vote, fully independent as we were before the Common Market.
    With the current situation within the world we need a strong leader, someone to channel their inner Winston and Margaret and deal with the current Global migration problem. Apologies again but Europe and the UK cannot take in all those who wish to leave their continents for ours, there is no room for them all. They make us poorer, unless of course that is the Global plan, reduce the industrialised western world down to the level of the developing world. This is something which cannot be denied with the ‘ostritch’ mentality, Nigel Farage is not afraid to say it as it is, that is not racist, it’s common sense, that is why they received so many votes. The people of Europe are thinking to the right of politics while their Governments are thinking to the left. The alliance of China, Russia and North Korea are also of concern, possibly WW3 approaches.
    The new Labour Government are clearly attempting to destroy the centuries old Government process of Westminster by transferring the lawmaking power to the devolved Parliaments, elected Mayors, task forces, Quangos, lawyers and Courts and ‘reset’/destroy the reputation of the UK around the world, no doubt agreeing to huge sums in reparations.
    These are the challenges the Conservative MPs face, some of those in the previous Government were unable to take on those challenges, making promises they couldn’t keep, that is the reason for your loss of the election. Voters moved to other parties for a number of reasons including the idea of ‘I haven’t a clue but anyone but the Conservatives.’ Apologies again but being weak, wishy-washy and woke is not an option.

  3. why bother with the 1922 group, they have not exactly proved their worth only an abuse of power as shown by previous behaviours of this group !!!!


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