Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson was given a standing ovation after he made his first appearance on the American corporate speaking circuit this week.

The former PM gave a 30-minute speech at the Insurance Leadership Forum in Colorado Springs on Tuesday morning which was sponsored by the American investment and insurance company The Hartford.

Delegates confirmed Mr Johnson gave a “memorable” and “impressive” speech about “Brexit, British support for Ukraine and his previous climate scepticism” after which the former British PM received a standing ovation from the cheering room of delegates.

The former Conservative leader was reportedly paid in excess of £150,000 for taking part in the event.

Renato Lilienfeld, President of Chilean insurance broker Lilienfeld Corredores de Seguros said on LinkedIn:

“What better way to start on the last day [than by] participating in an exhibition by Mr Boris Johnson, former Prime Minister of Great Britain?

“It is a privilege to have these kinds of opportunities.”

Reports say the high profile former PM has registered with the Premium Speakers agency with his speech topics stated as: “Europe,” “the European Union / Brexit” and “Society.” British football legend David Beckham is also signed to the same agency.

According to the Telegraph Mr Johnson is not the first former prime minister to tour the after-dinner speaking circuit. His predecessor Theresa May, “who is signed to the Washington Speakers’ Bureau, earned more than £1.86 million in her first two years since returning to the backbenches.”


  1. Boris should still be our Prime Minister. The backstabbing MPs and the 1922 Brady bunch must be very proud of themselves. They have paved the way for Labour to walk into No. 10 at the next General election!

  2. Way to go Boris. Go and earn some money by all means….but only for a year. We need you back where you belong before the next election.

  3. Good on him.Truly appalled at the left woke supporting media frenzied witchunt over a cake!!!!Think you’ll find if most of the Tory MPs who didn’t have the backbone to dig in and stand by Boris,would have found lifelong Tory voters like myself,and to be honest,nearly all Tory voters I’ve spoken to,couldn’t give a rats about it,mistake yes,deliberate no.
    Boris Johnson,a clever,forward thinking man,every inch a world leader,with some wonderful ideas for the future of the UK,skyscrapers full of Charm!!
    If the Conservative Party think they can win the next election without Boris back at the helm,Think again.

  4. Bring back Boris or face being destroyed at the next GE Shame on the traitors who helped get rid of him
    Shame on the media circus who print vile nonsense just to sell papers
    The BBC and the media want reigning in their part of the problem in this great country


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