As a party member I want a Boris Johnson ballot

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Dear Conservative Party Chairman,

Back in 2019 Boris Johnson was elected by the membership to be our new leader. Now that choice has been changed without referral to the people that elected him, the loyal and hard working membership of the Conservative Party.

I accept that there are current rules in place that we will have a choice between the final two candidates but that is not the point because our first choice has been removed without our involvement.

You cannot disenfranchise the membership from the whole process from the beginning as this is open to abuse by the Parliamentary Party who may have vested interest reasons and grievances to settle against our leader, which has been the case with the current process.

The membership are very upset about what has happened to our elected leader and we demand our say.

Otherwise, without the support of the membership then the chances of winning the next general election will be much harder.

Let me tell you that morale amongst the membership is low and there is anger towards the Parliamentary Party.

I demand Boris Johnson is added to the ballot as an option for the members to vote upon in the forthcoming election.