New data from the HMRC and the Office for National Statistics show the UK’s total exports in the last quarter of the year reached just under £100 billion (£99.8bn), the highest level on record.

Gold, silver and gems were among the top UK exports followed by nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery, mechanical appliances, vehicles, pharmaceutical products, electrical machinery, sound recorders, TVs, mineral fuels and oils.

The latest HMRC figures also reveal how the EU purchased a record £94 billion worth of goods from the UK in first six months of 2022.

According to Facts4EU, the most prolific researcher and publisher of original facts in the World relating to the UK’s global standing, the top items the UK exported to the EU were mineral fuels and oils (£17.4 billion), nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances (£12.1 billion) and vehicles (£6.6 billion).

Commenting on the figures, Facts4EU said:

“With the UK’s services sector making up around 80 percent of the economy it’s easy to ignore the UK’s goods and manufacturing sector.

“When it comes to services the UK has a positive trade balance. With the goods trade, however, we import more than we export.

“Nevertheless the UK is still exporting a sizeable and growing amount of merchandise – to the EU and around the world.

“Despite everything, Brexit Britain’s total goods exports in the last quarter (Apr-Jun 2022) reached just under £100bn. This is the highest level on record.

“The USA remains by far and away the biggest customer for the UK’s goods, as well as for its services.”

In the following tables Facts4EU show the Top 20 exports the UK exported to the EU and the non-EU world:

© Brexit Facts4EU.Org 2022 [Source: HMRC 12 Aug 2022]

© Brexit Facts4EU.Org 2022 – click to enlarge [Source: HMRC, Aug 2022]

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This research and report was put together by Brexit Facts4EU.Org.  We are most grateful for their research and permission in republishing this information.

Contributor: News reporter Stephen Bailey.


  1. Gaslighting
    Gold silver and gems aren’t included in the ONS figures so that’s 20 billions worth. And the fuel etc all increased in cost.
    More desperate Brexit nonsense


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