Britain’s Good News This Week: Top 10 positive news stories from across the UK


Once again there’s been a lot of positive British news this week (1st – 7th November 2021).

Don’t believe everything Greta says, lots of good things are coming out of COP26 including Boris getting more than 120 countries to agree to end deforestation. Which ever way you err on climate issues – that’s surely good news for everyone!

Plus there’s oodles of positivity coming in from all over the country with billions being invested into British manufacturing… ‘Made in Britain’ is making a come back! The UK private sector has grown at an above average pace for the sixth consecutive period. Funds are pouring into all four UK nations to level up across right the country and our British troops are doing us proud across the globe. Well done Royal Marines this week beating the Americans. You’re the best of the best.

And here are our best read news stories from the last seven days. Good things are happening.

10. UK private sector grows at above average pace in quarter to October says CBI Growth Indicator

Private sector activity grew at a similarly firm pace in the quarter to October as the previous month (balance of +29% from +27%). Activity has now been growing at an above average pace for six consecutive surveys, according to the CBI’s latest Growth Indicator. The composite measure is based on responses to CBI surveys from 524 firms between 24 September and 14 October. Growth remained broad-based, with business and professional services activity still growing strongly, albeit at a slightly slower pace compared with last month (+34% from +39%)… click here

9. UK and US sign joint statement on cooperation in quantum information sciences and technologies

The United Kingdom and the United States of America have signed a new joint statement of intent to boost collaboration on quantum science and technologies – helping to realise the full potential of the technology and deepen ties between the two countries. The statement sets out shared priorities for continued cooperation between the two nations, including promoting joint research, building the global market and supply chain and training the next generation of scientists and engineers… click here

8. British manufacturer Ibstock Brick set to build new £50 million factory in West Yorkshire

UK brick manufacturing company Ibstock has announced a new £50m business venture in West Yorkshire. After reporting a strong trading performance for the third-quarter up to 30 September, in a trading update published this week, the British company backed its full-year guidance as demand continues in both the new build and repair, maintenance and improvement (‘RMI’) markets. The business said supply chain impacts, particularly relating to the availability of freight and labour, were being well managed… click here

7. £90m fulfilment centre for ‘British success story’ ASOS opens in Lichfield creating 2000 new jobs

£90m state-of-the-art fulfilment centre in Fradley Park will serve customers in the UK and in over 150 countries around the world. ASOS, one of the world’s leading online fashion retailers, has today formally opened its brand-new state-of-the-art fulfilment centre in Lichfield, Staffordshire, with Michael Fabricant, Conservative MP for Lichfield and Cllr Doug Pullen, Conservative Leader of Lichfield District Council. The facility at Fradley Park, which will employ 2,000 people over the next three years, is being managed by GXO, and has already recruited more than 700 people… click here

6. UK will be the world’s first net zero financial centre

The Chancellor has set out the UK’s plans to become the world’s first net zero aligned financial centre and welcomed “historic” climate commitments from private companies covering $130 trillion of financial assets as he hosts Finance Day at COP26 this week. These commitments will help to create a huge pool of cash that could fund our net zero transition, including the move away from coal, the shift to electric cars, and the planting of more trees. Convening the largest ever meeting of finance leaders on climate change, Rishi Sunak set out the UK’s “responsibility to lead the way” and unveil a fresh push to decarbonise our world-leading financial centre…. click here

5. £624 million of loan funding to support thousands of new homes and improve vital infrastructure

Communities across England will be transformed with new schools, health services and transport links to support the delivery of thousands of new homes, the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) announced this week. Loan funding of at least £624 million will be available for house builders, including SMEs, to improve the vital infrastructure needed to kick-start new housing projects, with a particular focus on transforming unsightly and derelict brownfield sites… click here

4. Macron ‘steps back’ as Boris looks to bypass Calais with new trade routes

France’s threats over fishing licences appear to have backfired as the Dover-Calais route is now being reconsidered by the UK. According to government sources, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has asked Transport Secretary Grant Shapps to investigate the possibility of using the Port of Immingham in Grimsby and ports in Belgium as an alternative trade route following the recent threats from France to cut off energy supplies and increase checks for goods. It is understood Mr Shapps will also look at the feasibility of channelling trade through Dutch and Scandinavian ports – something that according to French sources is making Paris “nervous”… click here

3. British Army band delight Londoners at launch of Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal

Personnel from all three services of the British Armed Forces, the Royal Navy, the British Army, and the Royal Air Force were joined by RBL volunteers to hand out poppies and collect donations at transport hubs across London. The Poppy Appeal collectors were aiming to raise as much as possible in a single day for the Royal British Legion’s Centenary Poppy Appeal. Now in its 15th year, London Poppy Day is the biggest cash street collection of its kind in Europe…. click here

2. EU can’t afford to pick fight with UK report warns

The EU will regret picking a fight with Britain given the £2.35 trillion worth of goods the bloc has sold to the UK in the last ten years a new report warns. The report says a trade war would put the jobs of hundreds of thousands of EU citizens at risk, with Germany, the Netherlands and France the most at risk from the fallout. The report points out the EU sells 52 percent more to the UK than it buys, and has enjoyed a trade surplus of £808 billion… click here

1. British troops dominate Americans in war games

During the military exercise US forces reportedly asked for a “reset” after suffering a severe amount of simulated casualties half way into the five day exercise.  British forces won significant battles early on and carried out raids behind enemy lines, amid unsuccessful enemy counter attacks.  At one point the British “kill board” showed almost every US asset had been destroyed or rendered inoperable. By the time Exercise Green Dagger in the California desert ended, the Royal Marines were in control of over 65 per cent of the area being fought over, having started with less than 20 per cent… click here

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