Once again good news has been flowing around the country this week (8th – 14th November 2021).

Today, as we remember all the brave servicemen and women who have fought for our freedoms, so too must we look to the future and continue to strive for the best for our country. Don’t believe all the doom and gloom in the main stream media. Global Britain is back and good things are happening.

British companies are leading the field in innovative nuclear and hydrogen technologies. A UK firm has just announced the first commercial hydrogen flight. British engineering and ingenuity are pioneering home-grown, affordable clean energy. Experts agree Britain is charging up to dominate the battery market as a ‘global powerhouse.’ Rolls-Royce is developing small modular reactors expected to create 40,000 British jobs and generate £52 billion of economic benefit. The potential for this to be a leading global export for the UK is unprecedented… we could go on and on. Amazing things are happening.

Here are our ten best read news stories from the last seven days. Please keep spreading the good news.

10. 240 extra HGV driver training places in boost for veterans

The number of places for veterans to train as HGV drivers will significantly increase under new plans to better prepare service leavers for employment following their military careers. Under the Career Transition Partnership (CTP) – the MOD’s official scheme for those transitioning from the military into civilian life – the current provision of 100 training places will increase to nearly 350 places over the next 12 months… click here

9. Britain’s investment into fusion energy heats up

Fifteen organisations have secured UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) contracts worth £2.3million to demonstrate how their innovative solutions and technologies can contribute to the development of commercial fusion energy. The contracts – worth between £50,000 and £250,000 – were funded by UKAEA’s new ‘Fusion Industry Programme’ and awarded through the UK Government ‘Small Business Research Initiative’. They focus on challenges in digital engineering and hydrogen technology and are relevant across the range of approaches to developing commercial fusion energy… click here

8. Millions awarded for new projects to keep women safe

The Safety of Women at Night Fund will award up to £5 million to 22 organisations focused on improving the safety of women and girls at night. The bids include initiatives such as drink spiking detection kits, a transport safety campaign and trained staff to support safe taxi journeys. The Home Secretary has this week announced the successful bids across England and Wales for projects from the Safety of Women at Night Fund. The fund was launched in July with up to £5 million made available for projects and initiatives to improve the safety of women in public spaces at night… click here

7. British marque Norton Motorcycles opens new factory and global HQ in West Midlands

Norton Motorcycles has officially opened its new global headquarters in the UK, creating 100 jobs, with a production line capable of delivering around 8,000 motorcycles a year. Having returned to their roots in the West Midlands, the new 73,000 sq ft site in Solihull, will also house Norton’s global design and research and development hub, customer showroom, service workshops and offices. Robert Hentschel, chief executive of Norton Motorcycles, said: “The new Norton Motorcycles headquarters is a true embodiment of this iconic British marque”… click here

6. UK firm announces first commercial hydrogen flight between London and Rotterdam expected in 2024

Britain has scored a major victory in aviation with UK-based company ZeroAvia announcing the first commercial flight of its kind using entirely hydrogen-powered aircraft. The company say it is on track to to launch zero emission commercial passenger flights between Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTHA) and London with a 19-seater aircraft in 2024. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and the beauty lies in the fact that the only waste produced by hydrogen fuel cells is harmless water vapour… click here

5. UK backs new small nuclear technology with £210 million

Each small modular reactor could be capable of powering 1 million homes – equivalent to a city the size of Leeds. Next steps in developing the design for one of the world’s first small modular reactors (SMR) has been backed by £210 million in new government funding for Rolls-Royce SMR, the UK government has announced this week, delivering on the Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan and creating good high-skilled jobs. Matched by private sector funding of over £250 million, this week’s investment will take forward phase 2 of the Low-Cost Nuclear project to further develop SMR design and take it through the regulatory processes to assess suitability of potential deployment in the UK… click here

4. New HGV driver training measures see a thousand more people apply for a licence each week

A sweeping review will seek to improve compulsory ongoing training for HGV and bus drivers, in the latest of 30 measures to support the road haulage sector and encourage even more people to return to the profession. Drivers currently need to undergo 5 days of periodic training every 5 years to ensure they remain fully qualified to drive heavy goods vehicles and buses professionally and up to date with road safety standards. This training is an EU initiative and is compulsory within what is known as the Driver Certificates of Professional Competence regime… click here

3. Rolls-Royce to develop small modular reactors expected to create 40,000 British jobs and generate £52 billion of economic benefit

Rolls-Royce has announced following a successful equity raise, the Rolls-Royce Small Modular Reactor (SMR) business has been established, to bring forward and deliver at scale the next generation of low cost, low carbon nuclear power technology.  Rolls-Royce Group, BNF and Exelon Generation Limited will invest £195m across a period of around three years. The funding will enable the business to secure grant funding of £210 million from UK Research and Innovation funding, first announced by the UK Prime Minister in ‘The Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution’… click here

2. Britain charging up to dominate battery market as ‘global powerhouse’

The UK is fast becoming a global powerhouse in the flourishing electric battery market leading experts have claimed. In a blow to China, Dave OudeNijeweme – Head of Technology Trends at the Advanced Propulsion Centre said the Trade and Cooperation Agreement has created a local market for the UK (and indeed the EU) and explained Britain will now be insulated from external factors impacting the supply chain. Since leaving the EU, the UK has primed itself as a key place for battery production… click here

1. Liz Truss: Britain is free and our exciting future lies far beyond Europe

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss says the UK is stepping up for a better future through stronger global technology, economic and defence ties. The United Kingdom is stepping up on the world stage: setting our sights on the Indo-Pacific, where the richest opportunities await us. We are venturing forth as a sovereign nation to pave the way to a freer, wealthier and safer future by strengthening our economic, diplomatic, security and development ties with friends and partners worldwide… click here

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