There’s been plenty of positive British news this week (22nd – 28th November 2021).

As Trade Minister Ranil Jayawardena quite rightly said this week: “So much for the doubters, doomsters and gloomsters” as figures show Britain has now secured trade worth £766 billion from 70 nations.

Of course you might not hear about many of these good news items on the BBC or most other news outlets, but remember positive things are happening across the country.

Keep checking in with the Conservative Post to see these positive stories every day… the resurgence of British manufacturing, investment flowing onto British shores, how our military is flying the flag across the world, positive policy making, our wonderful royals and many other things to be proud of.

Here are our ten best read news stories from the last seven days. Please keep sharing the good news!

10. AstraZeneca unveils £1bn Discovery Centre in Cambridge with over 2,200 research scientists

In the presence of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, AstraZeneca has formally unveiled The Discovery Centre (DISC) in Cambridge – a state-of-the-art research and development facility designed to the world’s highest environmental standards and accommodating over 2,200 research scientists. The new £1bn facility will include the most advanced robotics, high-throughput screening and AI-driven technology. It will support AstraZeneca’s focus on specialised and precision medicines and foster the discovery and development of next generation therapeutics, including nucleotide-based, gene-editing and cell therapies… click here

9. Britain’s leading train manufacturer and top British train owner sign deal to build first ever hydrogen train fleet

Alstom, Britain’s leading train manufacturer and maintenance provider, and Eversholt Rail, leading British train owner and financier, have announced a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at delivering the UK’s first ever brand-new hydrogen train fleet. The two companies have agreed to work together, sharing technical and commercial information necessary for Alstom to design, build, commission and support a fleet of ten three-car hydrogen multiple units (HMUs). These will be built by Alstom in Britain… click here

8. Keyworkers helped on to the housing ladder through flagship government scheme

A nurse and a police officer are among the first people to be helped on to the housing ladder through a new affordable home ownership scheme, the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities announced this week. The keyworkers from Bolsover, Derbyshire, are benefiting from the government’s First Homes scheme, which offers homes at a discount of at least 30% of the market price to local first time buyers and keyworkers – helping young people and families stay in the communities where they want to live and work. In addition, a total of 1,500 First Homes will now be built in over 100 locations across England by March 2023 following successful bidding by housebuilders. This follows plans by Eastleigh Borough Council to deliver 200 First Homes in the borough – the single largest to date… click here

7. British Army unveils most radical transformation in decades

The British Army has unveiled ‘Future Soldier’ this week, its most radical transformation programme in over 20 years. Following on from the Integrated Review and the significant increase in defence spending announced by the Government last year, Future Soldier demonstrates how the Army is modernising to address next-generation threats across the globe. This will be bolstered by an additional investment of £8.6 billion in Army equipment over the next ten years. This will bring the total equipment investment to £41.3 billion for that period. Alongside investment in people, infrastructure, emerging technologies, and cyber capabilities, Future Solider will position the Army as a globally engaged fighting force that benefits the whole of the Union… click here

6. Boris announces electric vehicle revolution

Hundreds of thousands of extra charge points in the pipeline with new laws to supercharge the electric vehicle revolution. New homes and buildings such as supermarkets and workplaces, as well as those undergoing major renovation, will be required to install electric vehicle charge points from next year, under new legislation announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson this week. England will lead the world to mandate such building regulations, kicking off a decade of delivery in hundreds of thousands of charge points while creating further green jobs across the country. Up to 145,000 extra charge points will be installed across England each year thanks to these regulations, in the run up to 2030 when the sale of new petrol and diesel cars will end in the UK… click here

5. British hovercraft manufacturer wins £25 million Japanese order

A Southampton-based hovercraft manufacturer has landed one of its biggest ever deals. Griffon Hoverwork in Woolston has signed a £25m contract to supply three passenger hovercraft to Japan. The 12000TD craft is already used by Hovertravel between Ryde and Southsea. The hovercraft will provide a passenger service connecting Oita Airport in Kunisaki with Oita City. Work on the first hovercraft will start at the end of January, with the final craft set to be delivered to before January 2024… click here

4. Boris meets PC Andrew Harper’s widow Lissie as Harper’s Law is added to statute book

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has welcomed PC Andrew Harper’s widow Lissie to No10 Downing Street after confirming ‘Harper’s Law’ would be added to the statute book. Named after PC Andrew Harper, who was killed in the line of duty in 2019, the law will introduce mandatory life sentences for anyone convicted of killing an emergency worker whilst committing a crime. Adding Harper’s Law to the Statute Book follows an unwavering campaign by Lissie, the Andrew’s family, and the Police Federation, and comes after a number of meetings with the Justice Secretary and Home Secretary… click here

3. Government to open new immigration removal centre

This week, Tom Pursglove MP, the Minister for Justice and Tackling Illegal Migration, announced the opening of Derwentside immigration removal centre for women in County Durham. Derwentside, in County Durham, will provide safe, secure and fit for purpose accommodation for women. The population will include both time-served foreign national offenders and immigration offenders, while we prepare to remove them from the UK. The new centre is anticipated to create approximately 200 permanent jobs in the local area when the centre is fully operational by the end of the year… click here

2. Britain’s exports booming thanks to 217 trade wins in 74 countries and ‘this is just the beginning’ says Minister

The United Kingdom has broken down hundreds of trade barriers around the world in the year to April, opening up new opportunities for British businesses, according to new data published this week. The Department for International Trade has published statistics showing a total of 217 trade barriers across 74 countries were removed over the 20-21 financial year, representing an increase of almost 20% on the previous 12 months… click here

1. £1000 boost for nearly 2 million working households on Universal Credit

Almost two million of the lowest income working households who receive Universal Credit will today benefit from a cash boost worth £1,000 on average. The Department for Work and Pensions has worked around the clock to implement a reduction to the Universal Credit taper rate as well as an increase to claimants’ work allowances, effectively giving the lowest paid workers on Universal Credit a tax cut worth £2.2 billion, one week ahead of the schedule announced by the Chancellor in his recent Budget. By bringing in the change a week earlier than planned, up to 500,000 more people could benefit before Christmas with almost two million of the lowest paid in-work claimants overall being better off by around £1,000 a year on average… click here

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  1. Lovely to hear all this.

    Wish this could get to the two by elections coming up.

    All you get is negativity

    Yesterday morning. I googled Bexley and Old Sidcup.

    The Guardian says Boris is useless at Bexley and Old Sidcup.

    Will vote Tories relcuantly .

    The Labour candidate says that The long life Tories will vote Labour.

    Talked to a few people.

    He should have stood down, after he sent a leaflet to James Brockenshire ‘s widow.

    Mixed reaction.

    The media has been against Boris.

    The polls etc.

    He has had nothing but bad luck since he became Prime Minister.

    Got Brexit Done

    The pandemic would have to come.

    Other wise the economy would have been strong.

    Levelling up.

    I am so sorry for Boris.

    Now you never know what the outcome of the by elections coming up.

    They are suppose to be safe seats.

    You never know.

    Social media is dreadful.

    When will it ever end?

    So sorry about all this negativity.

  2. I don’t believe a word of it what about thousands of illegals coming daily, not one will get deported do you give them new IDs and new names as they got rid of their papers and passports ,


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