British Brand Reborn: Tŷ Nant back to 100% British ownership


Tŷ Nant Water has moved back to 100% British ownership after being purchased from the previous Italian owners.

Tŷ Nant has been an icon in the fine dining space for the last 30 years and the new owners say they are extremely proud to be the new stewards of the Tŷ Nant brands and the Tŷ Nant Estate.

Tŷ Nant is one of the most sustainable brands in the UK, with its own on site wind turbine and all of its products produced by 100% clean green energy at the 200 acre organic Tŷ Nant Estate in rural Bethania, Wales which also has it’s own forest as part of the Estate’s rewilding project.

The new owners have already made a multi million pound investment in the Tŷ Nant Estate and manufacturing facilities as the first part of fulfilling their vision of building a super premium diversified drinks group encompassing the finest British brands, from grain to glass distilleries to viticulture and adult soft drinks.

The new owners of Tŷ Nant say they are passionate about giving back to their community and supporting good causes locally. To support this they have formed the Tŷ Nant Foundation.

This will be a core part of the new business and wider group.

The Tŷ Nant Foundation’s purpose is aligned to their customers, colleagues & Tŷ Nant’s values and will be funded by a share of profits from Tŷ Nant on a general and customer specific basis.

Customers will be asked to advise on any causes close to their heart and allocation will be made by independent Trustees. This will help Tŷ Nant make a difference at a local grassroots level wherever their customers are based.

Tŷ Nant has experienced incredible growth in the last 12 months under the new ownership and Tŷ Nant brands are now served in such venues as Harvey Nichols, Hakkasan, Nobu, Gordon Ramsey’s Lucky Cat, Bob Bob Ricard, 51 Buckingham Gate, All UK Mélia hotels, Tattu and Wagamamas.


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