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Calling Conservative Party Members: DESELECT YOUR MP (if they’re not being conservative enough)


If you are a Conservative Party member, you have more power than they want you to know about.

DID YOU KNOW? If 10% of an Association’s membership send in a letter of no confidence about their MP, we can start deselecting those Conservative MPs who aren’t actually being conservative.

So for example, an Association with 150 members would only need 15 letters of no confidence to go in to call for a Special General Meeting.

For too long there have been concerns the Conservative Party’s candidates department have been weeding out actual centre-right conservatives and pushing liberal centrists.

Let’s change that. It’s time to start flexing our muscles and steering our party back to proper conservatism. We want MPs who promote proper conservative values: free speech, free markets, free people, low taxes, small government, Brexit and Britain! Poll after poll show the country is also calling out for this.

It doesn’t matter if your local Parliamentary Candidate has already been selected; a Special General Meeting has the power to change its mind.

Members have told us the first ten MPs they want deselected are as follows:

If you are a member of one of the above associations please send in your letter now.

The letter you need to send:

Copy and paste the following letter (with your name and association details added) and send it off to your local association. Please also copy in Editor@ConservativePost.co.uk so we can keep a tally of how many letters are going in to each Association.

Dear Chairman,

I am writing to request a Special General Meeting to consider the following motion:

“That this meeting of members of the XXXXX Conservative Association / Federation does not confirm the selection and adoption of XXXXX as the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the XXXXX Constituency.”

I can confirm the above motion uses wording similar to that used by CCHQ themselves for a similar motion that members voted upon elsewhere, proving that the motion is valid and that the precedence of a confirmatory vote of members has been set.

I believe we should immediately start the process of selecting a new Prospective Parliamentary Candidate.

Yours sincerely, XXXXX

Constitution Guidance For Your Information:

The following guidance applies to the Conservative & Unionist Party, and is a democratic way for local members to take an element of control over local selections for Parliamentary Candidates. 

Under clause 10.1.2 of Schedule 7 of the Conservative Party’s constitution, a Special General Meeting of an Association or Federation can be called by a petition signed by not less than fifty members of the Association or 10% of the current qualifying membership of the Association (whichever is less) sent to the Secretary of the Executive Council of the Association requesting them to convene such a meeting. If there is no Secretary in post, it can be sent to the Chairman or Chairwoman. Local party members can do this by sending an email, either one-by-one or by using a ’round robin’ format. A printed version with physical signatures can also be presented.

The motion being put to the meeting allows members to choose if they back their Parliamentary Candidate by voting for or against the motion as they see fit. If the motion is passed then the Association would have to consider the role of Parliamentary Candidate as vacant.

Let’s make sure we support actual conservatives who believe in conservative values and deselect those that don’t. People Power!

Photo credits: UK GOV – Licence CC BY 4.0 Deed | Attribution 4.0 International


  1. If only this had been done a long time ago. At the moment, things have gone too far such that Reform is probably the future of conservatism, but only after the wipe-out that is coming at the next GE for the Tory party.

    And… why only 10 for de-selection? There’s probably closer to 200 socialists in blue rosettes who should be defenestrated.

    Also, starting a new selection process is one thing, successfully navigating the inevitable interference by CCHQ is quite another. Good luck with it though.

    • Lorna Murray.
      I want to see Mr. Sunak, Ellwood Micheal Gove., Hunt definatley all these.
      Penny and Vice Head of the 1922 comittee and the head of it.
      Jenkyns who trufed Boris out, and stupid Kangaroo Court.

      To many lefties, in the civil Servants as well, they don’t stand for the party.

      I keep asking whehn we going to get that chance to vote down Mr. Sunak and Cronies.
      We need it now, not after the local elections.

  2. Start with Sunak, Hunt and Cameron no-one wants them it’s possible and the Conservatives have a duty to prevent a disastrous Starmer Government being inflicted on the UK I see the awful Caroline Noakes is on the Deselection list

  3. By being a conservative one is saying that it is good to stand on one’s own feet, and to work hard is healthy. Business makes the world turn, so I am not ashamed of making a profit. The problem with most people in hard times is that the big companies make big profits while everyone else is struggling, NOT GOOD AND CERTAINLY NOT GOOD CONSERVATIVE MAMAGEMENT. Gas and oil companies need to be wound back into the people’s services, we the people, are sick of being taken for granted by city fat cats who have friends in the party who can do a little favor when needed, we the people see this and, it devalues all the good work done by Government. The bottom line in Government is this, promote talent or it will all fall apart with incompetents! Rishi Sunak is a talented individual, but is he the only one? I do so hope not! And yes, deselect un- Conservative individuals from Government and the Parliamentary Party if they are disloyal to the movement.

  4. I appreciate that your group has an angle on this, but… as a Thatcherite Conservative who was an activist from 1973 and a party employee for 13 years during Thatcher governments, and indeed The Lady’s own party agent for years, who is a former Monday Club and CWF member – I think narrow conservatism is not Conservatism. The Party’s success is built on being ‘a broad church’ of anti-socialism, and not successful if it only has Thatcherites like me. One Nation Tories ARE the mainstream of the party, and always have been. I am not one and never have been but I’d hate to be in a party without them. I find it hard to believe that you are British Conservatives, you seem more aligned with US style conservatives. Certainly thus kind if targeting if MPs you want to get rid of is definitely un-Conservative.

    • Margaret would be spinning in her grave with the current state of the One Nation Tories who are partly responsible for the mess we are in and if you want the disaster of a Labour Govt then continue on the same path.

    • It’s that kind of thinking that allowed the wet Lib Dem types to take over.

      @Mike Love.
      They infiltrate and claim they have a right to be in the Conservative Party due to this “broad church” concept, which is essentially about “Don’t split the vote on the right”.

      The problem comes when the new joiners to the “church” are left of centre and share no truly small-c conservative ideas.

      I notice that your last two words were “definitely un-Conservative” – with the C being capitalised i.e the Conservative party, not the conservative movement.

      Frankly, the small-c variety is what matters, not the party that is the vehicle for delivering it. Reform UK seem to be the only hope for a vehicle to deliver it these days, now that the rot has set in where we have CCHQ infested with Lib Dems, who select like-minded candidates so that teh parliamentary party is out of kilter with the membershi and core vote.

      Once you lose your core vote, you are where aparties like the greens, UKIP etc are – struggling to avoid irrelevance in the first past the post system.

      And no, the One Nation lot are NOT “the mainstream” of the conservative movement (ignoring your reference to “the party”, since I don’t care about “the party”, only the conservative movement) and your assertion that they gave “always been” is nothing more than that – an assertion, plucked out of thin air.

      You should join the Lib Dems.

  5. This reads like a Momentum-style movement post in the Conservative party. As a party member, it is sad to see people advocating for such action, which will turn off voters.

    • “Momentum style”? An attempted smear, based on nothing factual.

      This movement is moving back towards true conservatism (based on principles of self-sufficency, with minimal State intervention), it is not moving towards any extreme (as Momentum was in the Labour party).

      The Conservative Party has been infiltrated by people whose views are clearly a form of socialism and that has no place in a conservative movement. That’s what this is about. If you don’t like it, I suggest you join a socialist party where you will feel more at home.

  6. While there are a few more I could suggest the list is a good start and an excellent idea and if at least some were deselected it could persuade me to renew my membership.
    What the constituency party for Roger Gale are thinking of in retaining him at 80 years of age and basically a Sleepy Joe double act is beyond belief.
    I am more than happy to sign up to Conservative Post because ConHome has completely lost its way

  7. We hear a lot about the ‘One Nation’ contingent but what do they actually stand for? I interpret the title to mean “trying to be all things to all men” but they will never appeal to those on the left and they fail to enthuse those on the right. It is the One Nation gang who should really be Lib Dems. Occupying the centre ground only brings a mish-mash of policies which aim to appease and achieve nothing of real substance. There should be no ‘left’ of the Conservative Party, the Conservative Party is supposed to be the centre right political party thereby giving the electorate a choice coming the GE. No one could accuse Thatcher of being a One Nation Tory or a centrist, she saw what the UK needed and delivered the policies to put the UK back on track after several years of Labour mismanagement. Of course Thatcher was hated by many on the left but that is the price worth paying if it means decisive government that benefits the majority. The great lady once said “Standing in the middle of the road is very dangerous; you get knocked down by the traffic from both sides”. The current Tory Party is simply drifting with no clear policies, just trying to appeal to the vocal minority and in doing so has lost touch with its core support in a similar way the Conservative Party in Canada did in the early 1990s. I believe the Party is heading for an election disaster and a split is inevitable.

  8. Great idea, cleansing the party of the great unwashed so to speak. We need the world to get back to normal for our childrens sake. One just has to look at the history of the hitler youth to see how woke will turn children against parents with their cult ideology.

  9. Clearly a lot of very far right people are trying to convince themselves that they are “centre right”…

    • Then there’s you – another one of the “One Nation” lot without an argument to put forward.

      Slurs such as “very far right” won’t get you far outside of your usual socialist haunts.

  10. This is the Tory Party, and despite the childishness of that silly man Sean Gabb and his ‘candidlist’ in the early 2000s, we don’t behave like this. We’re a broad church and we don’t castigate other Tories just because they dare to differ with us on an issue. We don’t label them ‘un-conservative’ or ‘not conservative enough’. This is childish, spit-the-dummy behaviour which the Labour Party indulged in in the 70s and 80s (surprise surprise, it didn’t do much good for them). We also indulged in it in the 90s and see where it got us.

    I see the Express is claiming this website has superseded Conservative Home as the place for party members, but as a member of the party I’d never heard of it until I saw an Express article proclaiming you “the voice of the grassroots”. I daresay 99% of members have never heard of you.

    • I stopped reading Con Home a long time ago, apart from the odd link posted by Guido.

      Most commentatrs there are socialists now, the editor is a wet and many posters expressing conservative views complain on other forums that they have been “stealth moderated” (posts seem to be there, but mysteriously disappear – as can be seen by refreshing the page just after posting).

      A site which allowed an expelled MP (Gauke to be a regular poster for months, with the title “MP” after his name long after he had ceased to be an MP).

      Con Home is dead to true conservatives, this seems vastly better. Until the socialists show up and drown out the conservative voices – and I see there’s a few already here.

  11. The political realignment that should have taken place post the 2016 BREXIT vote has yet to occur. We did see the anti BREXIT democracy deniers likes of Anna Soubry, Grieve……. et al leave the Tory Party but there are still far too many MPS who would be more at home in the lib Dems. The Telegraph is running a story on how the One Nation mob are deliberately ‘cancelling’ genuine conservative candidates in favour of more Lib Dems and Ed Davey publicly stating the One Nation blob are closet Lib Dems.
    The current Tory party need to be destroyed in the 2024 GE.

  12. I’m glad that awful Caroline Nokes is on the list. I wrote to her Association Chairman a while back to complain about her Socialist views. She is an absolute hypocrite by appearing on GB News and being paid for same whilst campaigning for the channel to be closed down!!

  13. I find it highly suspicious that Alicia Kearns is on your list. She is an MP of absolute integrity. She believes our MPs should uphold the law and in her position as Head of the Foreign Affairs committee she quite rightly has voiced her concerns of the continuation of sending arms to Israel whilst they are breaking international laws, going against the ICJ and the UN. It puts both the Government and British Arms companies into a position where they are effectively breaking the law too and being complicit in the actions of Israel. Something the UK must not do both to protect for our own security and reputation around the world. Laws must be unpheld. We all know how serious it is when over 600 top lawyers write a letter advising the UK Government to stop sending arms.


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