GET BORIS ON THE BALLOT: Milestone as 6000 party members sign petition


Six thousand Conservative Party Members have now signed the Get Boris On the Ballot Petition.

Started by the Conservative Post, Lord Cruddas and David Campbell Bannerman on Monday evening, the petition has been going from strength to strength despite suffering a hacking attempt which left the ballot offline for several hours earlier this week.

Conservative Party Members are being invited to sign and share the following petition:


  1. Isn’t it about time that the ‘powers that be’ set about adding Boris to the ballot paper? Sometimes people have to admit when they get things wrong and pushing Boris to resign is clearly one of those times. The UK will have less of a presence in the world without Boris at the helm. MPs should stand up and admit this was a grave mistake and start listening to the population and the members of the Conservative Party.

    • Completely agree Janet ,I voted conservative for the first time and it was all because of Boris ,I believed in him and still do,I feel he was betrayed by certain party members ,I just wish he kept going and trusted that most of the red wall still believes in him.

  2. Could not agree more Janet Wheeler. The parliamentary party has betrayed the wider party twice in a month. Ousting Boris and then presenting us with two candidates for leader that are either treacherous or wooden. Here is to a period in opposition all thanks to the parliamentary party

  3. I am a so called red wall voter. I was previously a labour voter. When i voted it was for Boris more than it was for the conservative party. It has been obvious for a long time that there was a plot to belittle and discredit him because he took heed of the peoples majority vote.
    I am most annoyed that unkown backbenchers have undemocratically negated my vote.

  4. I agree with these suggestions. Boris was voted for by a vast majority, many red wall voters, and parliament party is wrong in making him resign. He is a great leader in the world and much needed at these troubled times.


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