Of course you might not hear about many of these good news items on the BBC or most other news outlets, but remember positive things are happening across the country.

Keep checking in with the Conservative Post to see positive news every day – the resurgence of British manufacturing, how our military is flying the flag across the world, positive policy making, our wonderful royals, our fantastic Prime Minister and many other things to be proud of. 

However, after another week of such awful international news – we do want to acknowledge our Ukrainian friends. We are thinking of you and we are proud the UK is leading the humanitarian response. Well done Boris and team. We also want to thank all those opening their homes to the refugees. Britain truly is GREAT!

Here are our best read UK news stories from the last seven days (14th – 20th March 2022):

10. Securing UK’s position as ‘science superpower’ with largest ever R&D budget

The largest ever research and development budget, worth £39.8 billion, has been allocated across the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s partner organisations, the government has confirmed this week. Driving forward the government’s ambitions as a science superpower, the Spending Review committed record levels of investment in the UK’s world-leading research base over the next three years, with R&D spending set to increase by £5 billion to £20 billion per annum by 2024-2025 – a 33% increase in spending over the current parliament by 2024-2025… click here

9. UK leads humanitarian response by donating over two million medical items to Ukraine

The UK is leading the humanitarian response by donating over two million medical items to Ukraine including vital medicines, wound packs, and intensive care equipment. More than two million items of medical supplies have been given to Ukraine by the UK to help the country cope with the medical emergency caused by the Russian invasion. Items including vital medicines, wound packs, and intensive care equipment donated by NHS England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland have been flown to the region on ten flights over the past three weeks, leaving from Stanstead and Heathrow Airports and RAF Brize Norton… click here

8. £10 million for traveller sites across England to improve life chances and reduce unauthorised encampments

New traveller sites will be created through a £10 million fund announced this week. The funding, for 2022/23, will allow councils to provide improved transit sites and stopping places, so travellers have authorised places to stay, and access to facilities and services. Councils can also bid for funding for new permanent sites to meet the needs of travellers in their local areas, as well as using it to refurbish existing sites. As part of our ambitions to level up across the country, this fund will help improve travellers’ life chances, by giving them easier access to local services including healthcare, education, and employment… click here

7. UK and Turkey agree electric rail deal worth £1.7 billion in boost to British rail industry

UK government’s biggest ever sustainable, civil infrastructure deal will help finance a new high speed electric railway line in Turkey to decarbonise travel, with major contracts awarded to British and Turkish businesses. The deal will secure major contracts for UK companies of all sizes to supply to the project, with several nine-figure deals for UK companies close to being agreed. UK companies are expected to supply British-made railway lines, turnouts, point machines, fasteners, material and equipment for signaling, telecommunication and electrification systems, as well as vital insurance and freight services… click here

6. UK and US launch transatlantic dialogues to boost £200 billion trade relationship

The UK and US today announce a new series of transatlantic dialogues aimed at deepening trade and investment ties and boosting our already-thriving £200 billion relationship. International Trade Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan and United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai will be among those gathering at the Joint UK/US Dialogues on the Future of Atlantic Trade. The first dialogue will take place in Baltimore, Maryland, on 21-22 March with the second to take place in the UK later in spring. They will form a platform for further conversations between the two sides… click here

5. UK leads the world in removing all remaining COVID-19 travel restrictions

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced this week the removal of all remaining restrictions on international travel for all passengers ahead of the Easter holidays. As one of the first major economies to remove all its remaining COVID-19 travel restrictions, this is a landmark moment for passengers and the travel and aviation sector. This step reflects the decisions taken by the government, as set out in the Living with COVID plan, and the success of the UK’s vaccine and booster rollout, with 86% of the population having received a second dose and 67% of the population with a booster or third dose… click here

4. A striking sight as the Nation’s flagship HMS Queen Elizabeth visits The Firth of Clyde

The Firth of Clyde was witness to the striking sight of the Nation’s flagship this week as Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth visited for the second time since her launch in July 2014. The giant, 65,000 tonne carrier returned to the serene waters of the loch, berthing once again at Glen Mallan ammunitioning jetty which completed a £67 million upgrade to accommodate the Royal Navy’s Queen Elizabeth Carriers last year. HMS Queen Elizabeth is the largest and most powerful vessel ever constructed for the Royal Navy. This awe-inspiring warship is capable of carrying up to 40 aircraft. The flight deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth comes in at an enormous four acres… click here

3. Ukrainian children brought to England for cancer treatment

21 Ukrainian children will receive lifesaving cancer treatment in England after being brought over by the UK government this week. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “I am hugely grateful to our fantastic NHS staff as well as our partners, including our Polish friends, for their support in bringing these children to the UK and we will continue to do all we can to support them as they continue their critical treatment here.” The vital and in many cases lifesaving cancer treatment will be provided free of charge by the health service across hospitals in England… click here

2. British farmers reaping benefits as non-EU markets open up to UK food exports for the first time

The UK exported £339m of pork in 2021, with over two thirds going to non-EU destinations, demonstrating the value of new markets. As part of the government’s work to benefit from global export destinations for the UK food industry, the doors to the Chilean market now are open to UK pork for the first time. UK pork producers will now be able to export to Chile in a move estimated to be worth £20 million to British farmers in the first five years of trade. This follows recent deals to also allow UK pork access to Mexico and Taiwan… click here

1. HMS Prince of Wales serves as NATO’s command ship in largest Arctic exercise for 30 years

Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales has taken its place at the centre of one of the most powerful naval task forces in the world at the start of the largest Arctic exercise for 30 years. HMS Prince of Wales, which is currently serving as NATO’s command ship, has sailed north to the Arctic for Exercise Cold Response 2022, a month-long test of allied forces which will see 30,000 troops from 27 nations operate together. During the weekend, a task force of 25 ships from 11 nations gathered close to Norway at the start of the training, including six Royal Navy ships and more than 2,000 UK military personnel… click here

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Main photo: Prime Minister Boris Johnson with Latvian Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņšr for a bilateral meeting in 10 Downing Street this week. Picture by Simon Dawson / No 10 Downing Street

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