GREAT BRITISH NEWS: Top positive news stories from across the UK this week


Once again there’s been plenty of positive British news this week. 

You might not hear about it on the BBC or most other news outlets, but remember positive things are happening across our great nation. 

Keep checking in with the Conservative Post to see good news every day – the resurgence of British manufacturing, how our military is flying the flag across the world, positive policy making, global trade deals, our wonderful royals and many other things to be proud of. 

Here are our 20 best read and most shared positive news stories from just this week (24th – 30th July 2023): 

20. New phase of England’s spectacular King Charles III England Coast Path opens

The latest stretch of the King Charles III England Coast Path, extending from Aust to Clevedon, has opened. The new path stretches from Old Passage near Aust just south of the Old Severn Bridge in South Gloucestershire through to Wain’s Hill, Clevedon in North Somerset. It is the second phase of the path between Aust and Brean Down. DID YOU KNOW? When fully complete, the King Charles III England Coast Path will be the longest continuous coastal path in the world… click here

19. Ooh la la! Blind tasting reveals 60% of French drinkers prefer English sparkling wine to their native Champagne

England’s leading wine producer Chapel Down took its best-selling sparkling wine to the Champagne region of France, to conduct the ultimate sparkling wine taste test. Under the playful guise of “Chapelle en Bas”, a literal brand translation of ‘Chapel Down’, French consumers were invited to try Chapel Down’s Brut alongside a major Champagne brand.  Le verdict? 60%British schools, British business, of consumers preferred Chapel Down to Champagne. Ooh la la!… click here

18. Government confirms all state-funded schools in England now have a life-saving defibrillator

The government has confirmed this week all state-funded schools in England now have a life-saving defibrillator, drastically increasing the chances of surviving cardiac arrest for all state school pupils in England. Following the government’s £19 million rollout, over 20,000 defibrillators have successfully been delivered to almost 18,000 schools since January. In June, the Department for Education oversaw the successful completion of deliveries of defibrillators to secondary schools… click here

17. Further funding for livestock farmers to build on UK’s world-leading animal health and welfare standards

A further £10 million is being made available to cattle farmers in England to help them replace ageing cattle buildings with state-of-the-art facilities, Defra has announced this week. As set out in guidance published this week, the Animal Health and Welfare Infrastructure Grant will allocate awards to farmers ranging from £15,000 to £500,000, prioritising new and upgraded calf housing which will improve conditions for livestock and help to boost farmers’ productivity and profitability… click here

16. British built atomic fountain clock aims to solve the mysteries of antimatter

A device that produces a fountain of caesium atoms could boost understanding of the Universe by measuring the frequency of light absorbed by antimatter. Built in the UK with support from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), it has now been installed at the iconic CERN facility to support the pioneering Antihydrogen Laser Physics Apparatus (ALPHA) antimatter experiment. The caesium fountain will help ALPHA determine the frequency of light absorbed by antihydrogen (hydrogen’s antimatter counterpart) with the same accuracy as has already been achieved for hydrogen… click here

15. Charity and community organisations helping vulnerable people set to benefit from £76 million government support

Charities and community organisations carrying out vital work to help vulnerable people are invited to apply for a major government support package worth £76 million. The fund will support frontline charities and community organisations struggling to meet increased demand for their critical services, such as the provision of food, emergency provisions, shelter, safe spaces, warmth and financial or housing advice. This delivers on the Prime Minister’s commitment to support people with the cost of living and protect low-income households from rising costs… click here

14. Royal Navy train Ukrainian soldiers how to disarm and defuse Russian bombs and booby traps in Scotland

Ukrainian troops are learning how to disarm and defuse Russian bombs, booby traps and mines from their towns, fields, rivers and lakes.  Royal Navy divers, bomb disposal and mine warfare experts are training their Ukrainian counterparts on finding and safely neutralising mines and other explosive devices blighting their land, ensuring that once the war is over, Ukrainian people and the commercial shipping industry can live and operate without fear or risk from explosives… click here

13. Game-changing fund opens to boost Great British breakthroughs in science and tech research

From Edward Jenner’s invention of the very first vaccine, to the scientists in Manchester who isolated graphene, so many of the Great British breakthroughs which have changed the world would not have been possible without people who dared to do things differently, and take calculated risks. In today’s world, that approach is just as important as ever” – Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology Michelle Donelan. £50 million Research Ventures Catalyst to support cutting-edge research, built on partnerships with private and philanthropic investors… click here

12. Agreement to support mental health care and free up 1 million hours a year of police time

The NHS, police and government commit to a new approach to ensure those requiring urgent mental health support receive timely care from the most appropriate agency. Patients experiencing a mental health crisis will be treated by the most appropriate agency, helping free up police time and ensuring care is provided by someone with the most relevant skills and experience, as a new national agreement is signed between health and policing partners. Local health partners and police forces in England will work together on joint plans to implement the new approach, working towards ending the inappropriate involvement of police where no crime is being committed or there is no threat to safety… click here

11. Lancashire’s youth receive new Eco-Lab thanks to BAE Systems

A new facility to support young people’s understanding of climate issues and routes to net zero is being established in Lancashire thanks to a £100,000 donation from BAE Systems. The ‘Eco-Lab’ has been introduced at the Blackburn & Darwen Youth Zone to educate young people on climate change and how they can take an active role in contributing to a greener planet. The Eco-Lab forms part of the ‘Maker Zone’; a space within the Youth Zone which aims to raise confidence and aspirations among young people and demonstrate routes to long-term meaningful careers… click here

10. UK strengthens Indo-Pacific defence ties

Minister for the Armed Forces James Heappey engages with top defence officials in Australia, Fiji, Malaysia, Republic of Korea, and Singapore. The UK has strengthened its defence ties with key partners in the Indo-Pacific following the visit of a senior defence minister, demonstrating our commitment to the security and stability of the region as the UK Armed Forces carry out joint exercises in the area. Minister for the Armed Forces James Heappey visited Australia, Fiji, Malaysia, the Republic of Korea, and Singapore, as part of a regional engagement plan to demonstrate the UK’s continued commitment across Asia and the Pacific… click here

9. New rules crack down on illegal ads and protect children online

Social media platforms, websites and services like advertising display networks will have to take tougher action to stop children seeing age-restricted adverts for products like alcohol or gambling. Fake celebrity scams and pop-up malware from hackers will also be clamped down on as part of new rules to make advertising regulation fit for the digital age. The plans are published this week by the government in response to its Online Advertising Programme… click here

8. Government launches biggest cladding removal scheme

The government has announced its biggest building safety intervention to date as part of a wider package of measures to help end the building safety crisis across England. The full opening of the Cladding Safety Scheme (CSS), announced in a speech by Housing Secretary Michael Gove, means that costs associated with removing unsafe cladding in mid-rise buildings will now be covered by government funding, protecting leaseholders from costs where the responsible developer cannot be made to pay. It is estimated that thousands more mid-rise buildings will qualify, giving tens of thousands of residents across England a pathway to a safe home, with no cost whatsoever to leaseholders in the building… click here

7. New shipbuilding lending scheme to boost UK’s coastal communities

A new government scheme to help ship buyers access finance to buy UK-built vessels and upgrade existing ones will boost Britain’s coastal communities. Through the Shipbuilding Credit Guarantee Scheme (SCGS) the Government will act as a guarantor for lenders, unlocking credit for maritime firms. It will help to boost the UK shipbuilding industry and drive growth in areas such as Liverpool, Plymouth, the Solent, Rosyth, Clydebank and Belfast. The SCGS is expected to create hundreds of new jobs and contribute hundreds of millions of pounds to the economy, according to government estimates based on the demand for commercial shipbuilding in the UK… click here

6. UK leads world in response to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and drives Russia out of our energy market for good

Britain has led the world in the response to Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine and driving Russia out of our energy market for good – enabling the UK to go over a year without Russian oil or gas. The Government will this week set out how the UK’s world-leading energy industry expertise will create jobs and grow the economy and ensure tyrants like Putin can never again use energy as a weapon to blackmail the UK. As part of the Government’s efforts to strengthen the UK’s energy independence, the Prime Minister will announce investment plans to put powering up Britain from Britain first – making the most of our country’s resources and reducing reliance on imported fossil fuels, by backing our oil and gas industry… click here

5. £170 million investment for Sizewell C comes days after launch of Great British Nuclear

New measures announced today will speed up preparations to enable construction to start on Sizewell C, part of a network of major new nuclear power stations in the UK – the first in over 30 years. Ministers this week confirmed a further £170 million investment of previously allocated funding for development work on the project. This will be used to prepare the Sizewell C site for future construction, procure key components from the project’s supply chain, and expand its workforce. At the peak of the construction work, Sizewell C would support 10,000 jobs nationwide, with supply chain plans for 70% of the value of construction contracts to go to UK businesses… click here

4. Second Investment Zone for the North to unlock multi-million pound investments

The government has this week launched England’s second Investment Zone in Liverpool which could unlock £320 million of private investment and deliver 4,000 jobs, across Liverpool, Runcorn, St. Helens, Maghull and Prescot over the next 5 years. This investment in Liverpool’s existing Speke Pharma cluster – home to one of the UK’s leading regions for bioprocessing – is the first step in unlocking a total pipeline up to £320 million of further private funding from a range of investors in the life sciences sector, helping to deliver over 4,000 jobs in the region over the next 5 years…. click here

3. £61 million science park expansion to create 1,250 jobs and deliver £625 million to County Durham economy

Work is under way on a £61 million expansion of a North East science park which will create more than 1,250 highly skilled jobs. Durham County Council’s North East Technology Park (NETPark Phase Three) is the premier science park in the North East of England and is is now entering its third phase with the potential to deliver £625 million to the region’s economy over the next ten years creating 1,250 skilled jobs. Plans are also in place for a fourth phase of NETPark with potentially more to follow, with additional land designated for development which could lead to 4,000 new jobs… click here

2. Tougher rules will make sure serious criminals cannot claim British citizenship

Tougher rules will make sure serious criminals cannot claim British citizenship regardless of when or where the crime took place. The government crackdown will come into effect tomorrow (31 July), with the strengthened rules applying to new applications from anyone who has received at least a 12-month prison sentence.  The government say this re-affirms their commitment to protecting UK borders and ensuring no one with a criminal record can abuse the British immigration and nationality system… click here

1. Brexit has been a measurable success as the empirical evidence proves

A key remainer / rejoiner argument against leaving the EU was / is that the UK’s trade would fall off due to Brexit as a result of leaving the Single Market and the Customs Union, but again, the evidence contradicts them with a 32% increase in UK trade since the end of the Brexit transition period and the worst phase of the Pandemic at the end of 2020.  As shown in the data from the Office for National Statistics, exports have shown continuous and robust growth in the value of trade of both goods and services between 2016 and 2022, interrupted only in 2020 by the effects the Pandemic had on the economy… click here

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