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Here are our 20 best read and most shared positive stories from just this week (12th – 18th February 2024):

20. Back to work boost as quarter of a million workplace training places delivered

More than a quarter of a million workplace training places for benefit claimants have been delivered in just three years, new data reveals. The latest figures show that in the last financial year 81,190 places were delivered – smashing the 80,000 target two months ahead of schedule. It brings the total number since the Sector-based Work Academy Programmes (SWAPs) was set up to 266,330… click here

19. New funding ensures UK role in global exploration to the Moon, Mars and Venus

UK scientists and engineers will play a role in major global missions to the Moon, Mars and Venus, thanks to new funding from the UK Space Agency for work towards international space science and exploration projects. The Space Science and Exploration Bilateral Programme will help Royal Holloway develop software for the Indian Space Agency (ISRO) Chandrayaan-2 orbiter to detect ice under the surface of the lunar south pole… click here

18. Funding for game-changing UK tech which could destroy cancers and predict disease

Millions invested in eight innovative UK companies behind lifesaving new medical technology which could destroy liver cancer tumours, detect Alzheimer’s and quickly spot those at risk of stroke Countless lives could be saved thanks to a multi-million pound government investment in potential breakthrough medical devices. As part of a £10 million funding package for boosting access to medical technology, eight innovative tech companies will be supported to bring their devices to market… click here

17. Government plans to boost dental workforce by cutting red tape

Patients will benefit from plans to boost the dentistry workforce by cutting red tape and making it quicker and easier for dentists from overseas to work in the UK. Under current rules, highly-skilled dentists who qualified overseas and are attempting to register to practise in the UK are required to pass exams that can take years to complete – meaning lengthy delays in them being able to provide dental care… click here

16. Suffolk’s first breeding colony of grey seals recorded at Orford Ness

Rangers at Orford Ness National Nature Reserve in Suffolk are celebrating the birth of over 130 grey seal pups this winter; the third, consecutive year of successful breeding at the coastal site, which is now thought to be home to Suffolk’s first grey seal colony. Global numbers of grey seals are estimated to be around 300,000 with British and Irish waters supporting around 40 per cent of the world’s grey seal population… click here

15. Policing Retail Crime Action Plan shows early impact

A plan commissioned by the Policing Minister and developed by policing in partnership with Government to drive down retail crime is already showing positive results. The Retail Crime Action Plan, which set out policing’s commitment to tackling shoplifting and prioritising attendance where violence was involved or a shoplifter was detained, was launched in October 2023. Operational implementation of the plan has shown significant impact from a dip sample of 31 police forces carried out in December 2023… click here

14. £100 million support delivered to back next generation of UK’s small business owners

The next generation of business leaders have received over £100 million worth of support from the Government backed Start Up Loan Scheme. 15,000 Start Up Loans worth over £100 million have now been issued to young business founders aged 18-24 since 2012. The Start Up Loan Scheme is government backed finance delivered through British Business Bank, which has delivered over £1 billion in loans to SMEs across the country since the scheme launched in 2012… click here

13. Homes England acquires Quayside West as part of wider Newcastle regeneration

Homes England has acquired Quayside West, the largest land parcel in Forth Yards, one of the most significant brownfield regeneration sites in Newcastle. Located right next to Newcastle Central Station and Quayside, Forth Yards has the potential to deliver 2,500 new homes and a vibrant, sustainable new neighbourhood for the City… click here

12. UK and Canada partner to accelerate fusion energy development

The United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) and Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL), have signed a collaboration framework agreement to partner on the development of technologies in relation to the management of tritium, a fusion energy fuel. The UK-Canada Memorandum of Understanding enhances collaboration on key focus areas, including research and development, regulatory harmonisation, and skills and workforce development… click here

11. MADE IN UK: Bentley Continental GT wins two coveted awards in two major European markets

Luxury British marque Bentley’s sector-defining Continental GT has started 2024 by attaining two significant awards, as Best Car in two major European markets. The definitive Grand Tourer has been elected by the readers in Germany and in Switzerland. In Germany, the class-leading Bentley Continental GT has won the ‘Best Cars’ title at the Auto Motor und Sport awards for a third consecutive year… click here

10. Tougher sentences for ‘rough sex’ killers

Cowards who kill their partners with sexual violence will face longer behind bars as the government continues to clamp down on domestic abuse against women. A new statutory aggravating factor will be brought in for offenders who cause death through abusive, degrading or dangerous sexual behaviour – or so-called ‘rough sex’ – meaning killers are handed down tougher sentences than ever before. The measure, announced this week, builds upon action taken in the Domestic Abuse Act… click here

9. Major regeneration investment to accelerate 8,000 new homes in Newham and Southwark

Communities in the London boroughs of Newham and Southwark are to benefit from the acceleration of thousands of new homes, across three major brownfield regeneration projects, through a pioneering partnership. Reflecting the strong need in London for affordable homes, 40 per cent of the new homes on two of the sites, which have planning permission, are to be genuinely affordable for local people… click here

8. BAE Systems secures regulatory approvals to buy NASA supplier Ball Aerospace for £4.4 billion

British multinational arms, security, and aerospace company BAE Systems have been given the green light to acquire the aerospace division of the US defence giant Ball Corporation. BAE Systems say purchasing Ball Aerospace is a unique opportunity to strengthen their world class multi-domain portfolio. The final transaction is expected to close at a purchase price of $5.5 billion (approximately £4.4 billion)… click here

7. Britain’s biggest warship sails to lead international task group in key NATO exercise

Britain’s biggest warship set sail on Monday for Norway to lead an international task group in one of the most important military exercises in a generation. In just seven days, the Portsmouth-based aircraft carrier ship’s company made rapid preparations to be ready to lead the Royal Navy’s involvement in the largest NATO exercise since the Cold War – Steadfast Defender. The ability to rapidly deploy another carrier to an urgent task underlines the importance of having two aircraft carriers… click here

6. UK signs landmark economic partnership with Nigeria

The UK this week signed a deal with Nigeria to boost trade and investment and unlock new opportunities for UK and Nigerian businesses. The Enhanced Trade and Investment Partnership (ETIP) is the first the UK has signed with an African country and is designed to grow the UK and Nigeria’s already thriving trading relationship, which totalled £7 billion in the year to September 2023. The agreement will create opportunities across a breadth of sectors crucial to both economies, such as financial and legal services… click here

5. UK to supply thousands of drones as co-leader of major international capability coalition for Ukraine

The UK and Latvia will jointly lead a capability coalition, which will see thousands of drones supplied to Ukraine, including first-person view (FPV) drones, which have proven highly effective on the battlefield. Ukraine will receive thousands more drones as Defence Secretary Grant Shapps announced this week that the UK will co-lead a major drone capability coalition with Latvia for Ukraine… click here

4. Optimism grows as economic conditions stabilise for UK deal activity

New figures from PwC show UK M&A activity in 2023 fell below the levels seen the previous year as economic headwinds continued to affect the number of deals completed in the year, according to PwC’s latest Global M&A Trends 2024 Outlook. However, activity for 2023 is still at pre-pandemic levels and as economic conditions ease, confidence is returning to the market. There was a total of £46bn worth of UK deals in H2 2023 compared to £42bn in H1, bringing the total deal value for the year to £88bn… click here

3. UK Government confirms £3.3 billion spending settlement for restored Northern Ireland Executive

The UK Government has this week written to the Northern Ireland Minister for Finance setting out the full detail of the spending settlement worth in excess of £3.3 billion. The significant, fair and generous spending settlement will allow the Northern Ireland Executive to stabilise public services, better manage public finances, increase opportunities for improved infrastructure and investment, pave the way for transformation of public services, and enable the delivery of a pay award (2023-24) to public sector workers… click here

2. £3 billion affordable housing boost to deliver 20,000 new homes

20,000 new affordable homes will be built across the country, helping more people realise the dream of owning their own home, thanks to a £3 billion increase in a Government-backed loan fund opening today. The expansion of the Affordable Homes Scheme, which provides low-cost loans to housing providers, will support thousands of new homes. For the first time, the scheme can also be used to upgrade existing properties, making them warm and decent for tenants… click here

1. UK businesses’ confidence increases to kick off 2024 with greater positivity

UK businesses entered the new year with renewed positivity as overall confidence rose to the highest level for nearly two years. The Barometer – which measures businesses’ confidence by assessing their trading prospects and optimism in the economy – shows overall confidence rose to 44%, up 9 points on the previous month. It was the biggest monthly increase since August and the highest level of confidence reported since February 2022, when the UK economy was recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic. It is also the strongest start to a year since January 2016… click here 

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By Claire Bullivant

Conservative Post, Founder and Editor

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  1. “cutting red tape and making it quicker and easier for dentists from overseas to work in the UK.”

    So when voters are demanding that immigration be cut, the Conservative and Unionist Party party government are going to make immigration even easier for foreign dentists to come into the country and take the jobs away from English dentists.

    No wonder voters are flocking to the Reform Party,.


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