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You might not hear about it on a lot of the other news outlets, but remember positive things are happening across our great nation. 

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Here are our 20 best read and most shared positive stories from just this week (19th – 25th February 2024):

20. Two million more GP appointments for patients than before the pandemic

Two million more GP appointments a month are being delivered for patients compared to the same month before the pandemic, as part of the NHS primary care access recovery plan. New NHS data published this week shows more than 25.7 million appointments (excluding Covid vaccinations) were delivered by GP practices in December 2023, an increase of 9% compared to pre-pandemic… click here

19. Funding for best of British science and technology to fly to space with team of UK astronauts

“The UK has long been known as a hub of technological innovation in leading science and technology – long may that continue as we take our technology, quite literally, to new heights.” Two new funding calls – one for science and another for technology demonstrators – have opened, in preparation for an agreement being reached to fly a team of four British astronauts on a commercially-sponsored mission…  click here

18. NHS rolls out ‘fantastic’ new portable drug infusion for advanced Parkinson’s

NHS patients with advanced Parkinson’s disease are set to benefit from a portable drug infusion that is gradually released around-the-clock to help better control their symptoms. The treatment, called foslevodopa–foscarbidopa, will now offer an additional option for certain patients experiencing movement-related symptoms and whose condition is no longer responding to their oral medicines… click here

17. UK sentiment suggests a spring in the step for the retail sector

“It is good to see the outlook improving as inflation comes under control, incomes start to go ahead of inflation and sentiment is on the up.” PwC UK has launched its Retail Outlook for the year ahead using insights from both the Golden Quarter and its own Consumer Sentiment survey. There are a number of positive indicators that should mean spending will improve as the year progresses… click here

16. Britain boasts Europe’s biggest new zero emission bus market 

Britain’s new bus, coach and minibus market is growing back with 4,932 new units registered in 2023, according to the latest figures published this week by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. The performance represents a 44.6% increase on 2022 levels as passenger confidence continues to return. The market was driven by strong investment in single and double-decker buses, with registrations up 52.5% and 173.6% respectively… click here

15. UK energy prices set to fall to lowest level since Putin’s invasion of Ukraine

As energy prices fall to their lowest level in two years, the government is launching a package of measures to help families save even more with cheaper deals. A new package of measures to help families save on energy costs and access cheaper deals is being launched by the government, as figures published today show prices set to fall to their lowest level since Putin’s invasion of Ukraine… click here

14. UK led international investigation disrupts world’s most harmful cyber crime group 

“This NCA-led investigation is a ground-breaking disruption of the world’s most harmful cyber crime group.” Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA) is revealing details of an international disruption campaign targeting LockBit, the world’s most harmful cyber crime group. This week, after infiltrating the group’s network, the NCA has taken control of LockBit’s services, compromising their entire criminal enterprise… click here

13. UK’s Sheffield Forgemasters make global leap in nuclear welding technology

Completion of the first full-sized Small Modular Reactor (SMR) nuclear vessel demonstrator assembly at Sheffield Forgemasters has signalled a global leap in welding technology. The company has pioneered the industrialisation of Local Electron-Beam Welding, and complete weld-assembly of the vessel marks a pivotal moment in welding development, taking less than 24 hours to complete four, thick, nuclear-grade welds, typically requiring a year of work to complete… click here

12. UK funding to clear mines around the world will protect more than 50,000 people

The UK Government has this week announced new funding for leading British organisations, the Mines Advisory Group (MAG) and The HALO Trust (HALO) to help clear mines and educate communities about the associated risks in eight countries – Angola, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Laos, Myanmar, Somalia, South Sudan, and Zimbabwe… click here

11. UK is rolling out gigabit networks faster than any country in the EU

More than one million homes, businesses and public buildings can now access the best internet speeds on the market as a result of the UK government’s rollout of faster, more reliable broadband – showing the plan to connect hard-to-reach communities is working. For over a decade the UK government has been investing in the construction of ‘gigabit-capable’ networks in areas that are too difficult or expensive for broadband suppliers to reach as part of their commercial plans… click here

10. New UK strategy to deliver drones to British armed forces backed by £4.5 billion investment

“The strategy will help academia and industry to build on the UK’s already world-renowned leadership in this technology and increase the pace at which we can identify opportunities and collaborate to deliver new capabilities across all domains.” A new strategy backed by at least £4.5 billion of investment over the next decade will accelerate access to uncrewed systems for the UK Armed Forces, rapidly equipping them with innovative technology across air, sea, and land… click here

9. New law to stop thousands of offenders from changing their name in secret

Thousands of offenders on community and suspended sentences will no longer be able to secretly change their name as part of tough new rules to protect the public. The Community and Suspended Sentences Bill will bring the law for those on community orders in line with offenders on licence. The Private Members’ Bill passed its second reading in Parliament this week, after the Government signalled its support… click here 

8. Foreign Secretary visits ‘part of the British family’ Falkland Islands

Foreign Secretary David Cameron is currently visiting the Falkland Islands during the first leg of his first visit to the South Atlantic, South America and New York. Lord Cameron’s trip is a high-profile demonstration that the islands are “part of the British family.” The Foreign Secretary has been meeting leaders of the Falkland Islands Government and seeing the range of communities that form part of the British family during his visit to Stanley and other sites around the UK’s Overseas Territory… click here

7. UK to boost Ukraine’s artillery reserves with £245 million munitions package

The UK will spend nearly a quarter of a billion pounds throughout the next year to procure and invigorate supply chains to produce urgently needed artillery ammunition to boost Ukraine’s reserves. This week’s £245 million announcement comes exactly two years to the day since Putin launched his illegal full-scale invasion of Ukraine – with artillery having proved critical to Ukraine’s battlefield successes, continuously degrading Russia’s forces and preventing them from making significant breakthroughs… click here

6. With £1 trillion invested in each other’s economies Americas Minister champions UK-US special relationship

“The UK has no better friend than America. It is a partnership that delivers security and prosperity for communities on both sides of the Atlantic and around the world.” Strengthening economic links that support millions of jobs on both sides of the Atlantic and deepening security ties with the UK’s closest ally will be the focus for Americas Minister David Rutley as he begins a visit to New England and Washington DC this week… click here

5. HMS Diamond crew praised for bravery after ‘vital role defending freedom’ patrolling Red Sea

The Armed Forces Minister has praised the bravery and tenacity of the crew of HMS Diamond, who have been working hard to patrol the Red Sea, intercepting smuggled weapons, and protecting global shipping. Visiting the vessel and her ship’s company this week, Minister for the Armed Forces James Heappey praised the efforts of Royal Navy personnel, who are currently docked in Gibraltar to restock and resupply after a demanding stint defending international shipping in the Red Sea… click here

4. Government underlines commitment to British farmers

The government has this week underlined its commitment to deliver on its plan to support profitable farming businesses, improve food security and protect the British agriculture sector for generations to come. Speaking at the National Farmers Union Conference, the PM and the Environment Secretary announced a range of measures to boost productivity and resilience in the sector, including the largest ever grant offer for farmers in the coming financial year, expected to total £427 million… click here

3. Mobile phones set to be prohibited in schools across England

Mobile phones are set to be prohibited in schools across England as part of the government’s plan to minimise disruption and improve behaviour in classrooms. The move will bring England in line with steps taken by other countries who have restricted mobile phone use including France, Italy and Portugal. Schools will receive new guidance on prohibiting mobile phone use during the school day… click here

2. JUSTICE PREVAILS: Former Conservative MP Bob Stewart has racial abuse conviction quashed

“This brilliant bloke who served Queen and Country should never have been dragged through the courts.” Colonel Bob Stewart MP, a military hero has had his conviction for a racially aggravated public order offence quashed at Southwark Crown Court on Friday. Having been abused, harassed and slandered in the street whilst going about his business as a Member of Parliament, Colonel Bob Stewart was bizarrely reported, charged and then convicted of a ‘racially aggravated public order offence’ for his response, which was none of the sort… click here

1. BREXIT BONUS: New figures show UK’s exports have never been higher

New trade figures show the UK’s exports to the EU and the rest of the world have never been higher. The latest figures from the Department of Business and Trade show the value of UK total trade in the 12 months to the end of December 2023 stood at £1,755.0 billion, up 0.7% on the previous 12 months. In the last year figures show total UK Exports stood at £859 billion. This equates to £358 billion of UK goods exported to the EU and a huge £524 billion worth of UK goods exported to the rest of the world. UK exports to the EU rose by 8.4% and UK exports to the rest of the world grew by a huge 13.7%… click here

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By Claire Bullivant

Conservative Post, Founder and Editor

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Main photo credit: An engineer from Number 18/27 (Engineering) Squadron, Royal Air Force Odiham, keeps watch during a Chinook engine start-up whilst on pre-deployment training in the Middle East. Photographer: SAC Andy Masson Crown Copyright – OGL (Open Government License).


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