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Here are our 20 best read and most shared positive stories from just this week (11th – 17th March 2024):

20. ‘We stand ready to support our veterans’ says Johnny Mercer with expansion of health services

The government has launched a campaign to help improve veterans’ access to healthcare services, along with opening applications for the £2.52 million Veteran Mobility Fund, as part of its commitment to drive better veteran health and recovery. The fund gives veterans with physical disabilities grants for mobility equipment that is not usually available on the NHS, such as specialist wheelchairs… click here

19. Community Diagnostic Centres deliver more than 7 million checks

“There are now 155 Community Diagnostic Centres open across the country, which play a crucial role in faster diagnosis for illnesses such as cancer and heart disease.” NHS patients have benefited from more than 7 million tests, checks and scans at Community Diagnostic Centres (CDCs) across the country, helping speed up diagnoses and treatments… click here

18. New powers to turn the North East into film and TV powerhouse

Government empowers local leaders to turn the North East into film and TV production powerhouse. The creative industries are a British success story, growing at 1.5 times the rate of the wider economy over the last decade contributing £125 billion in GVA in 2022 and supporting over 2 million jobs. The UK is Europe’s largest film and tv production centre and is second only to the US… click here 

17. “Criminals should be aware” says Minister as Government upgrades AI fraud detection tool

The Government’s AI-powered fraud detection tool – the Single Network Analytics Platform (SNAP) – has been upgraded with thousands of new sanctions and debarment records to help it detect suspicious networks, activity and users that warrant further investigation for organised crime and sanctions evasion… click here

16. Government backs legislation to tackle illegal pet smuggling

Tougher powers to tackle illegal cat and dog smuggling have taken a significant step forward this week with the announcement of government backing for new legislation. Delivering on a key manifesto commitment, under the Animal Welfare Bill – a Private Members’ Bill legislation will be introduced to close existing loopholes exploited by immoral breeders and traders to illegally smuggle cats and dogs into the UK… click here

15. £35 million boost for British semiconductor scientists and businesses on international chip research

British semiconductor researchers and businesses now have enhanced access to research funding backed by the UK government and Horizon Europe, now the UK has joined the EU’s ‘Chips Joint Undertaking’.  The move provides the UK semiconductor sector enhanced access to a €1.3 billion pot of funds set aside from Horizon Europe to support research in semiconductor technologies up to 2027… click here

14. Capability boost for UK’s global military operations as contract confirmed for new Chinooks

Britain’s heavy lift capability will be bolstered with the purchase of 14 extended-range Chinooks, which will pump an estimated £151 million into the UK economy. The new Chinooks will enhance the UK’s strategic mobility with its ability to operate in challenging environments. From the desert to the arctic, the helicopter has double the range of a standard Chinook and is capable of air-to-air refuelling, with the ability to carry up to 55 personnel… click here

13. Technology Secretary drives up investment on UK’s thriving trillion pound tech sector with new campaign

Britain has produced 152 ‘unicorns’ or companies valued at over $1 billion, which is more than France, Germany and Sweden put together. These companies, including Darktrace and Monzo have pushed forward global innovation in a range of areas – and help grow our economy…. click here 

12. UK’s recorded music trade revenues grow for ninth consecutive year

Record number of artists achieving multi-million stream totals with label support as UK recorded music revenues rose for a ninth consecutive year in 2023. The new figures released by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) this week, show UK recorded music revenue increased by 8.1% year-on-year to £1.43 billion in 2023 as a record number of artists are benefiting from the streaming market… click here

11. UK hosts world leaders for first Global Fraud Summit in London

The first Global Fraud Summit took place in London this week with ministers from the G7, Five Eyes, Singapore and South Korea attending. The Summit brought together international ministers, senior law enforcement officials, and representatives from major companies to tackle the growing threat of fraud. British Home Secretary James Cleverly led the discussions on combating organised crime and strengthening global law enforcement cooperation… click here

10. UK launches new trade talks with Turkey

The UK has this week launched trade talks with Turkey on a new, modernised trade deal targeting the services sector set to benefit businesses across the country. There are huge opportunities as Turkey has one of the fastest growing economies in the OECD and is home to 85 million people. The UK and Turkey have a strong economic relationship, with trade between the two worth almost £26 billion in 2022… click here 

9. Over £180 million of investment fast-tracked to prevent sewage spills

Fast-tracked investment of £180 million over the next 12 months is expected to prevent more than 8000 sewage spills polluting English waterways, the Environment Secretary announced this week.  It follows Secretary of State Steve Barclay directing water and sewage companies last December to measurably reduce sewage spills over the next year by accelerating commitments and delivering new funding… click here

8. Making Britain a tech superpower with over £1 billion investment for UK students to train in future technologies

Thousands more people across the UK will train and gain qualifications in future tech like artificial intelligence, and others that could transform areas like medicine, 6G and quantum computing, thanks to a package of more than £1.1 billion to skill-up the country. Over £1 billion will train over 4,000 talented students across the UK in 65 Centres for Doctoral Training– ensuring the UK’s brightest minds have exciting opportunities to fulfil their ambitions closer to home… click here

7. HMS Prince of Wales leads NATO task group off Norway coast

In a show of might the UK Carrier Strike Group, led by HMS Prince of Wales, was joined by a NATO Amphibious Task Group and a range of aircraft off the coast of Norway this week as part of Exercise Nordic Response. The formation of 15 ships from eight nations gave the men and women on board the chance to practise close manoeuvres – overcoming language barriers and different ways of operating at sea… click here

6. Foreign state ownership of UK newspapers to be banned

The UK government is set to introduce legislation banning foreign state ownership of British news organisations in response to concerns over the attempted takeover of The Telegraph by a UAE-backed fund. The proposed amendment to the Digital Markets Bill, expected to be announced by Culture Minister Lord Parkinson, will prevent mergers involving ownership, influence, or control by foreign states… click here

5. New gas power stations and biggest ever reforms to UK’s energy markets which could save £35 billion

In a plan set out this week, the government has committed to support the building of new gas power stations to maintain a safe and reliable energy source for days when the weather forecast doesn’t power up renewables. No other major economy has done more when it comes to cutting emissions. The UK is the first major economy to cut its emissions by half since 1990… click here

4. UK economy grew by 0.2% in January according to the Office for National Statistics

The UK economy showed signs of recovery at the beginning of the year, with official figures indicating a growth of 0.2% in January. Liz McKeown, director of economics statistics at the ONS, highlighted the positive contributions from retail, wholesaling, and construction sectors, despite some declines in industries such as TV and film production, legal services, and pharmaceuticals… click here

3. UK posts strongest sentiment out of 12 leading economies as British business confidence soars to two-year high

The UK has posted the strongest sentiment out of 12 economies monitored in a new survey conducted by S&P Global Market Intelligence. Business sentiment gauges the overall health of a country’s business environment by reviewing production levels, inventory levels, supply deliveries and employment levels… click here

2. New laws to cut migration and tackle care worker visa abuse

Reforms to restrict care workers from bringing family members are now in force, while care providers are required to register if they are sponsoring migrants. New rules to radically cut net migration and tackle visa abuse are now in force as part of the government’s plan to bring down unsustainable levels of legal migration. Care workers will now be restricted from bringing dependants… click here  

1. BREXIT BRITAIN: UK signs trade pact with second biggest US state Texas

The UK has this week signed a trade pact with Texas to boost trade and investment ties between the UK and Texas. Texas is the largest and eighth US state to conclude a trade pact with the UK, bringing the combined GDP to £5.3 trillion – a quarter of US GDP. Texas has a GDP of £1.9 trillion – larger than Italy and Canada, making this the UK’s most economically significant trade pact with a US state to date… click here

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By Claire Bullivant

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