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GREAT BRITISH NEWS: Top positive news stories from across the UK this week


Happy Easter Sunday! You might not hear about it on a lot of the other news outlets, but remember positive things are happening across our great nation. 

Keep checking in with the Conservative Post to see good news every day – the resurgence of British manufacturing, how our military is flying the flag across the world, positive policy making, global trade deals, our wonderful royals and many other things to be proud of. 

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Here are our 20 best read and most shared positive stories from just this week (25th – 31st March 2024):

20. BACKING BRITAIN: Seizing global opportunities with £60 million for UK satellite constellation ideas 

Up to £60 million is available for innovations that will help boost the UK’s satellite communications sector, following the record number of global satellite launches in 2023. A new record was set in 2023, with more than 2,900 satellites launched successfully into orbit… click here

19. Conservatives delivering on 60,000 more special needs places

Children across the country are to benefit from billions of pounds of investment to ensure they receive an education that meets their needs in high-quality environments for years to come and families are given peace of mind that their children will be looked after.  A record annual investment of £850 million is going to councils to create new places for young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities… click here

18. King Charles III England Coast Path opens up Norfolk coastline

A new section of the King Charles III England Coast Path has been opened, giving the public access to some of Norfolk’s coastline for the first time. The opening of the 33.6 miles section from Hunstanton in Norfolk, to Sutton Bridge in Lincolnshire, means the entire Norfolk coast is now accessible to walkers. This section introduces 7 miles of new access between Snettisham and King’s Lynn, crossing the seaward edge of Sandringham Estate… click here

17. UK’s largest fish pass now complete and open for fish migration

Nottingham’s Colwick Country Park is now home to the largest fish pass in the country thanks to the completion of the Environment Agency’s £12 million project. After two years in construction, the Colwick fish pass on the River Trent is now complete and ready for fish to reach their spawning and feeding grounds. The flagship project opens up the River Trent and its tributaries for migratory fish… click here

16. Conservatives ensure food production remains primary purpose of farming

New measures reaffirming how our environmental land management schemes work alongside food production by limiting the amount of land farmers can take out of productive actions under the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) have been announced this week. Under the changes, SFI applicants will only be able to put 25% of their land into six SFI actions that take land out of direct food production… click here

15. Five million more GP appointments delivered in February than before pandemic

New figures show GP teams delivered over 30 million appointments for patients last month, up almost a quarter on the same period pre-pandemic, as part of the NHS primary care access recovery plan. New NHS data published this week shows there were 30.5 million appointments delivered by GPs and their teams in February 2024, compared with 24.7 million in February 2020 – an increase of 5.8 million… click here 

14. UK Forces airdrop over 10 tonnes of food supplies to civilians in Gaza

The Royal Air Force airdropped over 10 tonnes of food supplies into Gaza this week, as part of international efforts to provide life-saving assistance to civilians. The aid, which consists of water, rice, cooking oil, flour, tinned goods and baby formula, will support the people of Gaza. The Defence Secretary authorised the airdrop following an assessed reduction in threat to the military mission and risk to civilians… click here

13. Rolls-Royce announces UK investment in large engine assembly, test and shop visit capacity

Rolls-Royce has announced it is investing in its assembly, test and shop visit capacity in the UK to address growing long-term demand for new civil large engines and improve customer aftermarket support services for its global Trent fleet. As outlined at last year’s Capital Markets Day, Rolls-Royce expects an annual increase of 7 – 9% of Rolls-Royce powered aircraft in service for the remainder of the decade… click here

12. UK continues to lead the way in cutting emissions

The UK continues to lead the way in cutting emissions after provisional data released this week shows a reduction of 53% between 1990 and 2023 – down 5% from 2022 as shown in last month’s official statistics. After becoming the first major economy to halve its emissions, territorial greenhouse gas emissions fell further across several key sectors between 2022 and 2023 as the reliance on gas decreases… click here

11. Six consecutive months of growth for UK car production

New figures show it was the sixth consecutive month of growth and best February performance since 2021, with nearly all volume manufacturers posting uplifts, driven by output for the domestic market which grew 58.0% to 20,658 units, an increase of 7,585. Volumes for export, meanwhile, rose 4.6% to 59,249, representing a rise of 2,615 units, with three quarters of all cars made in the month shipped overseas… click here

10. UK Space Agency announces new headquarters and regional offices

The UK Space Agency is opening new headquarters in Harwell, Oxfordshire and regional offices in Scotland, Wales and the Midlands as it works to support the space sector across the UK. The UK space sector is growing faster than the rest of the UK economy. It’s worth over £17.5 billion per year and employs over 45,000 people, while satellites underpin £360 billion per year of wider economic activity… click here

9. UK unveils global cutting-edge research tools that could halt future pandemics and protect the planet

Researchers around the world will soon be able to access millions of the natural, historic specimens found in UK museums at the click of a button as part of a £473 million UK fund to enhance key research infrastructure. These samples are key to scientific breakthroughs like stemming future pandemics and protecting the planet, making the UK a leading country in scientific development… click here

8. Plans published for £150 million investment zone for Northern Ireland

The Government has announced it will support Northern Ireland to capitalise on its unique opportunities by providing £150 million to develop an Enhanced Investment Zone (EIZ). The EIZ prospectus, published this week, provides more detail on this package and sets out that the funding will be able to be used flexibly across spending and tax levers… click here

7. Britain maintains lead in Europe and bucks trend of global investment drop in science and tech

Science and technology start-ups in regions across the UK broke global trends to grow private sector investment in 2023, according to new research. Businesses in Yorkshire and Humber saw a huge uplift of 20% in venture capital investment through the period, reaching new highs of over £200 million of investment in 2023.  Welsh companies also attracted more investment… click here

6. MADE IN UK: Hybrid Air Vehicles to be built in Doncaster creating 1,200 jobs

Hybrid Air Vehicles’ plans for Doncaster will create an over £1 billion per annum export business, over 1,200 high-value green jobs and new supply chains within the South Yorkshire Investment Zone. The City of Doncaster Council and Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd, the UK-based leader in sustainable aircraft technology, have agreed to locate the production programme for Airlander 10, the world’s most efficient large aircraft, at Carcroft Common… click here

5. Royal Navy warships to be boosted with new cutting-edge launchers

UK security will be bolstered through a new contract worth £135 million that will equip the Royal Navy with new decoy launchers to counter missile and drone threats, ensuring the long-term availability and resilience of warships. Following the signing of the new contract, Trainable Decoy Launcher technology will increase the protection of Royal Navy ships and sailors, further strengthening the Navy’s… click here

4. UK business confidence remains high as firms continue to look forward to promising year ahead 

Lloyds Bank’s latest Business Barometer has found that business confidence remains high, with March’s figures unchanged month-on-month at 42%. In a promising sign of a return to economic growth, this month’s survey data reflects the continued confidence firms have demonstrated so far in 2024 and means the overall business confidence level remains well above the survey’s long-term average of 28%… click here

3. UK commercial vehicle production boasts best February since 2008

UK commercial vehicle production almost doubled in February, with 12,927 vans, trucks, taxis, buses and coaches leaving factory lines, according to figures published this week by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. The 98.4% uplift in volume was the best February performance since 2008 and follows a particularly… click here

2. Chinese giant set to invest £1.2 billion in new UK gigafactory potentially creating 6000 jobs

EVE Energy, a Chinese electric vehicle battery manufacturer, is in talks to invest more than £1 billion in the construction of a massive new gigafactory on the outskirts of Coventry. This proposed factory, spanning an impressive 5.7 million square feet, would play a pivotal role in the planned UK Centre for Electrification in the West Midlands region… click here

1. Public and private investment to reinforce UK’s thriving nuclear industry and support 40,000 new jobs

The Government is partnering with industry, including BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce, EDF and Babcock, to invest at least £763 million by 2030 in skills, jobs and education. The investment will create more than 8,000 career opportunities to help the sector fill 40,000 new jobs by the end of the decade – and will support plans to double the number of nuclear apprentices and graduates and quadruple the number of specialist science and nuclear fission PhDs… click here

For last week’s top 20 Great British news stories (18th – 24th March 2024) click here.

By Claire Bullivant

Conservative Post, Founder and Editor

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