GREAT BRITISH NEWS: Top positive news stories from across the UK this week


Once again there’s been plenty of positive British news this week. You might not hear about it on a lot of the other news outlets, but remember positive things are happening across our great nation. 

Keep checking in with the Conservative Post to see good news every day – the resurgence of British manufacturing, how our military is flying the flag across the world, positive policy making, global trade deals, our wonderful royals and many other things to be proud of. 

Here are our 20 best read and most shared positive stories from just this week (8th- 14th April 2024):

20. UK fishing opportunities worth over £970 million secured for 2024 after taking advantage of BREXIT freedoms

Fishing opportunities worth over £970 million were secured for the UK fishing industry in 2024, a new report published this week has revealed. Since leaving the EU, the UK now has a larger share of many of the quotas set at these negotiations, including for Western mackerel and North Sea herring… click here

19. 11 projects showcasing best of UK space expertise secure funding boost from UK Space Agency

Eleven projects that showcase the best of UK space expertise on the international stage have secured a funding boost from the UK Space Agency. The UK Space Agency’s International Bilateral Fund is focused on supporting the UK space sector to work directly with international partners on exciting and innovative projects… click here

18. NHS expands ‘one-hour’ liver testing to help detect and eliminate Hep C

Thousands of people unknowingly living with hepatitis C are to be identified, diagnosed and cured thanks to major NHS investment in rapid testing technology and an extension of a ground-breaking medicines deal. New liver scanning and portable testing units will be deployed in a range of communities where patients are at high risk of contracting the infection… click here

17. Employment service to support veterans into work after leaving British Armed Forces launched

A new scheme called OP PROSPER is to be backed by £2.1 million in funding to support veterans in securing high paid jobs, where they can hone the skills that they developed in the military in key sectors that are helping to boost the economy. This includes areas like cyber and digital, manufacturing, energy and financial and professional services… click here

16. NHS staff deliver performance improvements despite record demand

The NHS exceeded its faster diagnosis cancer target for the first time in February amid record demand, according to new figures released this week. Thanks to the hard work of NHS staff, almost four fifths (78.1%) of people received a definitive cancer diagnosis or all clear within four weeks – with almost 200,000 (199,659) patients getting the answer they need within 28 days… click here

15. Birmingham Commonwealth Games contributed £1.2 billion to UK economy

The Commonwealth Games hosted in Birmingham in 2022 contributed almost £1.2 billion to the UK economy, new evaluation published this week reveals. The positive impact of the UK hosting major sporting events has been outlined in a new report which shows the economy has grown, new jobs have been created and new infrastructure has been delivered that provides a lasting legacy in the West Midlands… click here

14. Broadband boost for 380,000 rural premises as UK Government investment reaches £1.3 billion

Hundreds of thousands of remote homes and businesses across the country will be able to benefit from lightning-fast broadband, as new figures show a record £714 million has been invested in the broadband rollout so far this year giving nearly 380,000 rural premises access a better broadband connection… click here

13. Bulgarian fraudsters behind £53.9 million benefits scam brought to justice in UK’s largest benefit fraud case

A group of Bulgarian nationals who stole over £50 million of UK taxpayers’ money has been brought to justice in the largest ever benefit fraud case in England and Wales. Five people have pleaded guilty to numerous charges involving creating false Universal Credit claims worth £53,901,959.82… click here

12. Jaguar Land Rover full year sales up over 20 per cent year-on-year reflecting improved production

Britain’s biggest car maker Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) reports its full year sales are up over 20 per cent year-on-year reflecting improved production and sustained global demand. Wholesale volumes of 110,190 units in the fourth quarter were up 16% compared to the same quarter a year ago and up 9% compared to the quarter ended 31 December 2023… click here

11. Shoplifters to face tougher punishments as Conservatives launch retail crime crackdown

The UK government has launched a comprehensive crackdown on retail crime, introducing new measures to protect retail workers and curb criminal behavior on high streets across the country. Assaulting a retail worker will be made a standalone criminal offence, sending a clear message that there will be tough consequences for this unacceptable behaviour… click here

10. £33 million of drugs seized by Royal Navy in the Middle East

In another blow to drug smugglers, Royal Navy warship HMS Lancaster seized drugs with a street value of nearly £33 million as she struck twice against traffickers in the Middle East inside 24 hours. Just weeks after HMS Trent struck a blow to Caribbean traffickers by seizing £17 million of illegal narcotics, their colleagues onboard HMS Lancaster pounced half a world away in the Indian Ocean… click here

9. Community Diagnostic Centres deliver over 7 million tests, checks and scans to patients at 160 sites across England

Patients can now benefit from vital tests, checks, and scans being delivered at 160 sites across England as part of the community diagnostic centre (CDCs) programme. The Community Diagnostic Centre programme is backed by part of £2.3 billion – the largest cash investment in MRI and CT scanning capacity in the history of the NHS… click here

8. AUKUS partnership to consult with other nations including Japan on military capability collaboration

AUKUS is a trilateral security and defence partnership between Australia, the UK and the US, first announced in September 2021 by former Prime Minister Boris Johnson. It sees the three nations work together on a range of capabilities to support a free and open Indo-Pacific, including a conventionally armed, nuclear-powered submarine capability for the UK and Australia… click here

7. Optimism among UK’s largest businesses running high according to latest CFO survey

CFOs of the UK’s largest firms are more optimistic about prospects for their own businesses, with sentiment rising for the third consecutive quarter, according to Deloitte’s latest CFO survey. A net 17% of CFOs are more positive about the financial prospects of their business than they were three months ago… click here

6. 500,000 more benefit claimants set to benefit from back to work support as Universal Credit expands

Half a million people claiming old benefits will be invited to claim Universal Credit, unlocking all the work support it offers. More than 130,000 people have already successfully switched from tax credits to the modern digital Universal Credit system which allows claimants to access their benefits more easily and amend their claim should their circumstances change… click here

5. 150 asylum hotels returned to communities and “we will keep going until the last asylum hotel is closed”

Fifty more asylum hotels are due to be closed, building on the closure of the first 100 at the end of March. The UK Home Office is making significant strides in reducing the reliance on asylum hotels, with plans to close 150 such hotels by the beginning of May. This initiative aims to alleviate the strain on local communities caused by the influx of asylum seekers… click here

4. Income required to bring family to UK increased as package to reduce legal migration comes into force

The UK Home Office has implemented the final measure in its comprehensive package aimed at reducing legal migration, tightening the requirements for family visas. It means approximately 300,000 people arriving in the UK last year would no longer be able to… click here 

3. Great Britain leads on world stage standing shoulder to shoulder with Israel, while most EU powers do nothing

Great Britain led on the world stage last night standing shoulder to shoulder with Israel, while most EU powers did nothing, according to Foreign policy analyst Nile Gardiner. Of 300 missile and drones sent by Iran, 99% were destroyed – by Israel, Britain, Jordanians and Saudis… click here

2. BREXIT BRITAIN: UK climbs to become world’s fourth largest exporter

The UK has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the world’s fourth-largest exporter, according to recent trade figures. It comes as trade barriers estimated to be worth over £15 billion to UK businesses over a five-year period have been removed thanks to Brexit making it easier to export goods and services. The United Nations confirmed this shift, with the UK overtaking countries such as France, the Netherlands, and Japan… click here

1. “Future of the UK is going to be glorious” says Boris as he refuses to rule out return to front-line politics

Boris Johnson’s recent remarks have sparked speculation about his potential return to front-line politics. During an event at Georgetown University in Washington, the former Prime Minister indicated that he would not rule out standing as an MP again if he felt he had something to contribute. The former PM arrived to cheers from the gathered audience… click here

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By Claire Bullivant

Conservative Post, Founder and Editor

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