GREAT BRITISH NEWS: Top positive news stories from across the UK this week


Every Sunday we do a round up of the week’s Great British News stories and every week we’re amazed how the BBC and most of the mainstream media has ignored most of them.

Anyone know why most of the British media seem allergic to good news?

It’s certainly not all doom and gloom. So many good things are happening across our country. Keep checking in with the Conservative Post to see positive news every day – the resurgence of British manufacturing, how our military is flying the flag across the world, positive policy making, global trade deals, British innovation, our wonderful royals and many other things to be proud of. 

Here are our 20 best read and most shared positive stories from just this week (13th – 19th May 2024):

20. UK and Bangladesh sign agreement to speed up removal of migrants with no right to be in the country

The government has signed a new agreement with Bangladesh to speed up the removal of migrants with no right to be in the country. The returns agreement will streamline the returns process by removing a mandatory interview for cases where there is good supporting evidence for removal. Failed asylum seekers, foreign national offenders and individuals who have overstayed their visas… click here

19. Tens of thousands of new homes delivered for communities across England

Provisional figures show Homes England exceeded key government-set annual targets in 2023/24, performing strongly despite another year of challenging market conditions. The majority of the increase in housing supply has been affordable homes. More broadly, through targeted partnerships with housing associations and local authorities, the Agency is fully confident… click here

18. PRIDE OF BRITAIN: Red Arrows start 60th display season

A milestone 60th display season has officially begun for the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team – featuring the return of the Red Arrows’ trademark diamond nine formation. The new team concluded a six-month training period on Thursday (16th May), culminating with a final assessment known as Public Display Authority. Officially known as the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team… click here

17. UK designed and built, game-changing drone killer radio wave weapon developing at pace

A new game-changing weapon that uses radio waves to disable enemy electronics and take down multiple drones at once is under development for the UK’s armed forces. This forms part of work to put the UK’s defence industry on a war footing following the Prime Minister’s announcement last month of an increase to the defence budget to 2.5% of GDP by 2030… click here

16. Great British manufacturer Wrightbus unveils plan for growth across Europe after ‘incredible’ start to 2024

World-beating zero-emissions UK bus manufacturer Wrightbus has unveiled plans for more jobs and widespread European expansion following 12 months of strong growth. Named Northern Ireland’s fastest-growing business by Growth Index this month, as well as the fastest-growing bus manufacturer in Europe, with a workforce heading towards 2,000 people… click here

15. Record number of new wild swimming spots in England get the go ahead

Dozens of new wild swimming spots in England are being designated as bathing waters ahead of the summer and will immediately benefit from regular water quality monitoring, Water Minister Robbie Moore has announced this week. Following a public consultation, 27 new bathing water sites will be designated ahead of the 2024 bathing water season… click here

14. British legal and technology professionals set to benefit from bolstered connections Down Under

Legal and technology professionals on opposite sides of the world are set to benefit from bolstered connections between the UK and Australia through the UK Government’s GREAT Legal Services campaign’s latest programme of events. This is part of the government being able to secure unprecedented legal services market access commitments in new Free Trade Agreements… click here

13. Prisoners who break the rules to face new community payback-style punishments

For the first time, Governors will be able to impose “payback punishments” on prisoners who behave badly in jail, such as damaging prison property or being disrespectful to staff. Punishments will vary from prison to prison, but could include repairing broken items, clearing shared or disused spaces, and litter picking… click here

12. Government unveils major package of farming and food sector support

A major package of measures to support farmers and grow the UK’s farming and food sector has been announced by the government this week. The package will support domestic food production, boost innovation in the sector supporting it to reach its economic potential, and recruit the next generation of farming and food leaders… click here

11. World-first as un-jammable quantum navigation tech developed in UK successfully tested in flight

In a first-of-its-kind achievement, the UK has successfully completed commercial flight trials of advanced quantum-based navigation systems that cannot be jammed or spoofed by hostile actors. Infleqtion, a quantum technology firm, in collaboration with aerospace companies BAE Systems and QinetiQ, completed the trials at MoDBoscombe Down with Science Minister Andrew Griffith aboard… click here

10. Conservatives set out blueprint to boost British fruit and vegetable sector

The Conservative Government have set out a blueprint to boost British fruit and vegetable sector as the first UK Food Security Index is published. Conservative MP Sir John Redwood said: “We grow far too little fruit in the UK, after years of EU policy and grants to get rid of our orchards. Time to replant. Restore the garden of England…” click here

9. UK plays central role in establishing Cyprus maritime corridor enabling aid delivery to Gaza shore

The first of 8,400 shelter coverage kits – temporary shelters made up of plastic sheeting – have arrived in Gaza, alongside aid from the US and UAE. This is the first consignment of UK aid to be delivered through the Cyprus maritime corridor, following screening in Larnaca port. More aid, including 2,000 additional coverage kits, 900 tents, 5 forklift trucks and 9,200 hygiene kits… click here

8. UK fishing industry to benefit from cutting-edge technology to help manage fish stocks

“Leaving the EU has given us the opportunity to take a new approach to fisheries management that is in the best interests of the UK fishing industry.” Use of cameras, gear sensors and GPS units will help improve the sustainability of UK fish stocks. The sustainability of UK fish stocks will be better safeguarded through the use of technology to monitor and manage fishing activity in British waters… click here

7. Failed asylum seekers detained for removal to Rwanda

Failed asylum seekers are now in scope for enforced removal to Rwanda, after a deal to extend the cohort was agreed between the UK and Rwanda. Those with no right to be in the UK, who have had an earlier protection or human rights claim refused or withdrawn and are unable to appeal their decision, can now expect to be removed to Rwanda… click here   

6. UK completes key step in joining CPTPP worth £12 trillion in global GDP upon our entry

UK wraps up key step to joining CPTPP – worth £12 trillion in global GDP upon our entry – by ratifying the terms of our agreement to join the trade group. British businesses will benefit from UK’s accession to CPTPP through lower tariffs and fewer barriers to trade. The UK has, earlier than expected, completed its key step required for joining CPTPP… click here

5. New Golden Age of British shipbuilding with 28 new UK-built warships and submarines

With up to 28 warships and submarines in the pipeline, backed by defence spending rising to 2.5% of GDP, Britain is seeing a new Golden Age of shipbuilding. The Defence Secretary Grant Shapps has announced that up to six new state-of-the-art warships will be built in the UK to strengthen Royal Marines special operations… click here

4. Common Sense Minister Esther McVey vows to ban rainbow lanyards in the Civil Service

“Working in the Civil Service is all about leaving your political views at the building entrance. Trying to introduce them by the back door via lanyards should not happen.” The Minister for Common Sense Esther McVey has declared that rainbow lanyards will be prohibited in the Civil Service. Ms McVey emphasised that mandarins should refrain from expressing political views… click here

3. Children to be protected from inappropriate teaching on sensitive topics and parents given right to see resources

New age ratings to be introduced on Relationships, Sex and Health Education content in schools to ensure it is appropriately and sensitively taught. Children will be protected from inappropriate teaching on sensitive topics and parents will have the right to see the resources that are being used to teach their children thanks to new proposals from the government… click here

2. UK’s historic ban on live animal exports put forward by Boris Johnson passes final stage in Parliament

A new bill banning the export of livestock for slaughter cleared Parliament this week, with campaigners hailing it as a landmark moment for animal welfare. The bill will now head for royal assent before becoming law. The UK will become the first European country to implement a ban on live animal exports, joining countries like New Zealand, Australia, and Brazil in phasing out or ending the trade… click here

1. RULE BRITANNIA! A patriotic 3am wake up call for pro-Hamas campers at Liverpool University

A patriotic student woke up protesters at a Palestine solidarity encampment on a campus at Liverpool University by blasting the song “Rule Britannia” and singing along with it at 3am. Max Little, a first year politics student at Liverpool University was finishing a late night revision session when he decided to use his newly purchased air horn to give the pro-Hamas campers a “nice little wake up call…” click here

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