By Jack Lions.

Cheese and biscuits? Looks like the mainstream media’s facts are crumbling.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been receiving a grilling from mainstream media and the Labour party as to whether there was a Christmas party in No 10 on Friday 18 December 2020.

Even though the media have now finally admitted the Prime Minister “probably wasn’t even there at the time,” their relentless allegations smell suspiciously like a heavily loaded smear campaign. In fact it’s now verging on downright harassment.

Is there another by-election Labour desperately want to win coming up perchance?

You could almost see the flames firing from Tom Bradby’s nostrils last night on ITV News when he was interviewing two of his Labour pals about the alleged Secret Santa.

Then did anyone catch BBC Breakfast this morning? They empty chaired the Conservative Party saying a minister wasn’t available to comment making out everyone was so guilty they were too scared to be interviewed. Cut to a sad, vacant studio seat all alone wallowing in it’s own shame…. oh and with a healthy covering of BBC Tory hate.

If only they had done their research and had bothered to check their dates and the rules at the time.

The Prime Minister in fact visited the Openreach training centre in Bolton on 18th December (the date of the alleged work cheese and biscuit consumption).

Then it was at a Covid press conference the next day (on Saturday the 19th December) when the PM reluctantly announced the stay at home restrictions.

Yes, that’s right… the stay at home restrictions came a full day AFTER Cheese and Biscuitgate Tom Bradby!

Anything to add BBC? ITV? Guardian? Did you bother to look at any of the hoards of evidence available online and in your own past news articles before you started spitting your venom? Or were you just so excited when you caught Allegra Stratton laughing in a year old press practice you couldn’t help but run with the false narrative?

Cheese and biscuit wallpaper anyone?

I checked my diary and I too was working in my office on 18th December 2020 and I too did a secret Santa for the few of us who were in and not working from home. It was the last Friday before Christmas and I’m sure many offices up and down the country who were back at their desks did the same.

Are you going to demand the police come knocking on my door Keir Starmer? I doubt it because just like Downing Street, I didn’t break any rules.

Like the Number 10 workers, I have been an essential worker during the pandemic and have been working throughout.

It’s funny the way Labour and the MSM seem to forget the times they actually DID break the rules though isn’t it? Anyone know when Kay Burley’s next bash is?

Oh and Keir did you enjoy your pint with your Labour colleagues that time when rules actually were in place banning indoor social gatherings?

Perhaps you might like some humble pie with that beer Sir?

Video sources:

Boris Johnson visits Bolton on 18 December 2020

Press Conference in which the stay at home restrictions were announced on 19th December 2020


  1. I love your comments about the media that does not do their home work. What you have said it should go viral so the truth gets out there because they just want to bring Boris down, however he does make mistakes as we all do, but it is unfair of the media and the Labour Party not to tell the truth.

  2. Exactly! This is to bring Boris down. They don’t have Trump any more to bash so it’s been Boris for the last two years. His supporters need to fight back for him. Keep going Boris. #staystrong

  3. My main concern is the North Shropshire by election next week

    This should be shown at the doorsteps.

    That the opposition parties voted against the national and international bill.

    The Guardian have backed the Lib Dems to win the by election.

    To have a remainer in North Shropshire a leave area.

    A disgrace.

    This should be brought up in the campaign.

  4. Well said
    I recall it was the norm for me to bring a cheese cake for my staff on a quiet day in a usually stressful Hospital unit
    It was placed in the coffee room and everyone popped in between chores to partake of the goodies on offer
    I suppose that would be considered a Party
    The fact is that a large number of staff work in close conditions .They work long hours and are considered to be in a bubble

    If the senior staff placed cheese and wine in a corridor and staff dropped by as work tasks allowed it could not be called “a party”
    Stratton was not sacked about what she said but how she said it Someone appointed as the PMs adviser and media spokesperson is expected to answer questions without giggling and hesitation ! It was woefully amateurish and an embarassment to watch
    If there was a subsequent outbreak of Covid following the event one must draw the conclusion that they were observing most rules
    Can we move on! The media have gone into overdrive in their zeal to criticize the PM

    • Don’t forget it was a practice – you know, as I have done, joke around a bit especially when your work colleagues are joining in because you think you’re in a secluded area. I.e. no one is underhandedly filming it to sell it later because they don’t vote the way you do!!!!

  5. Sick and tired of the BBC and media. I watch the presenters sit there trying hard to find enough words so that they don’t actually sound like parrots. If that was my job I would be cringing and highly embarrassed. And I wouldn’t help laughing out loud at the end thinking it must be Gotchyou joke being played on me…..

  6. The Labour Party and the media have a duty to check to check facts but then that wouldn’t suit their agenda. Funny so one is mentioning Starmer about his definate flouting of the rules. Bias isn’t strong enough.

  7. I really feel the media are trying to bring down the government. They are relentless. If this is all true as you say then you need to get it in a paper so the people can see. I feel sorry for Boris he has not had it easy. He looked dreadful last night.

  8. Thank you for stating the facts so clearly

    Lefty #ScumMedia are so stupid at time, well most of the time. Have shared

  9. The police who have more important matters to deal with, as I understand it have deemed no action needed. The problem with labour and I live in an area that still blames Margaret Thatcher for everything including the No. 8 bus was late, they still live in the 1930’s and believe the posh lot send the bairns up the chimney to clear the soot. It is frightening to know that many of the voting public believe the media and base their vote on what Kevin McGuire tells them. The brown ale politics and champagne lifestyle is alive and well in Fleet Street and Islington.

  10. Hi, the video of Boris above on 19th December is in the old Briefing Room, the video of Allegra Stratton appears to be in the new briefing room, which wasn’t used until late March…

  11. The BBC are embarrassing with the zeal that they use when trying to bring down the Prime Minister. It is shameful. It has stirred up those wanting him removed as Prime Minister to benefit themselves, but if Starmer believes for one moment that it will bring about a change of government, anytime soon, he is deluded. The Tory majority is far too high for that to happen for years.

  12. LBC is becoming just as bad as BBC …

    Ian Payne, Andrew Castle, Eddie Mair, James O’Brien, Shelagh Fogarty, Nick Ferrari…. all Boris Bashing hour after hour.


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