Legal Update: Statement from Lord Cruddas


Update from Lord Cruddas:

“I have received a reply to my legal letter to CCHQ within the time frame specified.

“Amongst other things they have acknowledged the Conservative Post and my petition and we are now formatting it in a way that makes it easier and quicker for them to validate membership details. This will take us 24 hours.

“We are in further dialogue about the contents of the petition and my letter but as there are legal and constitutional issues I cannot update you further for now.

“However, we are definitely right about the constitution and the 10,000 member signatures needed to make changes to the constitution.

“So, members sign our petition as it makes our position even stronger, if you want constitutional change in the Conservative Party. I need your backing.”

Lord Cruddas


Members can sign the petition at

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  1. I love you Lord Cruddas! It is wonderful what you are doing You give me hope with everything you are doing especially regarding security I am behind you all the way AND Boris IS our Prime minister!
    I have validated my email address and I thought I had to re sign the petition but cannot as my ’email address has already been used’ So I hope all is well
    Thank you and kindest regards
    Barbara Scrivener

  2. Absolutely fabulous news regarding your working for U.K. democratic freedom,and ending the dictatorship within the conservatives ruling by backroom deals and private meetings and telling the members,without consulting their decisions for approval by its membership.

  3. Boris was ousted through an unremitting campaign of mudslinging by Labour who seem him as the major threat to Starmer and their election hopes, also by certain Conservatives who are in the pocket of the EU. Labour are aided and abetted by Greens, Lib Antidems and every left wing rag tag and bobtail apologists for Communist dictatorships.

  4. I agree. I can’t get rid of a nasty feeling that there is something intrinsically unsound, if not illegal, about the entire current election campaign. How can it be allowed to run? Boris was forced to resign because of a mere handful of insecure MPs, who were misled by the mainstream media (and the rebel remainers of course) into believing that their polling chances would be jeopardised in a future national election. But now they will be – anyone can see that. The conservatives have now lost their brand – we all voted for Boris – get real. Well done Lord Cruddas.

    • Sorry to say, ousting Boris is nothing to do with future elections. It’s all about BREXIT!
      They are remainers who missed that Gravy train to a cushy job in Brussels and a nice fat pension at the end of it. Boris got us out of the EU! In their eyes he had to go, so that we can rejoin the EU & that Gravy Train comes back. Just a bunch of undemocratic traitors to both Boris & all those who voted to leave the EU.

  5. The current procedure with the Parliamentary Party restricting the membership to a choice of just two candidates is anti democratic. More choice. A wider choice. The Conservative and Unionist Party belongs to us all.

  6. I am not a Conservative party member but have made small donations and I did vote for Boris and from day 1 the media were hounding him. He got Brexit finally done. He got us through the pandemic and grasped the importance of Ukraine and led from the front.

    In my view he is the only one to get us through the current economic crisis and he should be on the ballot paper although I wonder if he would still accept by the way he has been treated.

    Ok he is not a finisher, does not pay attention to detail, but surely with a good team around him and if civil servants do their job instead of backbiting and back him instead of denigrating him at every turn he WILL do a good job. His job is to lead and revitalise and the team to put these ideas into action. Under him Britain will be great again and a driving force in world politics. Just give him the chance and back him not hound him as Dominic Cummings, who has an axe to grind, has done.

  7. I have never before felt my democratic right to vote for the leader of the Political Party I support, and for that right to be annulled by the Media. From day one the UK media hounded Boris Johnson like a pack of rabid hounds after a fox. For sure, Boris did himself no favours, portraying himself as the bungling old Etonian who hoped his boyish charms would dig him out of yet another hole he got himself in to. He played right in to the media’s hands and they positively salivated at his every move and the potential he gave them for a fresh headline every morning. Whether he was guilty of breaking the Lockdown regulations or not, his actions would not have changed the devastatingly sad circumstances the Covid victims found themselves in. On the other hand, that obnoxious being, Keir Starmer, had the reprehensible gaul to draw on the victim’s grief in order to score political gain! We may expect the unbelievable from Labour in present times, whilst they cluck around like headless chickens but the damnable thing is, Conservative hierarchy, and many of them that should have known better, shaking in their boots, running scared witless from the same Media frenzy that pursued one of the best PM’s this nation will ever see, if they will give him the chance. And what chance has the man had? Ensuring Brexit meant Brexit and not a diluted version as his predecessor would have lumbered us with. A pandemic and unprecedented circumstances occupying almost all of his waking hours. And then the Ukraine invasion by Russia. In the first two, Boris has pulled out all the stops to deliver to the British nation. In regards to the Ukraine invasion, he has led the world by his leadership and resilient stance against Russia through his unwavering support of Ukraine. It’s time the 1922 committee grew some backbone and got behind their leader. If they can’t do so, then it’s long overdue for the grass roots members, whose funding helps keep the party afloat, had more say in how it is regulated. How can a PM win a ‘No Confidence’ Vote from his colleagues and days later be forced to resign? Did they learn nothing from the way they unceremoniously dumped Margaret Thatcher, in spite of her three election victories! And she stood all the way for what Brexit means. The only sacking should have been the PM’s advisors. Knowing Boris shoots from the hip at times, they should have been so close to him to help avoid the gaffs he walked in to. Boris Johnson would have my vote if he was included in the vote for Prime minister and I believe as a member of the party I should have that choice.


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