London named best city in the world for young people to make their name


The UK capital has come top of another rankings list and this time it’s a world ranking run by Forbes magazine.

Using the Forbes 30 Under 30 lists from Europe, North America, Russia, Asia and Africa, London has been named as the best city in the world to be a young entrepreneur.

Despite the US being the most popular in providing Forbes Under 30 candidates, business comparison platform Bionic found London to be the most popular city for young entrepreneurs to succeed in.

Analysing the rankings Bionic found London was the best city in the world for entrepreneurs and other achievers aged under 30 to set up a new successful business, become inventors, become successful actors and become world-ranked athletes.

The Forbes 30 under 30 rankings looked at the 30 top regional achievers aged under 30 who had either established the most successful businesses or were recognised for notable achievements in their region. London came top with 115 listed. New York came second with 106. San Francisco was third on 88. Then came Moscow (51), Los Angeles (39) and Stockholm (17). Berlin was eighth with 10, behind Toronto on 16.

Meanwhile, best countries in the world for young entrepreneurs to work in were the USA (41 per cent), United Kingdom came a highly respectable second (14 per cent), Russia third (10 per cent), India fourth (7 per cent) and China fifth (2 per cent), according to the Forbes data.

Some other fun facts from the research in Europe found:

  • 37% of young entrepreneurs were female
  • About 62% young entrepreneurs are male
  • 50% of all European young entrepreneurs were from the UK
  • 39% were from London
  • 85>% were university-educated
  • UK and London were the most popular places for every European industry
  • After the UK, Germany was second most popular place for young entrepreneurs (7%), followed by Netherlands and Sweden (4%)
  • Average age for success in Europe is 27 

Well done young Britons!


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