Ask your local chairman to help convene a meeting of the Conservative Party's senior volunteers to debate Boris's resignation

This form is intended for members of the Conservative & Unionist Party only and will automatically generate an email to your local Association Chairman to ask them to invoke their right to request an urgent meeting of the National Convention to debate the resignation of Boris Johnson as Party Leader.

By completing this form you give us permission to send the email to your local Chairman on your behalf.

Complete this form today to stand up for democracy inside the Conservative Party and exercise your right as a dedicated party member to have a final say on the resignation of a Party Leader.

Our online system will automatically email your local chairman to ask them to table a motion at the National Convention, stating:

“This National Convention strongly recommends to the Party Board of The Conservative & Unionist Party that it rejects the resignation of Boris Johnson as Party Leader; and further requires a Constitutional College be convened to amend Schedule 2 of the Conservative Party Constitution to require a sitting Party Leader to be automatically added to the ballot pack sent to party members, as a separate confirmatory ballot, for any future leadership contest. This National Convention recommends to the Constitutional College that such an amendment be made forthwith so that party members of this volunteer-run Conservative & Unionist Party will always have the final say on the fate of our Party Leader.

As a local party member it is your right and privilege to ask that the National Convention debates the above motion on your behalf. Your local association chairman is your representative to the National Convention – ask them to table the motion on behalf of you and other concerned local party members.

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Once you have completed this form for yourself please ask fellow local party members to sign it too – you can share a link to this page into any WhatsApp groups or Facebook Groups for your local association.