New poll shows over 90% of Conservative Party members would have voted for Boris


A new poll conducted by the Conservative Post shows over 90% of party members would have voted for Boris Johnson to be back in Number 10 had they been given the opportunity.

The poll conducted by the Conservative Post was emailed to 10,000 confirmed party members which the grassroots news outlet claims to be the largest database of members outside of Conservative Campaign Headquarters (CCHQ). 

Over 2600 members responded and voted in the poll within the first two hours of launch. The poll read: 

Dear Conservative Party Member, Please take part in our members poll so we can see how you would have voted had you had the option of Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak or Penny Mordaunt becoming the leader of the Conservative Party / Britain’s next Prime Minister. Please note only Conservative Party members (with valid membership numbers) will be included in the results. 

Members were then given the option of voting for either Boris Johnson, Penny Mordaunt or Rishi Sunak. All members also had to disclose their membership number and area association before casting their vote.

In the first two hours of polling, the results which are being overseen by Director of Strategy and party constitutional expert Mike Rouse shows 2621 members responded with a whopping 2367 saying they would have voted for Boris Johnson given the chance.

Only 113 would have voted for Penny Mordaunt and 141 would have voted for soon to be Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

This equates to former Prime Minister Boris Johnson winning 90.3% of the members vote. Rishi Sunak winning 5.4% and Penny Mordaunt winning 4.3%.

The poll was launched after a dramatic final day of the contest where Mr Sunak ended up winning after Mr Johnson pulled out of the contest late Sunday night and Ms Mordaunt withdrew minutes before the winner was due to be announced. 

Conservative Post editor Claire Bullivant said: “We knew Boris was popular with the members but this result is astounding. It just begs the question ‘what if Boris had just stayed in the race?’ He surely would have won by a landslide. I’m sure Boris will be back and for now we’ll get behind Rishi. But this coronation seems to have certainly upset a lot of members. 

“We are being inundated with people saying they are tearing up their memberships or at least threatening to and I just don’t know if Rishi will get anywhere near the amount of support from the grassroots level that Boris enjoyed. These are the boots on the ground… the people who wake up early on a Saturday morning to knock on doors. The people who hold raffles to raise money, deliver leaflets, make phone calls… they’re the life, soul and spirit of the Conservative party in towns and villages across the country.

“We’re being inundated with messages saying they can’t believe they have been refused a vote. It just seems so undemocratic and as our poll shows already, they would have chosen Boris over Rishi given the chance.” 

Former Conservative parliamentary candidate and one of the organisers of the highly publicised Bring Back Boris campaign, Alex Story said:

“The removal of Boris Johnson in July was the end of British Parliamentary Democracy. In succeeding, the coup have given the signal that the electorate can now officially be ignored and by-passed. 

“If a man who won 14 million votes and an 80 seat parliamentary majority can be removed just because a small group don’t like him, how much easier will it now be to ignore any politicians in future? I’m sure the membership are fuming.” 

Indeed in Folkestone & Hythe, Conservative Association Chairman Stephen James said he has already seen his membership decline in the space of a few hours. The Chairman told the Conservative Post:

“Since the coronation of Rishi Sunak, a number of members have resigned their membership of my Conservative Association. They are not resigning because their candidate didn’t win, they can accept that, they are resigning because they feel disenfranchised. Voting on who leads our Party is not only our right – it is our power, without it, they do not see the point in being a member.”

Reform Party leader Richard Tice said that since Boris Johnson was forced out of office he has had thousands of former Conservative members join his party instead.


  1. well what a stitch up i fear that this will be last tory government if you can call it that , i wont be voting tory until backstabbers and self serving idiots have left and 1922 committee is gone , i voted boris and for all his faults he was better than rest where tory legal team were on partygate as it was crown land and didnt count has to tell you how corrupt they are and self serving to oust boris ,

  2. Shame on you Brady bunch , got what you wanted but have lost thousands of members, rest assured tories will loose the next election. You are all a disgrace to democracy and your behaviour is shameful to loyal members.

  3. Exactly ! The conservative MPs have little regard for the membership! They don’t care! It’s the Remainers on the back nemchers who are the trouble makers! I’ve resigned my membership from Sefton on Merseyside – there’s only a few of us anyway as Conservatives are very unpopular in and around Liverpool
    As you will know. I am disgusted and feel for. Otis and also think that Liz Truss while being too keen had the right idea but was not given a chance!

  4. It’s really sad Boris backed out
    I don’t think Sunak will have any chance of
    Winning the next election for the conservatives

  5. This is the reason they didn’t want us members to have our vote ,they still don’t seem to see that we wanted Boris back , they destroyed ,Boris ,then Liz in order to get their choice Rishi ,and you needn’t worry about how much work is in his in tray he will have had about 18months to sort it ever since he started planning for his leadership

  6. what on earth !! richi sunak will not be elected next time !! voted in by the boys club who will have all been offered their jobs back , shame on conservatives !! same old same old boring lot !! all fixed !! now refund members donations

  7. Those who voted need to look at the bigger picture. Whilst popular amongst party members, under his premiership many people were already losing faith in the Conservatives, particularly in the wake of partygate, and following the debacle of Truss to reinstate Boris now would have made the party look ridiculous. The party needs a landmark change if it is to stand any chance in the next General Election.

  8. what on earth !! richi sunak will not be elected next time !! voted in by the boys club who will have all been offered their jobs back , shame on conservatives !! same old same old boring lot !! all fixed !! now refund members donations

  9. The conservative MPs showed their true colours today and ignored the party members who are the major force behind this party. I asked myself why be a member of a party in which you have no say in the running or decisions, and the answer I get back is only a idiot would remain a member . As I consider myself of sound mind I have decided to relinquish my conservative membership from today .

  10. Very, very disappointed that Boris chose not to run, he would easily have been reinstated asPM. I can only hope he puts his name forward at the next General Election.

    • It won’t matter because the party will be destroyed at the next election. If he is wise he will stay well clear of theses back stabbing , disloyal self serving bunch of party MPs.

    • Time to get Boris back to PARLIMENT, before these other parties;get in.

      Bo jo I was very cross with you; cause you let Sunak walk over you.
      ÑOW TIME FOR YOU TO BRING PARLIMENT?, b as cj under control. Ah ñow you can sort Sunak out!!!

      Mr Johnson what are you going to do about THIS MESS AND SHAMBLES;?
      Do you really want Sunak in?!!!
      Ñow Boris your in the army; get your feet moving forward.
      We see MPs putting in there letters already;to get Sunak out.
      You’ve got enough mandate already.
      Many of is cross you not go for top.
      Bo jo now DO IT.

  11. totally agree. seems to me that the remainder MP’s. have all colluded with each other to remove Boris Johnson . Only he could have got them into power to the extent that he has. Now they wish to use his majority for there own ends. Well perhaps they can now be their own mules and canvass by themselves, and also finance themselves.

  12. The simple answer is this: you have a single vote. You place your cross on your choice. If every disgruntled voter simply ignored all three Tory, Labour and Liberal Candidates, and chose ANY other of the lower Candidates…….then NONE of the three ‘main’ Parties could attain power………and THAT would be the peaceful Revolution. No corruption, no violence, a multitude of common voices to populate The Commons. Now, that WOULD be Democracy at work.

  13. Between Democracy and The 1922 Committee there is a “Great Gulf Fixed”. Their autocratic conduct during the past four months has been an utter disgrace. The final straw was failing to give Party Members a vote on whether or not we supported the PCP’s favourite, Sunak! We clearly DON’T. But we have been excluded, just as we were when Boris was deposed. This was the final straw. I have Resigned!

  14. I will be cancelling my membership, I am disgusted, and Will not be voting Conservative until if ever Boris Johnson stand .

  15. I understand the anger of members, but, isn’t our problem going to be that by resigning, we can’t actually make the changes we would want to see? Wouldn’t it be preferable to actually stay and start deselecting the MP’s that actually are causing some of the problems we have

  16. Rishi Sunak is a non-elected PM. He does not have a mandate from the people or, indeed, from his own party members. The scheming to get him into power was perfectly obvious in the previous leadership contest. But this went disastrously wrong when Liz Truss beat him in the members’ ballot. A surprise, no doubt, for Sunak supporters as their plotting had manoeuvred Liz Truss into the last two candidates in the belief that no one would vote for her in preference to Sunak. Most people don’t like back-stabbers and showed it when they voted. The campaign to discredit Liz Truss and force another leadership vote started immediately and this time they were leaving nothing to chance…the underhand machinations made sure that the membership would not be able to vote this time and, as before, keep this back-stabbing diminutive MP with such a grandiose opinion of himself from the top spot. He has ruined the Conservative Party which will not only lose the next election but could be consigned to the scrap heap of failed political parties. This not-to-be-trusted so-called leader can not be relied upon to honour any pledge or promise he chooses to make. He is someone I will never support or vote for.

  17. Resigned my membership (Gainsborough). Enjoy this while you can Westminster Tories. You will be out of a job come the next GE.

  18. We have been reduced to being a Banana Republic with these recent events, democracy ignored and it would be no surprise to find that a lot of money had changed hands along the way. Nothing else makes so many MPs tweet, or should that be “Bleat”?, almost identical messages that have the hallmarks of Snake Oil Salesmen. “Unite or die” sounds more like a threat than advice.

  19. An undemocratic stitch up! I hope the MPs are prepared to stuff envelopes and deliver their own campaign leaflets next time around.

  20. I agree with the majority of the comments posted here and sadly yesterday cancelled my membership.
    My husband and I will will not vote conservative for the foreseeable future.
    The message was clear from MPs yesterday, the party membership view is irrelevant.

  21. I agree with the majority of the comments posted here and sadly yesterday cancelled my membership.
    My husband and I will will not vote conservative for the foreseeable future.
    The message was clear from MPs yesterday, the party membership view is irrelevant.

  22. I have cancelled my membership and will not be voting Conservative ever again. The Party is broken, British politics is rotten. Sunak would NEVER be voted in by the members let alone the public. So I hope the stupid MP’s that brought about this turmoil are happy that they will be jobless and they will have given victory to the Labour Party in the next GE. RIP Conservative Party

  23. Well, we’re only 3 days into Cushy’s premiership now, and it’s all beginning to crumble. I’d give him 2 weeks, not 44 days, if he’s lucky. Boris has fed him to the wolves – a clever move, no doubt. Of what significance is a piece of birthday cake eaten more than 2 years ago (in your own home?), when someone else breaks ministerial code, and gets bought back into office? Cushy’s speeches reek with insincerity – he can’t even fake it. He won’t even buy Borisian politics to save himself – the untouchables are too remote from his radar screen. The CP has no one but Boris; just wait and see …. the members won’t even need to vote.

  24. I was a Party Member I only left because my vote was taken away from me, I would of voted for Boris all the others are members of WEF and EU and want to make UK Mirgrant Island when they send rapists and muslim child molesters to UK. And Albainian Criminal Drug dealers and slave traders.

  25. I have left the Conservative party because they were determined to get rid of Boris. We voted for Liz Truss so again we were thwarted. She was right to go for growth and a couple of tweaks would have settled the market. Alas she was got rid of and Rishi was crowned without a membership vote. Do you think we are fools?
    I have since joined the reform party. Can you see why?????


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