By news reporter Stephen Bailey.

A comprehensive new survey has determined that the overwhelming majority of Welsh people reject independence.

The ‘State of the nation’ Survey 2022, conducted by YouGov for WalesOnline to coincide with St. David’s Day asked people what they think of Welsh independence and Mark Drakeford’s devolved Labour administration.

Over 7, 000 respondents took part, giving its findings a high degree of veracity.

The major finding was that the vast majority of Welsh people reject independence. 7510 people responded to this question and of these, 63% said they didn’t think Wales should be independent of the U.K., with only 28% saying it should. This is a notable diminution of support for independence which stood at 30% in this survey last year.

To the question ‘How well do you think the Welsh Government serves the interests of Wales?’ there were 7,533 responses. Just under half of the responses (49%) thought that Labour leader Mark Drakeford’s devolved Welsh administration served the interests of Wales ‘not very well’, compared with 28% that answered ‘somewhat well’ and 22% that said, ‘very well’.

To the question ‘Should Mark Drakeford stand down soon, as he said he would?’ there were 7,524 responses. The results of the WalesOnline survey show that Welsh people are keen to see this happen, with 58% of respondents saying he should stand down soon as he has stated he intends to do. Of the 7,524 people who answered the question, 26% said ‘no’.

To the question ‘Is enough (or too much) [power] devolved to Wales?’ there were 7,501 responses. Both answers received 38% each, but with 23 votes difference in favour of ‘too much’.

To the question ‘What single thing could be done which would make a big difference to Wales’ future?’ ‘abolishing devolution’ was a featured reply.


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