Protect Democracy: Ask your MP to vote against the Privileges Report on Monday

Please urge your MP to defend the rule of law – and vote against this report. Scroll down to email your MP directly with our easy to use form.

Dear Reader,  

We need your help. Our party needs your help. Our country needs your help. 

On Monday MPs will be voting whether to back or reject the Privileges Committee’s recommendations on the former Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 

Any defender of the rule of law must vote against it – this should not be party political – MPs will tell the world who and what they are if they endorse or abstain. 

The Committee chose to ignore the rule of law. It chose to ignore due process and in doing so it became illegitimate.

Whether you love or loathe Boris has nothing to do with it. Imagine if it was your mother, husband or child who was subjected to a trial that had no proper due process, where laws were made retrospectively, and their enemies appointed themselves as their judge, jury and executioner.

The committee found him guilty before it even started. It has no credibility as an impartial tribunal. 

Any MP with an ounce of integrity must make clear their disapproval of the report. Will they defend justice?

Please email your MP (no matter what party they are) and tell them you demand they reject the Committee on Monday. 

Please urge your MP to defend the rule of law – and vote against this report. 

To help we have a letter already written you can whizz off to your MP. You just have click the EDIT AND SEND Bar below to find your MP and it will be emailed directly to them (takes 2 Minutes).

Many Thanks, Claire Bullivant, Conservative Post Editor 🔽