Saturday, April 20, 2024
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We still have time to win the next election and keep Labour out of No 10. But we need Rishi to go.

Let’s make the Conservative Party conservative again.

Our only chance of winning the General Election is with a new leader who is properly conservative and stands up for Britain. The country is calling out for it! The following letter will be delivered to Rishi Sunak. Please add your name to it below….


Dear Prime Minister,

We the people are writing to ask you to resign from the government.

We want a Prime Minister who protects our borders and our people.

We want a leader who we can get behind and who has a chance of winning at the next General Election.

We want a leader who fights for the things we the people want… free speech, free markets, low taxes and small government. We want conservatism.

And Prime Minister, you aren’t delivering.

Last month Lord Frost warned if action isn’t taken now ‘there will soon only be smoking rubble left,’ a sentiment echoed by MP Simon Clark who called to replace you immediately ‘or face a decade of decline under Starmer.’

After last month’s ‘stunningly awful’ YouGov poll which showed the Conservative Party facing a 1997 style wipeout, Lord Frost noted: ‘Whatever the strategy is – and it is often hard to discern one – it isn’t working.’

YOUR strategy isn’t working Prime Minister.

The most optimistic of predictions currently predicts with you at the helm, the party lose nearly 200 seats. This will be the worst loss of seats since Arthur Balfour in 1906, and would see Labour with a majority of 120. Can you imagine the damage Labour would do with a 120 seat majority?

As Lord Frost stated we are “going to lose, and lose bad, unless we do something about it.”

So we the people are taking it into our own hands. We want you gone.

Many of us have been loyal to you. Some backed you to become Leader of our Party and encouraged others to do so. Many have served you but enough is enough. With you as Prime Minister we will be giving the Downing Street keys to Keir Starmer.

Our country is facing immense challenges. We want a low-tax, high-growth economy, and world class public services, but this can only be delivered if our leader makes sacrifices and takes difficult decisions. You haven’t and your approach isn’t working.

We could technically have the General Election in January 2025 so there is still time to turn it around if you resign now. Please do not call an election before you have been replaced.

Please resign and give us a chance to put the damages you have inflicted on our party behind us. Please give us a chance to save our country from 5 years of Labour. Please resign.

Kind regards,

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Original Picture of Rishi Sunak taken by Andrew Parsons / No 10 Downing Street. Photo has been adapted for use in this campaign. Link to licence: CC BY 4.0 Deed | Attribution 4.0 International