As a memento for the greatest Prime Minister in a generation, the Conservative Post are putting together a beautiful coffee table book which will be filled with your kind comments and presented to Boris Johnson later this year.

If you would like to be included, please fill in the form below and we will include as many comments as possible.

We’re working on a beautifully made coffee table book complete with some of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s best photos whilst in office.

You might have a story about meeting Boris, you might want to say thank you for something or you may just want to express your admiration.

We are still working out the details with our book publisher, but it is hoped that some limited edition books will also be available for sale at a later date with proceeds going to British veterans and the rebuilding of Ukraine – two causes close to Boris Johnson’s heart.

Let’s let Boris know how much he meant to us. Hasta la vista, Boris!

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  1. So sad to see you leave Boris, you didn’t deserve all that was thrown at you, from the day you became our Prime Minister, the best ever, had you been given the chance to do all you set out to do, you would have put the Great into Great Britain again.

    But it wasn’t to be, and many, many people are still wishing you were still at the helm, including myself.

    So I wish you well, in whatever you decide to do in the future.

    God Bless you Boris, take care, and watch your back.

    Kind regards, Elaine Laszczak.

  2. I feel we’ve been deprived of the best leader we had in recent times.
    The only consolation for me is that those that conspired to bring him down have not succeeded in their ambition to replace him. I hope they now go away and decay in the dungeons of the House Of Commons!

  3. Dear Boris ,You really were a fantastic PM .One for the people with the UK at your heart .Will be missed .Enjoy your time now with your family .Come back soon please .

  4. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us. You would still be in No 10 if The Brady bunch and backstabbers weren’t hell bent on getting you out
    You were the best Prime Minister we’ve had for decades.
    Let’s hope and pray you will be back.

  5. Thank you Boris for everything you have done, and for all you wanted to do for us.
    We will all be here waiting for your return , hopefully in the not so distance future.

  6. Such a sad day to see our Boris leave the position of PM . You did not deserve the vile way the media and back stabbing MPs treated you.
    It won’t be the same without you , nows your time to take a well deserved rest , spend time with your family . You will probably never know how much support and love you had from so many people 💗 Hasta la vista , please come back soon

  7. Dear Boris ,
    I would like to thank you for all that you did for our country, whilst showing everyone what a True Patriotic Statesman you are. Your wit and humour is second to none.
    Best wishes to you and your family

  8. those comments about Boris form his friends and supporters was really was nice of Liz to mention Boris in her maiden speech sure we have not heard the last of Boris Johnson and I’m fairly certain he will be back in some sort of role which will be fitting to a man with his talents and determination to bring back the great in great Britain.

  9. Thank you for being human like we who voted for you. Many great achievements and some regrets no doubt.
    We never expected you to be infallible just as we your electorate accept that we can not be ever be faultless.
    Populism is not a dirty word ! Personality and humanity matter greatly.
    Much respect and affection from this voter, goodbye for now.

  10. Yes, I have studied all previous 55 Prime Ministers, their lives and their legacy. Boris was certainly aware of what he had to live up to in spite of the constant attacks from all sides of both media, opposition and his own undeserving MPs. I am angry and sorry he has been ousted by these mutinous hooligans and I am sure the electorate will punish them and the Conservative 1922 committee for what they did. Boris is above them all and has throughout behaved with dignity, good manners and with in my opinion too much generosity.

  11. I had little interest in politics until you arrived in my world, making me laugh and making me think….there will never be another like you and you will be talked about for many, many years. Prime Minister’s Questions became something I looked forward to every week and you never let me down. They had to get rid of you because they couldn’t equal you or beat you, so they used every dirty trick they could to drive you out. Please stay in the public eye as much as you can as the world is a richer place with you amongst us. Thank you for being you, doing what you have done and always having an optimistic outlook on life. Be happy.

  12. What a sad day to see the best prime minister since margaret Thatcher you will be sadly missed for the good you have done. Do hope you return we need you the back stabbers dont know what they hae done.Good luck to you and your family.

  13. Thank you for Boris for leading our great country through some very challenging times. I know of no greater patriotic leader than you. We will all miss your quick wit and humour. Politics will be poorer without you.
    All the best to you and your family. Chris Hewitt

  14. I feel very, very sad that you are not our P.M. anymore and especially devastated that it was your own M.P.s that ousted you out – I just couldn’t believe that they would be so stupid to ‘cut their own throats’.
    I am hoping that one day, in the not too distant future, you will be back to lead us once again.
    You now deserve a good rest with your lovely family – you will never know how much you’ll be missed xx

  15. Congratulations Boris for your vision for Britain, for extracting the best elements of the world’s best democratic systems and mixing them with the lessons of classical history to produce the ideal recipe for a brand new Conservatism, clearly out-running the dreary old monologue of Corbyn’s Left-Behind. You have achieved more in 3 years than any world leader could achieve in 10, and borne the consequences of your dedication and duty with dignity and character, bearing no grudges against your assailants, and never failing to rise above the cesspit of the mainstream media. Your passion and your positive, generous spirit will remain in our memories forever, as the greatest PM in our lifetimes.

  16. Boris, You are the best in every way. We love your wonderful optimistic and uplifting character. We love the way you absolutely love this country. We love the way you have the ability to make everyone smile even the most miserable foreign leaders etc. your upbeat personality is infectious and just what was needed in the past two years and what we need now. Thank you for all your hard work and please, please, please return for the next GE. Enjoy your time with your family, make a lot of money in the next two years, then come back to us. We love you. Xx

  17. Thankyou Boris for the help you gave our business in lockdown ,so sorry for all you have had to put up with ,please come back to us ,we miss you already and we felt safer because of you

  18. A sad, sad day Boris, but you will rise above all this and come back stronger and more determined than ever to lead our country through the events and difficulties we will undoubtedly face in the next few years. I wish you and your lovely family a time of rest and recuperation, and know you will be back sooner rather than later. Take care and ‘you will be back!’

  19. Boris you achieved so much in those few short years. No one could have predicted the pandemic which had to take up so much of the available time and money which could have been used to achieve so much more. If only…..
    Good luck for the next couple of years whilst you recuperate but please don’t give up your seat. All these comments tell you to come back and we all hope you will.
    Thank you Boris…for everything.

  20. You were the best PM for decades for which the country will be eternally grateful, the problem was there were so many of your colleagues jealous of you

  21. The most honest politician this country has ever known destroyed by liars. My heart is breaking at the thought that we won’t see Boris guiding us through this dangerously lefty world. May the sun always shine on you Boris and may the sun always shine from you too.

  22. best pm we ever had you made people interested in politics again never be forgotten but will be very much missed.Peoples Pm our Pm

  23. Best PM we have had, you will be sorely missed. Hopefully you can bounce back from the dreadful way you have been treated, stronger too.
    No other PM has had to deal with the problems you were faced with. Good luck for your continuing success.

  24. Thank you for the £350 million investment in the NHS
    Thank you for looking after our ageing population during the covid crisis
    Thank you for representing the country to the best of your ability overseas
    Thank you for supporting the fast track supply chain for PPE ensuring the best companies possible won the contracts
    Thank you for supporting the Ukraine in their battle against the Russian ogliarchy
    Thank you for respecting the lockdown rules

    I believe the country will never see your like in leadership again

  25. Thank you Boris, for all you did for this country your enthusiasm and your love for your country is a shining example to all , you always instilled hope that things were going to get better you never preached doom and gloom and you never ran this country down. What the establishment did to you was unforgivable . I sincerely hope that one day you will return , sooner rather than later . Have a good rest and come back fighting .

  26. Boris you were the best PM since Sir Winston Churchill and you achieved so much more than any other PM.You will surely be missed.


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