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WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, petition the Conservative & Unionist Party to Bring Back Boris Johnson as the leader of our party and Prime Minister of this country. 

After being voted for by 14 million people and giving our party an 80 seat majority, our democratically elected Prime Minister Boris Johnson was undemocratically ousted by a small cabal of MPs.  

We the undersigned believe Boris is the only person who can save us from electoral catastrophe at the next General Election and demand he be given the opportunity to see out the manifesto we the people voted for.  

You the party need us to deliver your leaflets, knock on doors, donate funds and spread your messages. You need us to get out and vote for you. The only way the party is going to survive now is if you bring back the leader we want, we support and we will stand behind. 

We hereby demand Boris Johnson is reinstated into his rightful position to lead our party into the next General Election and deliver Great Britain a great future. 

Bring Back Boris

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