SIGN THE PETITION: UK must leave the ECHR and stop the boats


“It is time we commit and fulfil this pledge to the British people!” says MP Andrea Jenkyns.

Following Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s comments about illegal immigration yesterday, Ms Jenkyns the MP for Morley and Outwood has written to him regarding Britain’s withdrawal from the ECHR to ensure that our Illegal Immigration Bill will stop the boats.

In her letter to the PM, Ms Jenkyns wrote:

“We must not, and cannot, let the British people down on this issue of national importance. They deserve a government that is willing to stand up for what they believe in, and it’s only the Conservatives that can deliver on this. If it means withdrawing from the ECHR, then I fully support this course of action, and I strongly encourage you consider this path going forward.”

Speaking about the MP’s letter, CP Editor Claire Bullivant said:

“Thank goodness for MPs like Andrea Jenkyns sticking up for the British people. This is a huge topic of conversation with Conservative Post readers. Not a day goes by without us getting many emails and messages on the issue.

“Last year we saw European judges going against a decision by the UK’s Supreme Court, the UK’s High Court and the UK’s Court of Appeal. Conservative Post readers overwhelmingly believe the European Courts should have no jurisdiction over the UK and want this meddling and interference to stop. After all, as one reader put it: We have the best judges and courts in the world… and ours are definitely independent.”

PLEASE lend your support and sign our petition which will be presented to Rishi Sunak…

UK must leave European convention on human rights

It is time to pull out of the European Convention of Human Rights. The European Courts should have no jurisdiction over the UK. Please sign the petition.
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  1. Rishi Sunak needs to take us out of the ECHR ,or he will find out that the conservatives will not be in government after the general election, we have waited long enough .

    • Strikes me that Sunak is simply a technocrat, balancing the demands of the WEF and the UN, with what he can get away with in Britain.

    • Sunak led a coup against Boris, he shafted NI with the Windsor Agreement, shafted Liz, is a supporter of the Biden crime family, he is allowing massive numbers of immigrants, wants to keep EU laws, he now wishes to remove Suella and is as much of a BREXITER as Anna Soubry. Add to that the fact that he has brought in Hunt and is following MMT. Our family (5 of us) have supported Conservatives but cannot any more. They are no longer Conservative and has become a GREEN/SOCIALIST Party.

      We shall now support REFORM UK which is the only party that can be trusted.

  2. 50yrs plus tory voter. I will never vote tory while the fraudulent Sunak is in Downing St. You will lose the GE while he is still there but he won’t resign as he is to arrogant. Put the elected PM back and see the polls completely reverse

    • Rishi Sunak became PM EXACTLY the same way as Maggie Thatcher, Boris, Liz and any other-
      1. The candidate is elected as an MP by their constituency.
      2. The party is elected into power by the public.
      3. The party and / or members select their leader.
      No. 2 and 3 can swap.
      I am a massive fan of Boris but he has no chance of winning an election now.

  3. We do not know who these illegal.migrants,are. This Country is small compared to other european countries. Our services are stretched to the limit

  4. It seems absolutely ridiculous that the NCA are spending so much time fighting the criminal people traffickers. There are in excess of 50,000+ illegal dinghy migrants, alone! Well over 12,000 of those from Albania – a NATO country, over-represented in the UK prison population. There are numerous cases of serious crime by some of these migrants, even rape and murder. The migrants are filling up hotels where some are seen visibly going about their business on fast electric bikes. There is virtually no way of checking how many terrorists have got through but it would be completely remiss of enemies of the UK to not board those dinghies to be picked up mid channel and welcomed ashore by the Border Force. It is an absolute affront to UK democracy that the elected members of parliament cannot come together to sort out this national emergency, instead trying to delude themselves, not us, that anyone coming from a country which has seen war, usually as a consequence of Western Power play, should be given asylum. It is a mad form of politics that equates ANY individual from a nation deemed to be controlled or ruled by “bad people” as deserving of a place of asylum in another country that abhors the behaviour of those “bad people”! So we just get the human rights abuses in our own countries – many documented instances of so called “asylum seekers” murdering, raping, trafficking drugs, people smuggling!
    The ECHR, which enshrines the rights of the “bad people” in law is not fit for purpose. It is defunct as a way of giving safe passage to the distressed and has become a way of fraudulent people to feed off the poor in the UK, people who cannot get decent medical treatment, housing, well paid jobs. The ECHR is an anachronism and has to go.

  5. Rishi the shark , the British people do not trust or even like you . You have soldNorthern Ireland out , you do not care about the English . Immigration out of control and only way is get out of ECHR. It is not fit for purpose and as a conservative voter I believe neither are you.

  6. Sunak will not be PM after the next election unless he does three things very quickly.They are:-1) pull out of ECHR and start deporting the illegal invaders, 2) Remove total support for the Protocol and kick EU Customs out of NI at the same time as pulling out of ECJ. 3) Remove all unnecessary EU rules and regs from British Law without further delay.

  7. The reason we have the present problems with Immigration is the result of very poor Brexit negotiations. They failed on Immigration, Northern Ireland and on Fishing. These so called negotiators are paid who are paid thousands of pounds and elevated to high positions have failed the UK. Most of the British public could see what was going to happen.

  8. We need to leave the ECHR immediately. Our borders need protecting and I don’t know why this Government are failing our national security. Our way of living is compromised already . This Government ate answerable to us.

  9. Yet another prime example of the lack of thorough examination before signing any document. We as a country are left with little alternative but to leave the ECHR. The fault lies solely on the shoulders of inept governance and little notice taken of the details. We simply cannot sustain the numbers arriving on our shores. And to a great many people in this Christian country, the number of Muslims, in particular, has set alarm bells ringing. Even louder bells ring as we see that most are men of fighting age. The government is failing us on all fronts. The time for action, the time to send a message is now. The boats must stop and the deportations must begin. Surely there must be more MPs with a backbone in parliament?

    • Your deluded if you think they didn’t know what they were signing!
      Any fool can see that our politicians have spent the years since the referendum thinking up ways of avoiding leaving!

  10. I don’t trust Rishi Sunak, who wasn’t voted for, or any of his government come to that. They seem hell bent on on allowing the invasion of this country.
    As a pensioner, i genuinely fear for the future of my grandchildren.
    Someone has to do something to stop these boats coming across or i foresee a civil war.
    I voted for Brexit as did the majority of the country but it isn’t being delivered. Traitors.

  11. If action is not taken soon. We will be overwhelmed by Muslim councils then we will eventually become a Muslim country. The lawyers have got to be stopped and will of the people has to be recognised deportation of anyone invading our country illegally cannot stay

  12. The total waste of money being spent on people that have no claim to be in this country. That money would be better spent on the elderly who have worked all their life to make this a better country

  13. The ECHR & UNHRA are tools designed to weaken Nation states foolish enough to sign them. They protect perpetrators of crime and abandon the victims; we also need to repeal the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, which was brought in to supersede the Treason Act, as we could not sign the ECHR with a crime still punishable by death. There is no Parliamentary privilege for Treason.

    • Oliver I totally agree with you. To much money going out on Imigrants.
      We see many who are not genuine, what so ever, and they want everything.
      We see many are now wanting to stay in brand spaning new hotels, and smaller accomodation, is much to small and not good for their Human Rights.!!
      We picked up in papers this week, that this country is spending millions on Foreign Aid, like to China, and lots of other places. Sorry it’s time this MUST BE STOPPED, AND CONTROLLED.

  14. Sunak is a weak man who does his master’s bidding, meaning the WEF. He is destroying this country as PM as much as he did as he did in his last post, unelected, unwanted, he has to go, he can take the fool Hunt with him as well. He will not stop the boats, he will not stop illegal invaders coming here, the tories want them to come, he does not care for Brits, call a national emergency, close the borders, deport all illegals here already back to the EU where they came from.

  15. Its time the human rights act was updated to reflect the changing world we find ourselves in , In UK we can update our original rules . Still keeping essential elements for our protection

  16. This is exactly what I voted for Brexit to do, to leave the EU which includes the ECHR. I’m not sure what all the resistance is to doing what people actually voted for and why seven years later, we’re still having to petition the government to do what we told them to do.

    I’ve been a Conservative my whole life but I’m finding it so difficult to be behind anything much of what the Conservatives have done since Liz Truss was ousted and party members banned from voting in leadership contests, the only real benefit we had.

    I’m not sure I trust the current party with much at all, considering they seem to be doing absolutely nothing we have actually voted for for a very long time. In 2010 we voted to end illegal and mass immigration. The population of the UK was estimated to be 62.8 million people in mid 2010. There are now an estimated 68.893 million in mid 2023. That number doesn’t include all the illegal immigrants who have come here unnoticed. That’s a huge increase of six million people in the 13 years since we voted against it. At this point, I wonder, why are we still voting?

    Before I will consider voting for the Conservative party again, I want to see everything we’ve voted for for the last 13 years implemented in full. The EU/ECHR completely left behind with zero ties, mass migration and illegal mass migration ended with everyone deported, grassroots Conservatism back in play along with true British values and the WEF/globalist apologists out of the party.

    I’d rather vote for another party who will listen to us and action all of that – not just because there’s another general election looming but because it’s what we voted for. The people are in charge of the government, not the other way around and the current politicians really need to be reminded of this.

  17. i don’t believe Sunak can win the next election because he has failed his people, this is his last chance the boat people won’t stop coming until its not worth them coming in the first place and that can not be implemented while our law’s are dictated to us by the ECHR see its not in the EU’s interest to help stop the boats because they don’t want these people in the EU either so the more they can facilitate crossing the channel the better for them.

  18. We need to do what the UK demanded and LEAVE.. no toes left in the water, LEAVE.. what is there not to understand.
    No European Court , a UK Court for UK laws ,for UK people.
    It’s not rocket science is it !!
    If the Government doesn’t make quick moves on this then Starmer will have us back in the dark ages and pander to the EU all over again

  19. The sooner we leave the ECHR the better no other country should be interferring in our affairs , we should also stop all immigration here till we get things sorted out ! Stop the Boats so we can control our borders , the money spent daily should be used for our own UK Citizens also stop giving fat cat lawyers Legal aid to defend these illegals , if it was to come out of their bank books do you think they would be defending these illegals , ? it needs to stop or we will lose all our cultural values
    Anyway I am not happy at all the promises made and none delivered , Sunak who was never elected by the people has a lot to answer for

  20. please stop putting people who are here to milk our generosity before me.i work hard and have paid my taxes for 27 years,so far,but have had to watch whilst thousands have been housed whilst my own 14 year wait (the last 18 months being homeless) goes on.i dont see headlines.or dramatic videos,news reports or anything like this. i LIVE THIS.these migrants dont even want to work (at least most dont) they dont want to be part of society,at least not one that includes people other than themselves.ive no problem with genuine migrants who want to do their bit.but at least make them wait their turn,like i have to.

  21. I do not trust any of the main parties!they seem to be hell bent on destroying are Country!I voted to leave,the toxic dictatorship called the EU!Sunak has back tracked on every promise he made!the man(and I use that term loosely)is nothing but a liar and a con artist!

  22. If this country is to be in control of its destiny it needs to be free of all E U laws and political interference, we must be able to have English Law as our sound footing to govern and rule by, this paramount.

  23. We should have left the ECHR long ago. It seems that the government is hamstrung by the unelected civil service blob and the agenda of our so called “friends” on the continent. It feels as though the cultural fabric of our country is being dismantled and the impact of illegal immigration is one more nail in the coffin (#RAF Scampton). Our services and infrastructure cannot cope either.

  24. The Conservatives need to take back the party. Expel the Comieservatives Watermelon conservatives and CINOs from the party. Right now you are not fit to vote for..

  25. Brexit must be done for the U.K. to prosper Stop illegal immigration, Replace the Windsor Agreement to allow NI to be part of the U.K. Regain Fishing rights. Replace the Terrible Trio of Bailey, Sunak and Hunt who are useless !

  26. I am not against migration. What I am against is the way this Conservative government has ignored its own mandate. The Country is being flooded with Illegal Economical migrants aided by France. Why pay the French a penny they’re sending them here while charging the taxpayers for the cock up. Sunak You have no mandate from the BP to backtrack on this situation. You are supposed to make sure our people & country are safe. Have you looked around & asked how safe we feel? No, you’re not interested, are you?
    You have failed & your to arrogant to sort this out. BACK SUELLA BRAVERMAN. Get deporting 1000 a week. Then Send every boat back Heeding this way, They belong in France. EU Meddling again & your Windsor framework is a smash in the face for the Indigenous of our once proud country.
    Thanks for making me a pensioner a prisoner in my own home. You’re a disgrace. I am indigenous to this country & I can prove it. Why do I not have a Voice? Why? Who gave you the right to take your country & turn it into some filthy crime-ridden scum hole.
    We pay your wage we expect results. Unless you correct these major issues, The British Public will rise up & do the job for you. You have taken taxpayers for granted for far too long. No more. Enough, Shame on you.

  27. I have totally lost confidence in our politicians I used to believe that the British parliament was less corrupt than all other countries but I now see corruption by the bucket load in our country which has mostly foreigners or those of foreign origin in most of our key positions could this be why

  28. Apart from going in the wrong policy directions (high tax rather than high growth) and reversing his own promises and focusing on 5 new promises he mostly won’t fulfil, Rishi Sunak has no charisma and would be a disastrous leader at the next general election even against the similarly flawed Starmer. To stand any chance of a reasonable result, the Conservative Party must reinstate Boris Johnson as Prime Minister without further delay – it may be embarrassing for a few weeks but that is far better than going into a general election with a useless leader rather than a genuinely talented campaigner and Leader.

  29. The Tory party could have the Pope leading them but they won’t get my vote any more. I was a blairite but now of the opinion he should be charged for war crimes. I only voted Tory because I believed in Boris and Brexit, both have been lost! About a hundred of his own MP’s voted to get rid of Boris, they all need to lose their jobs because they believed in trial by media and the Labour Party spin. It’s too late for the Conservatives to come back and win and it’s now a damage limitation operation. I’m voting Reform next time not because I want to but because the Tory’s are a lost cause with no backbone.

  30. Here in the UK, we are LOOSING our IDENTITY!! We MUST LEAVE the ECHR, I’m sick and tired of the 2 main Parties – Conservatives and Labour, we really need the likes of the REFORM Party, that’s who I am voting for.

  31. Some people are afraid of leaving the ECHR because they think that they will be stripped of their human rights. They couldn’t be further from the truth. The ECHR has been weaponised against us to punish us for wanting to be a free and Sovereign Nation. Our leaders have been so spineless about making Brexit work! The wonderful opportunity of becoming, once again a great and prospering Nation is down to NOT having the guts to break free from their shackles! Andrea is not suggesting we will lose our human rights, she wants to replace the ECHR with the ‘British Bill of Rights’ and how right she is!

  32. Sir RogerGale won’t allow the government to leave the ECHR
    He was horrified when Suella Bravermam referred the immigrants crossing the Chanel to an invasions.and Rishi Sunak
    Is only bothered how we look on the world stage,wants The UK to be the leader on Net Zero he’s not bothered if it bankrupt the country or how it impoverishes the citizens of this country and
    how mass immigration is effecting the life’s of this country we pay high taxes and can’t get access to the public services

  33. Voted Tory since allowed to vote, never again, Sunak is an unelected backstabber, majority of Govt. are now Liberal woke and traitors, happy to let our Country die.

  34. Rishi Sunak is the wrong kind Conservative along with Hunt they has betrayed Brexit and we should have left the ECHR long ago,
    Stop these boats NOW, just as he stab Boris Johnson in the back Who is next for the knife treatment Suella Bravermam a name comes to mind judas Iscariot.

  35. Get rid of Sunak and Hunt withdraw from the ECHR and UN Convention on Refugees lower taxes increase defence spending realise what a mistake the Conservatives made in getting rid of their most successful leader since Margaret Thatcher (Boris Johnson) if the Party does this then Sneer Starmer will be rejected by the. British public at the next election

  36. Never voted Conservative in my life until Boris in my mind he did his best for the country against staggering odds. Opposed by many in parliament before and after the general election only to be knifed in the back and railroaded. I want the pm I voted for back where he belongs no 10. Let’s have a real leader.

  37. Originally proposed by Winston Churchill, the Council of Europe was founded after the Second World War to protect human rights and the rule of law, and to promote democracy. The Member States’ first task was to draw up a treaty to secure basic rights for anyone within their borders, INCLUDING THEIR OWN CITIZENS and people of OTHER nationalities.
    So remember these are your rights too that you are willing to forgo:
    the right to life (Article 2)
    freedom from torture (Article 3)
    freedom from slavery (Article 4)
    the right to liberty (Article 5)
    the right to a fair trial (Article 6)
    the right not to be punished for something that wasn’t against the law at the time (Article 7)
    the right to respect for family and private life (Article 8)
    freedom of thought, conscience and religion (Article 9)
    freedom of expression (Article 10)
    freedom of assembly (Article 11)
    the right to marry and start a family (Article 12)
    the right not to be discriminated against in respect of these rights (Article 14)
    the right to protection of property (Protocol 1, Article 1)
    the right to education (Protocol 1, Article 2)
    the right to participate in free elections (Protocol 1, Article 3)
    the abolition of the death penalty (Protocol 13)

  38. We need to get rid of ECHR and boats, very difinatley before we all go down the pan.
    TIME TO ACT NOW, not a year later.

    2 PEOPLE make me nervous, but we need good concrete leaders. We’re very happy for Conservative Democrats. Time to support them and work together.

  39. If this was back in the day we would have ships upon ships out at sea protecting our borders from this Islamic invasion!

  40. £500 million to France for what? You could pay 500 British people to police the waters and turn back the boats & most would be quite happy with only half a million each!

    • For stopping over 45% of the boats (That’s 14,750 people in 2023 so far) and taking part in multiple operations which have smashed several trafficking gangs.
      What will these 500 British people do when they try to “turn around” the boats and the people say “nope”? Will they put each one in a strait jacket and tie each one onto the boat and hope it doesn’t sink?

  41. It is a logical fact that France would not accept migrants return from crossing the Channel from embarking at French shores because they it reduces migrants from their country. The bonus is the Brits are paying France £500m through UK government’s naivete… The EU and France Darmanin – the French foreign minister, will not accept returns despite the fact that these illegal migrants embarked from their shores, on the pretext that it is against the ‘refoulement’ clause of the UN Convention on Refugees of 1951 and Protocol on 1967…. He and ECHR are wrong. Because these illegal migrants have no right internationally to defy a target nations like UK domestic law… However, the target State like UK has full right to reject or accept illegal migrants…. And in this case, it is apparent that the British citizens and residents are against accepting these asylum seekers….. Rightly so…. Because
    1) these illegal migrants are guilty of offence of illegal entry by virtue of Section 24 of the Immigration Act of 1971, unless the Border Force and RNLI and other authorities intercepted them and brought them ashore to UK in accordance with Search and Rescue of the UNCLOS (in this case the Border Force and RNLI could be guilty of Aiding and Abetting the offending illegal migrants).
    2) Amnesty International has mistakenly labelled illegal migrants and asylum seekers as Refugees. These illegal migrants or asylum seekers do not have the criteria of PERSECUTION along the terms of the UN Convention of 1951 & Protocol of 1967…. Because, these migrants a) displaced themselves;
    3) often, they were in the crossfire of warring personalities for power in their country of origin….
    4)These illegal migrants were not persecuted for race, religion, membership to social group, and political opinion…
    5) as to refoulement protocol, they are not refugees as such so refoulement of 1967 does not apply. Almost all are Muslims the same faith as the authorities of their countries of origin, and they are devoid of political opinion being brought up in an authoritarian society under Sharia Law.
    Therefore Daramanin is talking rubbish when he responded a ‘no return’ if UK break International Laws…. The SaR does not even come into it, because these dinghies are not licensed by any country to sail across the Channel… but embarked from French shores…. which becomes the responsibility of the French government….

    • No they wouldn’t. French politicians want to get elected and giving into the British would be political suicide.

  42. We need to have the final say in who can and who cannot reside in our country. It’s no longer just about our sovereignty and national identity, it’s increasingly about our national security. We elect governments to carry out OUR wishes, not the wishes of other countries.


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