SIGN THE PETITION: UK needs to leave ECHR and stop the boats


A key Conservative immigration policy has been dealt a blow today after the UK’s highest court rejected the government’s plans to deport illegal migrants to Rwanda.

This decision and the continued small boats crisis cannot help but focus our minds on our membership of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

As Lord Moylan says: “We have corrupted our constitution with alien legal superstructures and can no longer protect our borders.” Surely things need to change. We need to leave the ECHR.

Leading Barrister Paul Diamond explains: “The ECHR, which was drafted in 1950 was a modest and unremarkable treaty focusing on civil and political rights: such as right to life, fair trails and the freedom of religion and expression. 

“These were rights known to the common law for hundreds of years and the ECHR was thought to have little application to the United Kingdom.  It was designed to restrain the actions of certain countries with anti-democratic tendencies; and the post war success of Germany is something that needs to be recognised.

“The ECHR was unnecessarily incorporated into national law by the Blair government in the Human Rights Act 1998.  Many in the Conservative opposition at the time saw the dangers of this politicised document being given the force of law; most noticeably by the late Baroness Young.

“Listening to the Labour front bench, one would think that we had no democracy, rule of law, free speech, or fair trials prior to the Human Rights Act.  The truth of the matter is that after 25 years of the Human Rights Act and the ECHR we have less freedoms than before.”

PLEASE lend your support and sign Dame Andrea Jenkyns and Conservative Post Editor Claire Bullivant’s petition which will be presented to the Prime Minister.

UK must leave European convention on human rights

It is time to pull out of the European Convention of Human Rights. The European Courts should have no jurisdiction over the UK. Please sign the petition.
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  1. Get that WEF installed puppet, who was twice rejected, out now. It’s clear to us all he is deliberately and purposefully destroying the UK from within. Its all planned and coordinated. He does not have our best interests at heart nor does he intend to stop the boats. He’s now given 100k of them the right to work! THEY ARE ECONOMIC PARASITES!

  2. To garner increased support for this ‘momentous and seemingly irrational’ petition, I would suggest the importance of detailing the proposed alternative of the ‘British Bill of Rights’ to emotionally support the waverers is of paramount importance. Too many people view the current ECHR as the final arbiter in all things legal – and to remove that cushion of support requires a more than suitable replacement. Tell the people what is proposed, share the vision, and let thinking people have all the details presented to them so that they can make an informed decision.

    • Dominic Raab, a very able minister, drafted a British Bill of Rights, which was rejected by Rishi Sunak. Then Raab was booted out of government on fake charges of “bullying”. Tells you everything you need to know about the Snake, who offered him no support whatsoever. Basically, Rishi knifes everyone in the back who poses a threat to his globalist agenda.

  3. Now that the courageous Braverman has been knifed in the back and Cameron appointed as Foreign Secretary, the Snake has demonstrated his utter contempt for Conservative voters, and the millions who voted for Brexit. MPs now have 2 choices:

    1) Get Rishi out through a vote of no confidence and install a strong well-respected leader like Braverman or Lee Anderson (whom the people actually trust)

    2) Resign en masse from the Tory party and join forces with Reform UK. The Tories in their present form (infiltrated as they are by globalists and socialists) are finished. It’s no good having a proliferation of breakaway parties, which will just split the Right. They all need to merge under one banner: Reform UK is the obvious choice and guaranteed to re-capture the Red Wall. Working in partnership, Nigel Farage and Richard Tice can beat the pants off Labour and the Tories, both of whom are now in thrall to to the Left and to fanatical Muslims who want to turn Britain into an Islamic caliphate.

  4. “..Boris began to find it very hard to get things through…It became increasingly impossible to get Rishi to agree to anything. This blind-sided Boris because, to his face, Rishi was charming and helpful and enthusiastic…Boris genuinely thought Rishi was a team player; he was a team player but for Team Rishi not for Team Boris, Team government or party or country..” Quote from Nadine Dorries’ book. This is how Boris, then Dominic Raab, then Braverman were fooled. Rishi’s backers have removed the power of the Tory membership to elect leaders for a reason and it’s clear why Downing Street were so desperate to stop the publication of her book, which they are trying to dismiss her as a mere fantasist. It is strongly in the public interest that The Plot To Assassinate Bojo is widely read, so as to alert the public as to what is going on.

  5. With Nadine Dorries having fired the starting gun, who is going to defend our democracy against the jaw-dropping corruption she has exposed in her new book about the plot to get rid of Boris Johnson? According to several well-known insiders she has interviewed, the candidate selection of MPs is controlled by virtually one man, an unelected and abusive Scot called Dougie Smith, who is linked by a shady network of relationships and past associations to others also in the plot to destabilise and “manage the decline” of the Conservative Party, namely Michael Gove, Dominic Cummings, Lee Cain, Sue Gray, Simon Case, Kemi Badenoch, George Osborne not to mention the Blob. No. 10’s Press Office made Boris the scapegoat for their disgusting antics during lockdown, of which he had no knowledge. Needless to say the above are all Remainers who pretended to support the Leave campaign, and Cameron’s appointment as Foreign Secretary makes it clear where Sunak’s priorities lie. They have deliberately removed the power of constituencies and the Tory membership to select MPs and elect future leaders in order to install Sunak who is widely distrusted and loathed by the public. Most intelligent people realise that Sunak is a WEF-controlled globalist puppet, whose anti-democratic and anti-British agenda is perfectly aligned with Brussels and with other world leaders such as Joe Biden, Trudeau, Macron etc. The underhand machinations of these psychotic disruptors have caused irreparable damage to our country. WHO IS GOING TO FIGHT OUR CORNER and put an end to the toxic culture infecting Westminster, given that most Tory MPs have either been bought off or have given up in despair?


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