Stephen Bailey: Hypocrisy of the left’s Begum brigade

Screen grab of GMB's interview with Shamima Begum.

By Stephen Bailey.

The arguments employed by the left in favour of letting Shamima Begum into the U.K. are intrinsically flawed.

These flaws can be illustrated with the following comparison.  

In October 1942, during the height of the Second Word War, fascist sympathiser John Amery, the scion of the serving British Secretary of State for India in Winston Churchill’s wartime coalition cabinet, travelled to Berlin and proposed the formation of a British volunteer force, which was to be a division of the S.S., to help fight the Bolsheviks.

Mr. Amery made a series of pro-German propaganda radio broadcasts, appealing to his fellow countrymen to join the war on communism.

He was virtually universally ignored and the unit never numbered more than 27, many remained for only a few days (or even shorter) and virtually all only joined for the better conditions offered by the Germans like more food and better accommodation and other better conditions.

Many members were naive and / or stupid young men who didn’t really understand the ramifications of what they were joining (i.e. that it could be considered treason) and who left as soon as they realised they’d made a massive mistake.

One volunteer joined one morning, realised he’d made a massive mistake, left two hours later and was back in his original prisoner of war camp by that afternoon. They never killed any Allied soldiers or aided the enemy in any other way, mostly spending their time practising their drill and marching with German soldiers.

Now, if It was to be asserted that they should  be treated with sympathy as they had just been foolish naive youngsters who didn’t really understand what they had done, given homes and cash to help them adjust (so we can ‘understand what drove them to fascism and treason’) they’d be an enormous outcry that this idea was mad and for the death penalty to be employed against them.

Yet, the comparison is virtually exact.

The left are employing this sophistic special pleading for Begum out of politically correct motivations. 

If she was a British lad from East London who deserted his country and joined a hostile foreign power at the height of mortal struggle they’d be screaming for him to be hung.

It’s sheer hypocrisy.

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