By Stephen Bailey.

The insidious tentacles of the left’s war on traditional history and culture has spread all over the societies of the Western world. 

There has been several well known examples recently. The statue of Edward Colston in Bristol being pulled down by the far-left mob is one very notable example.

In London even the statue of wartime leader Winston Churchill was defaced and daubed with graffiti. Only the swift intervention of the Police prevented the mob from attempting to pull him down as well. 

At Oriel College Oxford’s Rhodes Building, perched on a stand, is a contentious statue of its benefactor, Cecil Rhodes, the founding father of Rhodesia, Prime Minister of the Cape Colony in Southern Africa and founder of the De Beers diamond Company. This small, rather unimpressive statue has drawn the ire and (sometimes violent) attention of the woke mob in Oxford. ‘Rhodes must fall’ they bellowed. For months they besieged the college with ‘protests’ which largely appeard to be designed to intimidate the college authorities into bending to their will and removing the statue.

As usual with the left-wing mob, despite having little support amongst the general population, they took it upon themselves to force their will on everybody else.

They shouted about ‘democracy’ and the ‘will of the people’, but that wasn’t the case. In reality, a smallish group of (largely) middle-class left-wing intellectuals took it upon themselves to make their will prevail against everybody else’s.

In Canada, a statue of Churchill near the City Hall in Edmonton has been vandalised with red paint. In the U.S. far-left extremists Antifa have employed often violent tactics including physical and verbal intimidation to achieve their ends. There are calls for high schools named after figures from history to be replaced with politically correct alternatives.

All over the U.K., Europe and North America, the far-left are conducting an aggressive campaign of attrition against the history of the country they live in.

As stated above, a statue of the U.K.’s wartime Prime Minister, Winston Churchill was defaced outside Edmonton’s City Hall in Canada earlier this year. Churchill, however some people today now see his views and values, was vital to continuing the war effort against the Axis when most in the West were either defeatist or pro-German, but the hard left only see his politically incorrect views and so develop tunnel vision and hone in on destroying him and his reputation.

In cities around Canada, statues of Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, have been taken down or covered up. In Toronto, activists pulled down a statue to Egerton Ryerson outside the university that bears his name and renamed the institution ‘X University’.

It’s time to push back against the vandals who would use such tactics to force their agenda on a largely unwilling society that doesn’t agree with them.

It shouldn’t be up to left-wing bullies and vandals to dictate to the rest of society in the country they reside in the direction that society should take. There should be a robust, but civilised, public debate about cancel culture in Western society generally and amongst the political elite in particular.

The political parties should tell the electorate where they stand. They should be honest about their intensions towards cancel culture. Do they support it or not? This way, the electorate can make informed choices and vote accordingly.

Many voters in Western societies watch with complete incredulity and even anger as history is dismantled without their consent by the self-appointed censors of the far-left. 

More importantly, the debate should be conducted amongst the public, who should decide on the correct course of action to take and the parties should then implement their will. That’s how democracy should work. The imposition of the will of a small, undemocratic, unrepresentative clique of extremists on the majority who disagree with them is its antithesis and so is totally unacceptable.

These left-wing activists have created a highly undemocratic modus operandi that is redolent of the tyrannical, dictatorial and repressive regimes of the old Soviet Eastern Block of the past, or North Korea today.

They are a tiny minority attempting to impose their will on the majority. They have become more and more active in recent years and complacency and apathy will only aid them in their efforts as they remain red in tooth and claw and will just manipulate such passivity to their own ends. Whilst you may respect their point of view, they won’t reciprocate and the result will be that their agenda is advanced. 

In Western democracy, society is governed by the will of the majority and the rule of law, not the dictates of the angry left-wing mob. In a democracy, issues of public policy are debated peacefully and put to the vote. They are not decided by the tyranny of a tiny, mostly unrepresentative gang of extremists.  

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