Terrorists likely recruiting inside migrant hotels, says security expert


Suspected terrorists have crossed the Channel in small boats and are now likely radicalising others in migrant hotels, a prominent security expert has said.

Dr Alan Mendoza, executive director of the Henry Jackson Society, was commenting on a report which claimed that 19 suspected terrorists have entered the country but cannot be deported due to human rights laws.

He told GB News: “It’s quite clear that you’ve got a problem with people coming in and of course you’ve got a secondary problem.

“Let’s assume they’re living here on the taxpayers’ largesse in hotels in other places, they’ve got the opportunity, firstly, to potentially abscond from there.

“Secondly, they could of course be radicalising people around them, given the length of time this whole process is taking at the moment in terms of processing.

“We surely have a problem of potential radicalisation within the places refugees are being held, migrants are being held, and we just don’t have a clear enough picture of what’s happening there at the moment.”

In a discussion with Patrick Christys, he said: “We now have the evidence, as we always suspected, that there were national security risks here.

“Let’s not forget people coming in are utilised by criminal gangs. It’s perfect for criminals to get in, and for terrorists to get in, by using these methods.

“So it’s been demonstrated that there’s a problem, we can see the outcome which is that we have suspected terrorists on our soil.”

He added: “It’s not as if we have no problem with domestic terrorists and the watchlist already.

“We’re now adding to that problem by not being able to understand who is coming in and preventing them from doing so.

“So I think it does comprehensively make that national security case that we need to have firm control of the illegal migrant routes across the Channel.”

Source: GB News


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