Once again you might not hear about some of these good news items on the BBC or most other news outlets, but remember positive things are happening across the country.

As we move into 2022, there’s been a lot of great British news to report again this week (27th December 2021 – 2nd January 2022). 

The UK’s economy is on course to outpace all other nations in the G7 for the second year running say leading economists. Britain has been declared the ‘clear European leader of digital and tech’ and London has retained its crown as the top stock exchange in Europe. What a way to start 2022!

Keep checking in with the Conservative Post to see these positive stories every day – the resurgence of British manufacturing, how our military is flying the flag across the world, positive policy making, our wonderful royals and many other things to be proud of. 

Here are our ten best read news stories from the last seven days: 

10. £75 million boost to modernise UK fishing industry and level up coastal communities

Fishing communities across the UK will benefit from better infrastructure, strengthened supply chains, new jobs and an investment in skills thanks to a £75 million boost for the sector announced by UK Government this week. The investment will strengthen the sector’s ability to land more fish in the UK and take them to market faster. This will be achieved by improving the capacity and efficiency of our harbours and processing facilities while boosting the long-term sustainability of the fishing industry and supporting jobs, increasing opportunities for coastal communities and levelling up across the country… click here

9. UK to start prioritising British seasonal workers as industry told to focus on domestic workforce

The Government has announced the number of seasonal worker visas allocated will begin to taper down from 2023 as the sector will have to focus on employing a domestic workforce. There will be 30,000 visas available next year for foreign workers to come to the UK for up to six months to pick both edible and ornamental crops but the Government has demanded a plan from the sector to cut the reliance on foreign labour. Minister for Safe and Legal Migration Kevin Foster said: “The extension to the Seasonal Worker visa route strikes the right balance of supporting the industry while it transitions to employing and prioritising domestic workers”… click here

8. New support package announced to help more disabled people into work

Thousands more disabled people are set to benefit from a new package of support designed to help them into the work they want. Minister for Disabled People, Chloe Smith, has this week announced that 15 Jobcentre Plus sites will be testing an autism framework, designed with the National Autistic Society (NAS), to transform the service available to jobseekers on the autism spectrum. The framework pilot will aim to help people with autism find, retain and progress in fulfilling jobs. This comes as 26,000 work coaches in jobcentres across the country are undergoing specialist accessibility training, delivered in partnership with Microsoft, in a further effort to help more disabled jobseekers secure employment… click here

7. HMRC fraud squad takes back £1 billion from offenders

More than £1 billion has been recovered from the proceeds of crime and tax offenders since the formation of a specialist HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) fraud squad 5 years ago. Launched in April 2016, the department’s Fraud Investigation Service (FIS) has now recovered assets equivalent to funding around 20,000 NHS nurses for an entire year. FIS has been proactively pursuing the suspected proceeds of crime using enforcement powers, both criminal and civil, to disrupt the movement of cash and assets. Since 2016, more than 1,200 seizures of cash and assets have been made while on operational duty, including gold bars worth £750,000… click here

6. An extra £60 million for adult social care over January 2022

The government will provide an extra £60 million to local authorities to support the adult social care response to COVID-19 in January, Minister for Care Gillian Keegan has announced. The Adult Social Care – Omicron Support Fund is on top of the £388 million infection control and testing fund announced earlier in the year to prevent infections and provide testing in the care sector. As cases of Omicron rise rapidly around the country, the additional £60 million will help protect both those who receive care, the family and friends who support them, as well as the adult social care workforce… click here

5. UK marks 132 million life-saving Covid-19 vaccinations in 2021

Around 132 million COVID-19 vaccinations were administered across all four nations of the UK in 2021, as part of the largest vaccination programme in British history. It marks the end of a monumental year for the NHS, with over 1.6 million people in the UK receiving a booster or third dose in the final week of 2021 – meaning almost 34 million people now have the protection they need from the Omicron variant at the start of the New Year. Around 50 million received a first dose in 2021 and over 47 million received a second of a COVID-19 vaccine. Over 90% of those aged 12 and over have now had their first dose, and 82.4% have had their second… click here

4. London Stock Exchange top of Europe with record year

The London Stock Exchange is the number one exchange in Europe, raising more equity than the Amsterdam and Paris exchanges combined, and most equity capital raised outside of the US and Greater China. The London Stock Exchange (LSE) has raised more capital for IPOs than any year since 2007 and is by a significant margin the number one exchange in Europe, raising more equity capital than the Amsterdam and Paris exchanges combined, and the most equity capital raised outside of the US and Greater China… click here

3. Boris pledges to build on Brexit achievements in 2022

The Government will go “further and faster” to maximise the opportunities of Brexit, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has said in comments marking the one-year anniversary of the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA). The landmark agreement, which came into effect a year ago, is the world’s biggest zero-tariff, zero-quota free trade deal. It allows businesses in Britain to trade freely with Europe while also being able to seize new trading opportunities with countries around the world. Since the agreement was signed, the Government has sought to capitalise on new freedoms by cutting red tape for businesses, reforming EU rules and regulations and boosting trade abroad to create new jobs here in the UK… click here

2. UK declared ‘clear European leader of digital and tech’ as British economy soars ahead of France

The UK economy, worth around £2.1 trillion, is already 3.6 percent bigger than France’s yet will be 16 percent bigger by 2036 says the new annual survey from the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR). The findings come in the independent business forecasting think tank’s annual World Economic League Table, which examines the economic growth of 193 countries. Douglas McWilliams, deputy chairman of CEBR, said: “Tech is the dynamic factor in economic growth and Britain is investing more in this area than France and Germany put together. Between half and three-quarters of UK economic growth has come from the tech sector.” The World Economic League Table shows the UK currently has the world’s fifth-largest economy with a gross domestic product of around £36,357… click here

1. UK economy to outpace all other G7 nations in 2022

The UK’s economy is on course to outpace all other nations in the G7 for the second year running say leading economists. Goldman Sachs have predicted the UK’s economy will rise by 4.8 percent in 2022 which is more than the 3.5 percent predicted for the US, more than the 4.0 percent predicted for Germany and more than the 4.4 percent forecast for Italy and France. Similarly, experts at HSBC also expect UK GDP to grow more than the other G7 nations of France, Germany, Italy, Canada, the US and Japan. HSBC predicts the UK economy will grow by 4.7 percent over the next 12 months which is more than their forecasts for the rest of the G7 nations which range from 2.2 percent for Japan and 4.3 percent for Italy… click here

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