2022 is already off to a flying start with a lot of great British news to report again this week (3rd – 9th January 2022). 

You might not hear about some of these good news items on the BBC or most other news outlets, but remember positive things are happening across the country.

British factory output has grown for the 19th consecutive month. We’re seeing a huge demand for British goods in places like South Korea. English fishing ports such as Brixham are reporting record sales. We’ve got a giant new UK film studio to look forward to which has already secured Disney as its first client. The UK has retained its position as the leading IPO venue in Europe and British scientists are ‘leading the charge’ – quite literally – with new sustainable batteries which could revolutionise portable energy…

Amazing things are happening for the UK and we also have the most brilliant year to look forward to.

Keep checking in with the Conservative Post to see these positive stories every day – the resurgence of British manufacturing, how our military is flying the flag across the world, positive policy making, our wonderful royals and many other things to be proud of. 

Here are our ten best read news stories from the last seven days: 

10. Bumper year for UK equity capital markets as Britain retains position as leading European IPO venue

2021 was an extremely strong year for UK equity capital markets, which continue to demonstrate their enduring appeal and value to investors and businesses internationally say KPMG. In spite of ongoing Covid-19 related uncertainty and wider market volatility, a total of 108 companies came to market in London in 2021, more than 2020 (38) and 2019 (35) combined. The report shows how the UK once again demonstrated its position as the leading European IPO venue: total IPO Funds Raised in London were £13.9 billion, ahead of Stockholm (with Funds Raised of approximately £9.4 billion, including £1.7 billion raised by the IPO of Volvo) and Amsterdam (approximately £7.2 billion)… click here

9. New laws to strengthen national security come into effect

The National Security and Investment (NSI) Act – the biggest shake-up of the UK’s national security regime for 20 years – has fully commenced this week. The government will now be able to scrutinise and intervene in certain acquisitions made by anyone, including businesses and investors, that could harm the UK’s national security. The government will also be able to impose certain conditions on an acquisition or, if necessary, unwind or block it – although it is expected this will happen rarely and the vast majority of deals will require no intervention and be able to proceed without delay.  The NSI Act will give investors additional certainty and clarity and cement the UK’s world-leading reputation as a global champion of free trade and investment as well as an attractive place to invest… click here

8. 2.5 billion UK-made vaccines administered to more than 170 countries

Around 2.5 billion doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine have now been distributed at-cost to more than 170 countries worldwide. Almost two-thirds of these have gone to low and lower-middle-income countries, including more than 30 million doses donated by the UK through COVAX or bilaterally. The UK will donate a further 20 million AstraZeneca doses to countries in need this year as part of the government’s commitment to donate 100 million doses overall. One year ago, the UK became the first country in the world to administer the Oxford University/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. Since then, around 50 million AstraZeneca vaccines have been administered in the UK, saving countless lives, keeping people out of hospital and reducing the pressure on the NHS… click here

7. British marque Bentley charges to record year with unprecedented demand for luxury hybrid models

Bentley Motors has recorded the highest sales in its 103-year history. The Crewe-based British marque sold 14,659 cars across the world last year, an increase of 31 per cent over the previous record year (11,206) in 2020. This significant achievement was driven by new model introductions, a fresh product portfolio and increasing demand for Bentley’s new hybridised models, introduced under Bentley’s Beyond100 strategic path to full electrification by 2030. The Americas maintained its position as the biggest selling global market, selling more than ever before. China almost matched this performance for the first time in a decade. Combined, the Americas and China contributed more than half (56 per cent) of Bentley’s total global sales… click here     

6. New cutting-edge air traffic system for UK military with 300 UK jobs supported

A cutting-edge Air Traffic Management System is operational at RAF Shawbury in a £1.5 billion contract transforming air traffic management for the UK military. Designed to ensure safe and resilient military flying operations, the contract will integrate and support modern, innovative equipment with existing infrastructure. Variations will be rolled out across more than 60 Ministry of Defence sites in the UK and overseas by 2024, including Cyprus, Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands. The equipment allows controllers improved situational awareness enhancing flight safety, with digital upgrades including touch screen communications, clearer radar pictures and improved flight information and positioning. Around 300 jobs have been secured in Fareham and other areas of the UK… click here

5. British factory output grows for the 19th consecutive month

The UK’s manufacturing sector saw further growth of production, new orders and employment in December with British manufacturing PMI remaining above the neutral 50.0 mark now for 19 months. The seasonally adjusted IHS Markit/CIPS Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) rose to 57.9 in December. The PMI report shows UK output rose across the consumer, intermediate and investment goods sectors during December, with the overall pace of expansion improving to a four-month high. The UK’s increased output was underpinned by rising intakes of new business as domestic market conditions continued to strengthen with export demand for UK capital goods rising at the quickest pace since August. The UK’s manufacturing employment also increased for the twelfth successive month in December… click here

4. New UK film studios set to generate £600 million annually confirms Disney as first client

A new film studio in Berkshire has received full planning permission to begin construction on a state-of-the-art facility which will comprise 18 sound stages and has already confirmed Disney as its first client.  The 85,000 square metre media hub, Shinfield Studios will be located in Shinfield within the Thames Valley Science Park and become one of the largest film and TV studios in Europe.  The studios expect to generate total inward investment to the UK economy of approximately £600 million each year. The development includes four sound stages which have already been completed following accelerated planning permission and they are now ready to start filming a Disney production which has been confirmed to start filming soon… click here

3. ‘Huge demand’ for British goods and services in South Korea as UK exports surge by 9 percent

International Trade Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan has welcomed the “huge demand” for British goods and services in South Korea which has seen British exports surge by nine percent in the last year. New figures show trade between the two nations has increased to £13 billion in the year to June 2021 with the UK exporting £2 billion more to South Korea than it imported. South Korea is the tenth largest economy in the world and according to Ms Trevelyan, is a key part of the UK’s strategic plan to penetrate into the Indo-Pacific region and join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement (CPTPP). The CPTPP is made up of 11 countries in the Trans-Pacific Partnership which includes New Zealand and Australia as well as Canada, Japan and Singapore… click here

2. England’s most lucrative fishing port lands record £43.6 million of seafood

New figures show England’s most lucrative fishing port, Brixham in Devon landed a record £43.6 million of seafood in 2021. Brixham Fish Market beat their £40.3 million record from 2017 and smashed 2020’s figure of £35.8 million to land a record £43.6 million in 2021 after leaving the EU. Contrary to many predicting Brexit would destroy the UK’s fishing industry, Barry Young, boss of Brixham Trawler Agents, said the port was thriving and he was happy to report “record sales.” Mr Young said: “Despite the pandemic and Brexit rumours we’ve seen our sales to domestic markets and exports to the EU increase nicely. The positive story is well reflected in these record sales numbers.” Conservative MP for Totnes Anthony Mangnall added: “It shows the opportunities and benefits to can be found as an independent trading nation”… click here

1. British scientists celebrate after developing ‘astounding’ and sustainable lithium battery alternatives

British scientists say they are astounded by the performance of sustainable batteries with far-reaching implications for e-vehicles and devices. Researchers at Bristol have developed high-performance sodium and potassium ion batteries using sustainably sourced cellulose. Scientists at the Bristol Composites Institute have developed a novel controllable unidirectional ice-templating strategy which can tailor the electrochemical performances of next-generation post-lithium-ion batteries with sustainability and large-scale availability. The performance of these new sodium and potassium ion batteries has been shown to outperform many other comparable systems, and it uses a sustainably sourced material – cellulose… click here

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