UK strengthens policing cooperation with Malta

Minister Camilleri with Minister Malthouse at the Home Office. Source: UK Gov

The UK and Malta have agreed a new partnership to boost police cooperation which will help cut crime and bring more criminals to justice in both countries.

The new agreement will see expertise and training methods shared between the two nations to boost police performance in targeting serious and organised crime gangs.

The UK-Malta Partnership was signed today (Monday 6 December) by Minister for Crime and Policing, Kit Malthouse and his Maltese counterpart, Minister for Home Affairs, National Security and Law Enforcement, Byron Camilleri.

Minister for Crime and Policing, Mr Malthouse said:

Serious and organised criminal do not respect our borders and it is vital that we work together with our international partners to tackle ever-changing threats.

This Government is totally committed to driving crime down, and this new agreement Malta will give both our police forces the tools they need to deliver on that promise.

Malta’s Minister for Home Affairs, National Security and Law Enforcement, Byron Camilleri said:

The Maltese Government through the Ministry for Home Affairs is supporting the Malta Police Force’s transformation strategy, providing them with all the assistance necessary. These reforms are ensuring the better use of technology and information, increasing public trust between the police and local communities and overseeing the introduction of a new code of ethics.

In relation to the enhanced cooperation between Malta and the United Kingdom, I look forward to the opportunities for Malta Police to work with their British counterparts which will lead to the exchange of best practices.

Malta and the UK share a long tradition of law enforcement and criminal justice cooperation to tackle international organised crime such as drug trafficking, illegal migration, cyber-crime, and financial crime.

This partnership will enable the UK to share our world-leading expertise in police training, professional development, and community policing with our Maltese counterparts. It will help officers in both countries develop new skills, build community policing strategies and modernise digital services.

The partnership follows the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding which will:

  • facilitate greater cooperation between the UK National Police Chiefs Council and Malta Police Force;
  • strengthen collaboration between the UK’s police services and Malta Police Force as it implements its 2020-2025 transformation strategy; and
  • reinforce links between the College of Policing, recognised globally for its leadership training and professional standards, and Malta Police Force.
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