William Hallowell: Shamima Begum’s case is over so why does the media continue to give it attention?

Screen grab of GMB's interview with Shamima Begum.

By William Hallowell.

Last week, the ridiculous argument over Shamima Begum has been rehashed, because of a crocodile tear interview on Good Morning Britain in which she begged the British public to forgive her for her act of treason and betrayal against our country; for joining a jihadist organisation.

But despite the crocodile tears and obvious attempt to appeal to those who feel sorry, and even sympathetic, for her by self-constructing herself as the victim in all this, it is clear she has not changed – and that she, a former British citizen, would not be so desperately pleading for forgiveness had the ISIS caliphate not failed.

It seems that more people than ever have begun to feel sorry for her, and argue that, perhaps, we should grant her wish to return to the UK to stand trial. Why? Because whoever is aiding her in her mission is clever. No longer does the ISIS bride appear as the ISIS bride, draped in Muslim women’s clothing. No longer does she present this image of a dangerous, terror threat – but one of a young and vulnerable Western woman.

In her interview, she donned a grey vest, Nike cap, ever-so-orange painted fingernails and had on display long, wavy, brown hair. Let us not be fooled by this deception.

Let us not be deceived under this guise of innocence. The case for her return must not gain momentum, and let it not do so because we have been made to be naïve and foolish by believing that doing away with Islamic fashion and swapping it with Western clothing warrants a change in heart; ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing’, is the phrase the comes to mind.

What is most outrageous is that the media continues to provide her a platform, to give her yet another chance to argue her hopeless and vain cause to return to Britain. Perhaps she would under a Labour government, but certainly not under a Conservative one – and rightly so.

But ITV giving her the opportunity for an interview must be questioned. Why is she being given this opportunity, and who is orchestrating it?

Her case is over. The fact that she is still being granted the chance to argue her toss of the dice makes one question whether elements of the mainstream media have begun to feel sympathetic towards her; but to feel sympathy for a traitorous terrorist like Shamima Begum, is to feel empathy for her also.

Human rights and left-wing activists have argued time and again that the then Government’s decision – in which the current Health Secretary, Sajid Javid, was then Home Secretary – to revoke her of her citizenship, was morally wrong. And, in February, the Supreme Court thankfully ruled that Begum cannot return to fight for her citizenship.

The highest court in England more or less indirectly backed the Government on the issue. As far as I was concerned at the time, and still am, that is the end of the case of Shamima Begum, and that is the rule of law.

For elements of the British media to continue to provide her this platform, should call into question its collective morality and moral responsibility to the British public.

This is not an argument from the perspective of a cynic, but one from a view of having the interests of the country at heart. It is not worth the money in taxpayers’ hard work, nor the threat to their safety, to have a likes of Begum return to Britain – regardless of the circumstance.

For at the least, her case would set a bad precedent, and display an embarrassing weakness in our nation, should she be granted the permission to return by any court or government.

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  1. These ISIS people from the U.K. should have been left in Syria to help rebuild it and allow the Syrian people to have the justice they rightly deserve. Tens of thousands of innocent men and boys were beheaded on the streets and women and girls sold into sex slavery and servitude. There is no way any of them should ever have been allowed back.

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