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£5000 OFFERED to all ‘properly conservative’ MPs seeking re-election from multi-millionaire businessman

Laurence Fox and British businessman Jeremy Hosking. The £5,000 donations are from Reclaim The Media Ltd, of which Mr Hosking is the majority shareholder.

Reclaim UK say the first-past-the-post process combined with the UK constituency system make it “almost impossible” for them and Reform to win seats in the House of Commons.

So, they’re prepared to donate millions to “properly conservative” candidates who will lead the charge and champion their values.

Multi-millionaire Jeremy Hosking who bankrolls Reclaim UK, and its leader Laurence Fox are offering £5,000 to every candidate seeking re-election who signs up to four culture pledges.

The former Tory donor and Mr Fox are working with the Conservative Post and donating to the best-placed candidates who share their aims and values in the forthcoming General Election.

The £5,000 donations will be made from Reclaim The Media Ltd, of which Mr Hosking is the majority shareholder, to all conservative minded candidates seeking re-election who sign up to a Four-Point Commitment to Culture.

Reclaim UK leader Laurence Fox says:

“It’s a chance to boost their electoral appeal by endorsing values that are passionately supported right across the conservative movement – as well as the chance to boost their campaign coffers.”

To receive this funding, parliamentary candidates standing for re-election must commit to campaigning on the Four Commitments to Culture and to promoting them in parliament should they be re-elected in July.

The Four-Point Commitment to Culture are:

  1. To leave the European Court of Human Rights, so that we can ensure sovereign control of our borders and cap immigration;
  2. To repeal The Human Rights Act to ensure free speech is protected for all;
  3. To ban all forms of gender reassignment for children to defend childhood and the family; and
  4. To reform the Equality Act with the aim of eliminating sex and race- based discrimination.

Conservative MPs Dame Andrea Jenkyns, Brendan Clarke-Smith, Marco Longhi and Karl McCartney are leading the charge and have already signed up to the pledges.

Dame Andrea told the Telegraph:

“While Reform has a scorched earth policy and wants to obliterate true Conservatives, Reclaim are instead taking a grown-up approach and realise that we should instead take the fight to the socialists, and stop a dangerous Starmer and Rayner-led government. It’s time for common sense Conservatives to unite.”

“I always sign up to causes I believe in” – Dame Andrea Jenjyns. Copyright 2024

Claire Bullivant, Editor of the Conservative Post, has been involved in discussions with Tory MPs about signing up to pledges, added:

“It’s great to see former conservative party donors such as Jeremy Hosking and Reclaim’s Laurence Fox trying to help steer the ship back to proper conservatism. Any Conservative Candidate who doesn’t want to sign up to these pledges should question whether they’re in the right party.

“These pledges are also what the people want. You just have to knock on any door across the country and this is what you’re predominantly told.

“We should all be supporting proper conservative candidates like Dame Andrea Jenkyns, Brendan Clarke-Smith, Marco Longhi and Karl McCartney who have already put their names to these pledges. We need to keep these MPs in Parliament.”

Conservative MPs seeking re-election who want to sign up to the pledges can contact Claire Bullivant on: editor@conservativepost.co.uk

The Four Commitments in further detail:

1. To leave the European Court of Human Rights

Britain is an independent democracy and should not cede sovereign power to unelected bodies, nationally or internationally. The European Court of Human Rights interferes with our freedom to address human rights and in tackling immigration. Leaving the Court will restore our domestic freedoms.

2. To repeal The Human Rights Act

Freedom of expression is protected in our constitution, but there are many legal restrictions on speech and behaviour which exist to protect individuals from targeted harassment and violence, and to protect society from national security threats. These restrictions are heavily relied on by political activists to re-classify dissent from their political worldview as criminal speech.

A simple clarification of the current laws could be made by statutory instrument to the effect that no restriction on freedom of expression shall be used to facilitate the cancellation of academic talks, prevent public political debate on matters of general controversy, or draw a bright line between “correct” and “incorrect” speech, belief, and opinion.

The clarification of current law would mean police officers and judges would not feel justified in interpreting the law so as to punish “politically incorrect” speech.

3. To ban all forms of gender reassignment for children

Children deserve to be innocent and not indoctrinated. The government classifies Transgenderism as an ideology. Sections 406-407 of the Education Act 1996 make clear that schools cannot promote political positions by teaching one side of a debate in a one-sided, partisan way. This Commitment calls for that legislation to be honoured by schools.

4. To reform the Equality Act

How equal can an Equality Act be if it establishes 9 groups with protected characteristics? The Public Sector Equality Duty, that derives directly from the Equality Act, paves the way for radical political movements to discriminate in favour of those 9 groups. Furthermore, cancel culture is directly fuelled by those Protected Characteristics.

The Equality Act 2010 also allows for so-called “positive action” (effectively lawful discrimination) where certain groups are perceived to suffer from historical or systemic forms of prejudice or disadvantage.

A revision to the Protected Characteristics in the Act will enhance impartiality within our legal system and better provide for equality of all before the law.

For more details contact editor@conservativepost.co.uk


  1. Hold on a minute. Isn’t this the same M/s Jenkyns who has Reform leader on her hand outs fior the general election? Surely not. There must be some mistake


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