51 American military dogs left behind after Biden’s hurried evacuation of Kabul

Some of the American Service dogs left behind at Kabul Airport. Photo courtesy of Veteran Sheepdogs of America.

American K-9 soldiers have been abandoned at Kabul Airport after the last US flight left yesterday (Monday).

51 dogs have been left in the now Taliban controlled Afghanistan after the US Department of Defense ordered that they be left behind.

As American troops left Afghanistan at the stroke of midnight, an animals rights group ‘American Humane’ slammed the US government’s move to leave military contract working dogs caged in an Aircraft hanger at Kabul Airport.

The charity said:

“American Humane stands ready to not only help transport these contract K-9 soldiers to US soil but also to provide for their lifetime medical care.”

However, the last five US military transport aircraft departed Afghanistan on Monday without the service animals who have been left behind to be “tortured and killed at the hand of our enemies” the charity stated.

The charity’s President Robin R Ganzert said in a statement on last night:

“These brave dogs do the same dangerous, lifesaving work as our military working dogs, and deserve a far better fate than the one to which they have been condemned. It sickens us to sit idly by and watch these brave dogs who valiantly served our country be put to death or worse.”

After American President Biden promised “no American will be left behind” it is now estimated around 200 – 1000 American citizens are still in Afghanistan after they could not get to the airport in time.

Chief of US Central Command Frank McKenzie said:

“There’s a lot of heartbreak associated with this departure. We did not get everybody out that we wanted to get out. But I think if we’d stayed another 10 days, we wouldn’t have gotten everybody out.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other world leaders called upon US President Joe Biden to issue a delay in the withdrawing of US forces from Afghanistan at last week’s G7 emergency meeting. This came after attempts by both British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab and British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace asked the same of their US counterparts which fell on deaf ears.

President Biden was adamant about keeping the August 31 deadline to withdraw from Afghanistan saying:

“The sooner we finish the better.

“Each day of operations brings added risk to our troops.”

Veteran Sheepdogs of America, a US Veteran organisation is now frantically trying to rescue the dogs.


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