A blue wave across England as first councils declare


England is currently electing 143 councils, 13 mayors and 35 police and crime commissioners with an early surge of seats turning blue across the country.

Prime minister Boris Johnson has described the early election results as “very encouraging.”

“I think that’s really because we have been focusing, as a government, on our priorities, the people’s priorities, and bouncing back from the pandemic as much as we can and getting through it.”

Conservatives have won the Hartlepool by-election, turning the constituency blue for the first time since the constituency was formed in 1974. In an historic defeat for Labour, Hartlepool voted for the Tory candidate Jill Mortimer by 15,529 votes to Labour’s 8,589. 

Early results show the Conservatives have already taken councils from Labour in Nottinghamshire, Essex and Warwickshire and have also taken control of Northumberland. The Conservatives have seen a Tory landslide in Redditch with all available seats turning blue and a big win in Dudley, West Midlands.

Councillor Harley, the Conservative leader in Dudley, said:

“It has been an excellent result for us – the best night ever for the Conservative group here. We ended the night with 46 seats – and if you include Colin Elcock and Ray Burston [independent councillors] who always support us in the chamber, we have got 48 bolts in the chamber now which leaves the Labour party irrelevant.”

Results so far as at 4.30pm the Conservatives have gained 95 councillors, the Green Party have gained 16 and the Liberal Democrats have gained five councillors. Labour have so far lost 121 council seats across the country. Results still coming in.


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