A Christian Socialist is an oxymoron too far, says Rachael Tearney


By Rachael Tearney.

Ten Years to Save The West, by Liz Truss; is a revealing book, explaining the truth of our compromised institutions: the infiltration of impartial bodies by Leftist activists.

The importance of impartiality in government departments must be understood. Civil servants can serve for years, spanning different administrations, they must enact the wishes of the elected government (elected by the people, so therefore the wishes are ours) without bias.

This fundamental cornerstone of democracy has been eroded leaving us on the brink of dictatorship.

We must mount an ideological defence or we will succumb to totalitarianism. Your children may never, ever know the freedom under which you and I were born and grew up. 

The USSR loomed over the free West for seven decades, with its political prisoners, prisoners of conscience, limited travel, controlled food, goods, media and personal liberty. Generations lived and died under Communism. They never knew freedom. How on earth have the children who grew up with that monster alongside our free West allowed its ideology to dwarf our own?

How on earth have the children who grew up with that monster alongside our free West allowed its ideology to dwarf our own?

The Berlin Wall fell in 1989, we watched the people with faces filled with joy scramble over the rubble to the sound of ‘The Hoff’. One by one, the extraordinarily brave people of those oppressed, beleaguered nations made a break for freedom and won. They looked to the West for guidance, what did we do? We formed the undemocratic EU and began to worship at the altar of Marx. It’s what is known as an epic fail.

Much of the reason for it is it weakness of character, a fear of being unpopular and an inability to argue articulately for freedom and liberty. It is also a result of a kind heart and conscience.

I have lost count of the amount of times I’ve been told, or rather screamed at; that Tories are selfish and the Left are caring and sharing and that anyone with a conscience would be a Socialist: A Christian Socialist.

So, let’s pick that apart. 

Beginning with Marx, father of Socialist theory, he declared his utopia required ‘the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions.’ He wanted to ‘destroy God and Capitalism.’ Nowhere in the word of Jesus will you find a statement resembling these violent ideas. Still these words, straight from the horse’s mouth, have been discarded.

Let’s take the great Socialist flagship policy of Trade Unionism.

The argument for, is that Trade Unions champion worker’s rights. There was, however, believe it or not, a time before Trade Unionism. The Lace Makers of Nottingham faced huge losses after the Napoleonic Wars ended and fashions changed. Their profits were hit hard. At this time the donations for the Poor Fund, which was the only source of Social relief, came from business, trade and gentry. When their profits plummeted, the Poor Fund suffered. This act of giving was known as Christian Philanthropy rooted in Christian conscience. The mill owners Heard & Hurst never suffered attacks by Luddites because their Christian Philanthropy caused them to limit hours for women and children and improve worker’s pay and conditions, whilst still providing for the unemployed poor by often being the biggest contributor to the poor fund.

Trade Unions decree they stand for the rights of the workers. Do they contribute to the Poor Fund? No, they pay themselves with your subs. What they actually do is set a low bar. They constantly haggle for acceptable rates and terms; put another way, they dictate to the workers what they should accept. 

Trade Unions decree they stand for the rights of the workers. Do they contribute to the Poor Fund? No, they pay themselves with your subs. What they actually do is set a low bar.

A free, non-unionised workforce, without the union benefits of a minimum wage, could demand much fairer terms by allowing the employer to be competitive. If the conditions are good, pay good, the employer will have no trouble attracting workers, if not, it will struggle.

An example of union strategy by Equity the Actors Union, was to do away entirely with the twice nightly. What did this actually achieve? No more exploitation of actors, they’d tell you, in reality, it was a halving of profits and less work for actors, leading to closing theatres. Hardly a win. Surely, actors would’ve been better off if they’d be free to negotiate better terms if they wished to play in the twice nightly?

Freedom to maneuver gives everyone a better chance. The minimum wage has suppressed wages now for over twenty-five years. You cannot leave and get paid more elsewhere, you just have to lump it. Wow, what an achievement.

According to Christian Socialists, a Christian conscience apparently also means giving ever increasing amounts of money to the Welfare State, if you oppose this you’re unchristian, you’re selfish. 

Is it selfish to want to free up business and trade so that they can innovate and create jobs? To create opportunities for those who are stuck on benefits, to give those people a chance to aspire and earn their own money and buy their own houses? To live freely, exploring their own potential without Trade Unionists telling everyone what they should accept and pay higher taxes in return, in order to meet trade union demands in the public sector? An ever-increasing public-sector bill drains funds. It will run out. Then what? Are the Socialists going to feed the five thousand from the empty basket? 

Christian Socialists would argue money must be found to house, feed and clothe more people, jobless, refugees, illegal immigrants, the state purse must provide – but remember, we can’t cut taxes and encourage business because our welfare state bill and our public sector wages bill is now enormous. It would appear we have few options but the empty basket and a miracle.

Somewhere along the line Communism and Christianity were conflated. In truth, never the twain shall meet. 

Communism or Socialism is forced giving to the state. Note, no Communist country ever called itself Communist, they’re all Socialist republics, Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) People’s Republic of China.  It is not voluntary giving, it does not come from conscience, it comes from forced high taxes. Someone, no doubt in the department of ‘I say who gets what’ then decides how much will be given out and to whom. The rest they keep for themselves; of course, we know from history, every good Socialist Republic worth its salt must have a gold toilet for its leader.

We know from history, every good Socialist Republic worth its salt must have a gold toilet for its leader.

Christian Philanthropy, on the other hand, whose proponents built vast amounts of infrastructure, bridges, railways, ships, hospitals, schools, is based on conscience and it is a choice. In the parables Jesus often speaks of a land owner, a rich man, a farmer: men who own things but who bear their ownership fairly and wisely. They do not have to surrender their land to the state.

Advocating for Trade Unionism and more money to the Welfare State is an abandonment of Christianity and personal responsibility. It is the creation and sustainment of an underclass, one that will never know freedom, one that will always be beholden to the state and of course, the state has no money, it only has what we give it. So, by being a Christian Socialist you stifle business and enslave your fellow man.

The current passion for ‘Social Justice’ seeks to replace the Christian conscience of voluntary giving of both time and resources with a demand on the state to provide for the needy or to back whatever political crusade is fashionable. No questions asked. However, unless man is given opportunity to help themselves you will never end poverty and oppression.

Opportunity creates freedom and to do that you need wealth and a Christian conscience, not the envy of Socialism which condemns Capitalism, free trade and enterprise.  There is no need to replace or correct the teachings of Christ with Socialism. If the Church teaches the gospels it teaches personal responsibility, conscience, voluntary giving and the creation of a fairer, caring society.

The final point is that Christian Socialist vicars are hastening their own demise – for there has not been a Socialist state in the history of the world that advocated for Christianity particularly not in the way the Church is currently advocating Socialism.

The Christian church is driven underground in Socialist Republics (aka Communist states) and Christians are persecuted. In 1961 Castro closed all churches and detained almost every Catholic priest. In the USSR, by 1939 just 200 of the 46,000 Christian churches remained open. Today, in China, Christians are only allowed to worship in government registered and controlled churches. 


Because the absolute enemy of Marx and his disciples is the freedom created and sustained by Democratic Conservatism and Christian Philanthropy.

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