Alexander Kalkschmidt-Jährling: A German gives his take on the UK local elections


By Alexander Kalkschmidt-Jährling.

As a German living in this wonderful country, here‘s my take on the local election results:

1. London council gains seem to reflect the demographic there. If only 43% Londoners identify as British, well, no wonder. But London is not the UK.

2. Quite some councils have significant gains, swinging to Tories, and there must be a local reason for such massive gains.

3. Labour tried, partly successful, to confuse voters with national issues on local elections, which in my opinion is not just misleading, but simply fraud. Arguments about national taxes etc have nothing to do with local elections, but they did that.

4. Historically a mid term ‘loss‘ is perfectly normal and looking at numbers it’s not bad at all, so the ‘send a signal’ message is there but not dominant. Again confusing local issues with national ones.

5. Labour argued unfairly and by misleading. Whereas the Tories made it clear in all campaigns that these are local elections regarding local services and performance.

6. Media certainly played a significant role. Mud-slinging towards Tories and covering up Labour related things. You don’t need to be rocket scientist to see and observe the biased reporting, newspapers and TV. This one disgusts me most.

7. In summary my feeling is that for 2024 nothing is lost, not at all. But a clear out needs to take place at the Conservatives internally plus Civil Service and Police. Too many lefty blockers there by the looks of it.

There you have it.

And always: #BackBoris

8. Needs to be added after having my Muesli now and having read the BBC website: Christ almighty, this reporting is Labour propaganda and government bashing once again, what an utter disgrace the BBC is.


  1. Well said and it sums up what a majority of us say, that Boris Johnson has been abused and bullied by an ineffectual opposition who have nothing to offer by negativity. Government policy is being held up by a useless civil service no longer fit for purpose and the list goes on. The media are abusing their so called freedom of the press position by the blatant bias in stories about the government with their twisted lefty rhetoric. It seems those of us who take the time to write and complain are ignored and thats not what’s supposed to happen in a democracy!


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