‘American – British trade and investment is thriving but we can go further’ says Trevelyan after US talks

Source: UK Gov / Twitter

The British Secretary of State for International Trade Anne-Marie Trevelyan met her US counterpart, United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai, in Washington DC today to discuss going further on UK-US trade and overcoming existing barriers.

They started by highlighting the key role trade and investment plays in the strong economic partnership between the UK and US and ways of building on the already significant £200 billion-plus trading relationship.

The pair agreed to enhance vital work in areas of mutual interest, such as using trade to support the levelling up and build back better agendas, backing workers, and tackling shared goals such as easing global supply chains, developing digital trade rules, and addressing climate change.

Secretary of State Trevelyan highlighted the need to protect domestic industries, pushing for a resolution on the Section 232 tariffs levied on UK steel and aluminium producers. Both also discussed the need to go further in promoting free and fair trade by combating unfair trading practices and reforming the WTO.

After their meeting the British Trade Secretary took to Twitter to say:

“US – UK Trade & investment is thriving. But we can go further.”

Ms Trevelyan and Ms Tai said they both look forward to continuing these vital discussions at future meetings in the New Year.


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