‘Anti-democratic forces that want to coerce the UK back into the EU are very active’ says Stephen Bailey


By Stephen Bailey.

“The anti-democratic forces that want to coerce the UK back into the EU are very active in their attempts to achieve their agenda.

“Moves to force the UK to rejoin the EU may be in their early stages at the moment, but it would be very unwise to just ignore them and dismiss them as irrelevant.”

A recent meeting held in secret in Oxfordshire has further highlighted a growing concern there is a covert plan by elitist politicians to overturn Brexit. This indication of such a move is just the latest in a line of watchful events that have given rise to such suspicions.

A number of prominent politicians from across the political spectrum and other attendees spanning the private and business sectors attended a secret meeting to discuss the future direction that they think Brexit policy should take.

In what has been labelled as an ‘extraordinary’ cross-party meeting, senior figures representing both the Conservative and Labour parties gathered on Thursday and Friday last week at Ditchley Park in Oxfordshire to discuss their views on how to proceed with formulating the UK’s post-Brexit policy.

The meeting was attended by high-profile politicians such as Michael Gove, the current Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities who is also the Minister for Intergovernmental Relations and who had been co-convenor of Vote Leave. Also there was Labour MP Gisela Stuart who had been responsible for chairing the campaign committee of the Vote Leave campaign.

Other political attendees were ex-Conservative Party leader Michael Howard and prominent pro-EU Labour Party figures such as David Lammy and Peter Mandelson, as well as ex-Conservative European Minister David Lidington, Theresa May’s Brexit negotiator Olly Robbins and civil servant Tom Scholar, ex-Treasury Permanent Secretary.

Attendees from the business and private sectors included pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline’s chair John Symonds, ex-Treasury permanent secretary Tom Scholar and Angus Lapsley, Nato Assistant Secretary General for defence policy and planning.

It is reported that the meeting’s agenda was concerned with issues like the Northern Ireland Protocol, Brexit’s effect on the growth of the UK economy and what can be done to counter global threats from Russia and China.

Whilst the economic matters related to Brexit were prevalent at the meeting, much of the agenda revolved around re-establishing closer political and economic links between the UK and the EU.

Lord Frost, Brexit Chief Negotiator under Boris Johnson, has expressed serious concerns that the attendees could be planning to undo the agreement that he helped formulate with the EU.

He stated:

‘This secret conference is a further piece of evidence that many in our political and business establishment want to unravel the deals we did to exit the EU in 2020 and to stay shadowing the EU instead.’

‘That’s why so many of those responsible for Theresa May’s failed backstop deal were there, while I and those who actually delivered the Brexit agreements were not.’

‘Brexit doesn’t need ‘fixing’. It needs this Conservative Government, elected with a huge mandate on a Brexit programme, to fully and enthusiastically embrace its advantages instead of leaving the field to those who never wanted it in the first place.’

‘I and millions of others want the Government to get on with that instead of raising taxes, deterring investment and pushing public spending to its highest level for 70 years.’

These developments have emerged as those that voted to leave the EU have become concerned that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is preparing to make substantial concessions on the highly contentious Northern Ireland Protocol that may let the European Court of Justice continue to have a role in ruling on trade in that part of the UK.

Vital talks between the UK and the EU on the Protocol are scheduled to take place shortly. David Jones, the Deputy Chairman of the European Research Group of Conservative MPs, has asserted that:

‘The fact that such a meeting was held in conditions of such secrecy must give rise to suspicions as to its purpose. It’s hard to believe that closer constitutional links were not on the agenda.’

Reports of the meeting have led to pronounced fears that it could be part of a process which paves the way to Britain eventually joining an EU army. Some have noted that key individuals present have been behind attempts to integrate the UK’s Armed Forces into those of the rest of the EU member states’ to form a putative combined EU Army with command structures completely under the control of Brussels. This suspicion is further exacerbated by the attendance of Angus Lapsley, Nato Assistant Secretary General for defence policy and planning, at the meeting.

The main focus of concern, however, remained that the meeting signified moves towards reversing Brexit.

Both the matters discussed at this meeting and its timing raised very ominous and serious questions about the real nature of the political elite’s commitment to Brexit that have been brewing for a long time.

Back in January 2022, Conservative MP for Wellingborough, Peter Bone revealed that plans existed for a new EU/UK parliamentary assembly, which was described by one MP as amounting to an ‘operation creep’ plot to let the EU regain a degree of control over the UK’s affairs via the back door.

The proposed assembly would consist of 35 members of the European Parliament, 35 UK MP’s and have influence over the implementation of the Brexit Trade Deal with the EU.

Its members would collaborate on deciding how the UK will implement the trade deal made with the bloc, receiving regular updates from the UK Foreign Secretary and the EU-UK Partnership Council.

They would make recommendations on how to improve trade ties between the UK and the EU, and it’s likely the assembly will include a number of pro-EU supporters.

It was created without a formal Commons vote in early December last year, after MP’s let it come into being due to insufficient opposition to force a division (vote on its existence). The European Parliament had given its consent to the assembly’s creation in October 2021.

Mr Bone spoke out against these plans, as, he asserted, they risked giving EU politicians power and control over the internal domestic affairs of the United Kingdom again.

Furthermore, he stated, they could be part of an ongoing creeping agenda of Brussels gradually reassuming an increasing degree of control over the UK, letting EU control in again through the backdoor.

Mr Bone explained his misgivings over the creation of the new parliamentary body, saying:

‘If it’s intended to talk about our future relationship with the EU given half of the members will be from the European Union and the other half from the British Parliament on a cross-party basis, there will be a permanent majority in there in favour of the EU.’

‘One of the reasons we voted to get out was because we didn’t want MEP’s commenting on how we run our country.’

‘I don’t want to tell the Germans how to run their country, or the French, but equally I don’t want them having a say about how we run ours.’

The MP went on to explain his concerns that the assembly harbours a worrying potential to develop into something which could damage the UK’s newly reclaimed sovereignty:

‘It’s letting the EU in through the backdoor. It’s absolutely Operation Creep.’

‘They might say, ‘oh, it’s only for discussion and not for decisions’, but I heard a push in the Commons for widening that and making it a decision – making body.’

‘How ridiculous is that as a situation?’

The new ‘EU lite’ assembly has now become a reality, and a UK Prime Minister has attended its first meeting. Its potential to morph into a bridgehead that Brussels and sympathetic forces in the UK could utilise to further their campaign to get the UK back into the EU should concern those that don’t want the UK to rejoin the bloc.  

Added to the above, there is a clearly discernible, even open, effort among the pro-EU political elite across the political spectrum to push for the UK’s re-entry into the EU.

Lord Andrew Adonis, a Labour Party Rejoiner, has revealed the true goal of the UK’s pro-EU forces as the Chairman of the independent all-party pressure group ‘European Movement’ when he stated:

‘The time is coming when I will feel confident in predicting an early referendum to reverse Brexit entirely and take us back into the EU and that being the campaigning objective of the UK’s pro-EU forces.’

Adonis has urged Remainers to adopt a ‘step by step’ scheme to drag the UK back into the EU and ‘undo Brexit’ and had called for remainers to be ‘proud’ of their mission to rejoin the EU. Speaking to a European Movement event, entitled ‘Battle for the Soul of our Country’, he asked ‘What’s the great unmentionable word in British politics and how we undo it? Brexit!’

The Labour peer continued: ‘The big question for us in the European Movement is step by step how we move towards rejoin.’

What’s more, there are now political parties dedicated to the UK rejoining the EU. Such parties have built up an extensive network of collaborators, both here in the UK and on the Continent, and have built up a sophisticated operation to further their agenda.

So, that’s absolutely clear then. The anti-democratic forces that want to coerce the UK back into the EU are very active in their attempts to achieve their agenda.

Moves to force the UK to rejoin the EU may be in their early stages at the moment, but it would be very unwise to just ignore them and dismiss them as irrelevant. A close monitoring of the situation is called for by those that want to maintain the UK’s newly won sovereignty.

Apathy and complacency are simply not an option in the face of this proactive approach by the ‘Rejoiner forces.’

A free, sovereign, global United Kingdom – love it or lose it.

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© 2023 Stephen Bailey


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