Are you a homeless Tory who will fight for democracy? IF SO WE WANT YOU! 


We’re looking for 650 brilliant Chairmen to join our team and lead our newly formed Conservative Democratic Association (CDO) across the country.

On the back of the Conservative Post’s ‘Boris ballot’ in the summer, we have been inundated by people including tens of thousands of party members who feel disenfranchised from the party.

So, together with Lord Cruddas and David Campbell Bannerman, the Conservative Post has set up a new campaign called the Conservative Democratic Association (CDO) to give the Tory grassroots more of a say in the running of their party.

It may not be about getting Boris back anymore (although never say never) but the CDO is about listening to members, conservative supporters and Conservative Post readers. Our policies will be what the members decide and then we’ll hold the party to account. We’ll be forcing National Conventions and we’ll be campaigning for constitutional changes that the members vote for.

So are you a Conservative Party member who feels like your voice isn’t being heard? Have you recently resigned from the party due to the way they have treated members? Or perhaps you’re a conservative voter who feels passionately about restoring democracy in the party? If so we want to hear from you. 

As a CDO Chairman you will be a leading figure fighting for democracy and giving members back their voices.

We have a plan and we need your help to make it happen. Please fill in the quick form below and we’ll be in touch with further details.

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