Armed Forces continue to set up vaccine sites in Scotland

Photo of British Army setting up vaccine sites in Scotland. UK MOD © Crown copyright 2021. (Open Government License).

Work commenced this week on the construction of community mass vaccination sites in Scotland.

The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, who have spent the last few days carrying out recces of some of the sites to be used, have started setting up the centres, inside halls and sports facilities all over Scotland, such as this one in the Donald Dewar Sports Centre in Drumchapel.

The troops are working to support NHS Scotland and Local Authorities, to roll out the facilites for community vaccination as quicky and efficiently as possible, before handing them over to the NHS to run. They will be on tasks such as this, across the country, for the next four weeks and will set up around 80 centres.

Source: Cpl Nathan TanukuUK Ministry of Defence 2020  


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