Arnold Schwarzenegger says Boris Johnson is the ‘real deal’


Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger has lavished praise on Boris Johnson saying he is the “real deal.”

The former governor of California, 73, also commended the public bicycle hire scheme launched in parts of the UK during Mr Johnson’s tenure as mayor of London and often referred to as “Boris bikes.”

Schwarzenegger made the comments during an interview with Alok Sharma as they discussed the MP’s role as the President of Cop26, the international climate change summit due to take place in Glasgow later this year.

The Terminator actor said:

“The reason why I mentioned Boris is because your Prime Minister is, unlike some of the other countries that are host countries of this event, of a Cop event, he is the real deal.

“And I remember when he was mayor of London, and he started the Boris bikes, and he had me come over to his office, and we rode around on the Boris bikes, you know, to make them popular, and had the press show up and all this stuff and now in the meantime, those Boris bikes are in every city in the world.

“So it just shows to you how someone’s idea can really spread worldwide. And you know, they have it in Vienna, they have it in Paris, they have it in South Africa, everywhere they have it in Japan, in South Korea I rode the Boris bike. I mean, they are all over the world.

“So he is really the real deal and he really believes in it and that’s what I love about him, and I think that’s why your conference is going to be successful, because with his backing, and with your knowledge and your passion and all that stuff, I think it’s going to be great.”

Schwarzenegger, who enjoyed a political career as the governor of California from 2003 to 2011, was speaking to Mr Sharma as part of his Arnold’s Stammtisch series, which he launched in April this year.

The actor said he would be hosting informal conversations with environmental leaders in the lead up to the Austrian World Summit (AWS), a global environmental gathering now in its fifth year. His first guest on the series was Avatar director James Cameron.

Source: PA


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