Australian Prime Minister thanks Boris for UK’s help evacuating 76 Aussies out of Afghanistan

Picture by Andrew Parsons / No 10 Downing Street

Earlier today Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison about the situation in Afghanistan.

The leaders agreed the immediate priority was to evacuate their nationals and former employees from Afghanistan, and to continue working together to achieve this.

Prime Minister Morrison thanked the Prime Minister for the UK’s help evacuating 76 Australians on an RAF flight on Wednesday.

The Australian Prime Minister said the United Kingdom has “given a boost to the federal government’s Afghanistan evacuation mission” transporting 76 people — including Australians and Afghans with protection visas — out of Kabul on an overnight flight.

Prime Minister Morrison said they were transferred to Australia’s military base in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for processing. 

The first flight to take those people to Australia from the UAE to Western Australia arrived at Perth’s international airport at 1:30am on Friday local time.

Those on board included Australian customs, immigration, consular and foreign service officers, as well as Afghan interpreters and contractors who assisted the Australian Defence Force.

The evacuees arrived at the Hyatt Hotel where they are to now quarantine.

Mr Morrison spoke to Boris Johnston on a phone call on Thursday morning to thank the Royal Air Force, and agreed to prioritise the evacuation of nationals and former employees.

The Prime Minister stressed the need for a concerted international effort to prevent a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, including through increasing aid to the region and the resettlement of refugees.

The Prime Minister and Prime Minister Morrison updated one another on the work the UK and Australia are doing to this effect.

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